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'Spiritual Development' SET

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DURING THIS HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE, TRY SOMETHING NEW AND ADVENTEROUS. Here is a powerful and wonderful 3 tape set for yourself and those you care about, to develop a spiritual self and power. Find your core and essence being through working with these transformational and self-healing audiotapes: 'Connecting with Your Higher Self', 'Finding Your Guide', and 'Shamanism: Spiritual Journey Of Empowerment'. Each tape offers simple but powerful imagery to connect you to the deepest truths of your being, and introduce you to your highest guidance, where you can find the answers to your most important questions. You will be able to tap into vast sources of spiritual healing, power, guidance and transformation. Marjorie Baker Price is a registered nurse, and is the author of the nationally acclaimed Centering Tools audio tape series for emotional, spiritual and physical balance and well-being. She can help you build a foundation for personal power. Any questions please feel free to contact me at Marjorie @centeringtools.com.

'Finally, specific techniques to relieve stress, focus creative power, achieve balance and more...Tapes that really work!'-Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Review.
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