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Akashic Field Affirmations - Heal the Past & Create your Future

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CJ's book is an excellent and user friendly tool for those new to her Akashic Field therapy as well as seasoned clients. I use the book daily to discover the source of challenges in my life. The affirmations are a beautiful and simple way to release old patterns and beliefs. It has allowed me to create the life that I want and I see changes happening on a regular basis. It's so brilliant that I bought copies for all my friends!'- A reader in Scottsdale, AZ

The Akashic Field is the source of all your soul's memories. Everything that has ever happened, or ever will is imprinted on this quantum energy field. Past trauma, negative beliefs and unresolved emotional pain affect your daily life in numerous ways and can block you from what you desire. This powerful source of energy is accessed by your subconsious mind and imprinted daily with your thoughts, actions and choices. Releasing unresolved issues from your Akashic Field can free more positive life force energy and allow you to create a happier, healthier life.

This book contains powerful tools to work directly with the Akashic Field to identify and release limiting patterns of behavior that are stored there. There are over 30 affirmations for spiritual growth and to address various emotional issues such as abandonment, anger, blame, guilt, lack of abundance and more. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for identifying your core issues, accessing the Akashic Field, using intention to clear negative patterns and use of these amazing affirmations. Start using this powerful information to Set Your Soul Free!

This long awaited 144 page guide allows you to clearing limiting behaviors and access your Akashic Field to identify and clear unresolved past trauma in order to create a more happier, healthier life.

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