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Children's 'Wish-full' tape

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SELF-ESTEEM IS THE GREATEST GIFT WE CAN GIVE TO OUR CHILDREN. The adventure begins with the 'CHILDREN'S WISH-FULL TAPE' and makes a wonderful gift for the children in your life. Created by Marjorie Baker Price, this is a powerful and vivid guided imagery specially produced for young children 4 to 11. Listening to Marjorie's caring, confident voice will soothe, reassure and fill them with a wonderful sense of themselves as unique, confident individuals. Great for helping kids release their stress and anxieties. This tape really works! Marjorie Baker Price is an RN and author of the nationally acclaimed Centering Tools book and tape series for emotional, spiritual and physical balance and well-being. Any questions Please contact me at Marjorie@centeringtools.com
Category:Guided Imagery
Price: $9.95
Member:Marjorie Baker Price
Shipping Timeframe:1-3 days
Shipping: $2.5
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Size: audiocassette-3 inchesx5'
Weight: 0.3 lbs.

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