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Mm-mmm Relaxation--deep relaxation with guided imagery

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'After trying to sleep, I put your CD on, and I was out way before the end! It's amazing. I never believed spending $17.00 would change my life like that.'
J. Oki, North Hollywood, CA

This soothing Laughing Cherub CD, featuring the comforting voice of Mary Elizabeth Raines, offers deep imagery to help you release tension, reduce stress, sleep more deeply and relax...to heighten your sense of tranquility and calm.

Woven into the background are the gentle sounds of waves and heartbeats especially formulated to provide you with a profound and deeply relaxing experience. We are sure you will enjoy using this CD over and over again!

Track 1. Relaxation with Suggestions for Awakening (23:50 min.)
Track 2. Identical Relaxation with Suggestions for Continuing into Sleep (23:39 min.)
Category:CDs - Healing Arts
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Member:Mary Elizabeth Raines
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