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Journey to Becoming

This is a study guide for your spiritual journey. The book contains a step-by-step program for developing your own awareness. The techniques are ones which have been used for decades by students on the Path and which I personally used in groups for over 20 years. They combine ancient wisdom as well as modern knowledge. Each chapter contains an outline for one whole group meeting and each meeting builds on the prior one so you gradually and safely develop your gifts. This book is unique in that it contains 35 methods of developing one's spiritual gifts in an easy, step-by-step manner. In the Appendix are 25 Exhibits to photocopy as handouts for each of the meetings. There is also a glossary of terms, for a total of 252 pages.

The book is intended as a teacher's guide for spiritual development groups. There are 12 basic chapters and 12 advanced chapters. It is standard paper size and spiral bound so it will lay flat to enable ease of photocopying the exhibits.

It is written simply and clearly enough so that anyone can pick up the book and start their own group. Gather your friends and neighbors to begin the Jouney To Becoming together. You can even take turns being 'teacher' because each person has something unique to share and you learn best by teaching. Many Blessings on your Path!
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