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Yoga Monster Mat

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Provides a thick, textured surface for extra stickiness and grip.
Double-sided traction for double the mat life.
Inexpensive Yoga Mats are hand washable.
Extra long size: 24" x 72 Double thickness: 5/16" (6 mm) - for added comfort.
Available in cool colors: Yellow, Red, Black and Blue.
Our Yoga Monster mat came from the desire to provide the finest yoga sticky mat at the best price.

We feel that most 1/8 inch thick sticky mats are too thin and soft and simply do not provide enough cushion to ones knees, ankles and other sensitive bones for comfortable yoga practice. Yoga Monster mat is 140% thicker measuring 5/16" thickness and with more density.

We wanted a mat that was longer than 68" so that we wouldn't have to adjust our position so often to stay on the mat such as having your face be on the mat during chattaranga rather than touching the studio floor. Yoga Monster mat is 72 inches long which accommodates taller people as well.

We also noticed that mats wear out in a couple of areas and on only one side of the mat, the textured side which is always facing up. Yoga Monster mat has a textured traction surface on both sides of the mat so both sides of the mat can be used thus lasting twice as long.

We feel standard yoga mats are sort of drab and boring with few color options. Yoga Monster mats are available in Zen Red, Sunrise yellow, Deep Black ,Purple and Blue.

Finally, we wanted the best sticky mat to be affordable to everyone. Yoga Monster mat... $29.
Category:Yoga Products
Price: $29.00
Member:Chuck Blumenthal
Shipping Timeframe:7-10 days
Shipping: $16
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Size: 24" x 72"
Weight: 5.0 lbs.

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