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Sitting Fit Anytime CD Rom & Screensaver

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Winner of the Coalition of Visionary Retailer’s 2000 Visionary Award! A unique and innovative product, this program is designed to help release tension, relieve stress, re-energize and improve productivity at work. Easy to follow, it makes fitness available right where we sit, at our computers. The ScreenSaver features 24 yoga poses and will remind you it’s time to take a yoga break. The nine Video segments can be selected to address individual needs including: neck and shoulder tension, lower back pain, tight hamstrings, headaches, and carpal tunnel problems. A perfect addition to corporate wellness and ergonomic programs. A pocket-sized Travel Companion guidebook will help you to stay relaxed and comfortable while you’re on the road. All three in one beautiful package. Sitting Fit Anytime: Interactive CD-ROM & ScreenSaver with bonus Travel Companion guide booklet System Requirements: IBM PC and compatibles: Pentium 133 or better; Win 95/98/NT, CD-ROM 8X or better; Multimedia hardware that supports MPEG playback. Macintosh: Power PC or better; Mac OS 7.6 or better; Quicktime 3.0 or better; CD-ROM 8X or better. Multimedia hardware. ISBN 0-9651409-6-2
Category:Yoga Products
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Member:Susan Winter Ward
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