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Tape Set for Ending Addiction

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HELP FOR PEOPLE IN RECOVERY. You CAN succeed in your recovery with the Overcoming Addictions 2 tape set, 'Freedom From Drugs and Alcohol' and 'Ending an Addictive Relationship' You CAN have freedom from drugs and alcohol. You CAN end addictive and dysfunctional relationships. Once and for all! Discover techniques you can use at any time that will take you to a life beyond your addiction. NO LECTURES. NO PSYCHOLOGY. NO HYPE. Open the doorway to a new life. Marjorie Baker Price is your guide on the journey to freedom from drugs and alcohol and ending addictive relationships. Just listen, relax and be. Marjorie guides you through this simple, but incredibly powerful, self-hypnosis visualization. She is an RN, and author of the nationally acclaimed Centering Tools audio tape series for emotional, physical and spiritual balance and well-being. She can help you build a foundation for personnal power. When you meet your sober, liberated self, you will know that you are home at last and that YOU ARE FREE.
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'I thank you for your genuine caring, your guidance and insight but most of all your ability to assist me in finding my own way towards empowerment, acceptance of myself and a true sense of healing.'-A.Z
Category:Addiction Recovery
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