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ByRegion Network Participation Agreement
Terms of Use

The aim of the ByRegion Network is to share information about you and your work.  We also provide the means for you to offer items for sale on our site.  This is NOT a requirement.  This agreement does not apply to services or items directly sold from your website (if you have one).  If you plan to list items for sale on ByRegion, then please Click Here and read the additional terms.


Representations And Warranties

With respect to the information you submit to the ByRegion Network, you represent and warrant that:

  • You have the right to enter into this Agreement and grant to ByRegion Network permission to publish on your behalf.
  • Information you have provided to ByRegion Network is accurate to the best of your knowledge.


ByRegion reserves the right to send you updates and a newsletter.  You have the option to unsubscribe or subscribe to the newsletter or the updates at any time by using the unsubscribe program at the bottom of the email. 

Indemnity Agreement

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless ByRegion Network and its officers, directors, shareholders and employees, from any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses and damages arising from or relating to the publication of your information and/or sale of your products on our web site.  This indemnity agreement and the representations and warranties you make above shall survive the completion and/or termination of this Agreement.

Right to Refuse and Reject Submissions

ByRegion Network reserves the right to refuse and reject any items it feels does not fit its criteria.

Images/Logos Format

You are responsible for providing the ByRegion Network with images of your items for us to format and display.  Logos/Members photos and item images should be in jpg or gif format.  ByRegion Network reserves the right to crop or resize the image in order to conform it to our database format requirements.  ByRegion Network endeavors to present the best image of your artwork, given the materials you have submitted.


We may modify any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, at any time and in our sole discretion, by notifying you through e-mail or another method of communication.  If any modification is unacceptable to you, your only remedy is to terminate this Agreement.  Your continued participation in e-commerce following our communication to you of the modification will be taken as your agreement to the modification.



  • WebDisplay Cost:
    $75 per year.  Currently including 6 free months with purchase of membership.
  • Selling Items:
    You have the option to have us process payment for items sold on your site.  ByRegion Network retains 25% of the sales price for any items you sell in your WebDisplay and we process payment for.  This does not apply to your services.


Payment of WebDisplay will be made by a valid credit card accepted by JBA Network. Checks will be accepted for prepayments of at least twelve (12) months.  If JBA Network is for any reason unable to effect automatic payment via your credit card, JBA Network will attempt to notify you via email and your JBA Network account will be disabled until payment is received.  Amounts paid for the Products are not refundable.


Jurisdiction and Legality of Content

Publication of information found in ByRegion may be in violation of the laws of the country or jurisdiction from where you are viewing this information. The ByRegion database is stored on a server in the State of North Carolina in the United States of America, and is maintained in reference to the protections afforded under local and federal law. Laws in your country or jurisdiction may not protect or allow the same kinds of speech or distribution. ByRegion does not encourage the violation of any laws; and cannot be responsible for any violations of such laws, should you link to this domain or use, reproduce, or republish the information contained herein.


We make no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to e-commerce. In addition, we make no representation that the operation of our site will be uninterrupted or error-free, and we will not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors.  We will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages or any loss of revenue, profits, or artwork arising in connection with this e-commerce program.


You agree that all material uploaded onto the ByRegion Network is properly copyrighted.

In an effort to protect the rights of copyright owners, the ByRegion Network maintains a policy for the termination, in appropriate circumstances, of subscribers and account holders of this web site who are repeat infringers.

JBA Network's agent for copyright issues relating to this web site:
Lonnie LePore
JBA Network, Inc.
311 Montford Ave.
Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 828-774-5639

General Provision

This agreement is deemed binding upon the parties only upon its acceptance by ByRegion Network in North Carolina.  The parties agree that any claim or dispute relating to this Agreement, or any of its provisions, shall be resolved by binding arbitration.  Any such action shall be initiated in Asheville, North Carolina, and be conducted by the American Arbitration Association, pursuant to its rules and procedures.  The prevailing party in such arbitration shall be entitled to their costs, including reasonable attorney�s fees, in addition to any remedy provided for under North Carolina law.

Refund Policy

We at ByRegion offer a 6 month money back guarantee.  If you are dissatisfied with our service within 6 months of payment please contact us directly and we will refund your web display fee.


1.  I understand that I will automatically be enrolled in the ByRegion Referral Program as part of my WebDisplay membership.  I understand that I will earn referral fees as outlined on the following page: https://advancedreferral.ByRegion Network  I understand that I will be paid quarterly through PayPal, and that the checks are cut by the 15th of April, July, September and January.  each month for the previous quarter's earnings

 2.  I understand that participation in this program is voluntary.

 3.  This agreement is purely for giving a fee for referrals.  The terms, �Partner� or �Affiliate", or "Member", do not imply any formal association with ByRegion, and the Partner does not have any right on our products, logos or trademarks.

4.  The Member is not permitted to represent ByRegion in any way other than displaying a banner on the web site, including our links, referring our products to legitimate business contacts, or using any of the tools we provide to advertise our products.  We want you to advertise our products effectively as you see fit, but care must be taken to ensure there is no confusion between your organization and ours.  Also, you must represent our products in a positive and professional manner.

5.  Although we fully intend to keep this rate as it stands, we reserve the right to alter the rate of commission at any time without notice.  Any credit accumulating after such change will be at the new rate.  i.e. the Partner is not guaranteed to have the same rate as the one started with.  This is not a loophole to defraud you, but a way for us to prepare for anything unforeseeable.  As we see it now, such change should never be necessary.

6.  We reserve the right to change the product prices from time to time which may have an effect on the commission.

7.  The commission will be credited when a new member joins or renews and payment is cleared.  If the buyer requests a refund at a later time, the original commission credited will be deducted from future commissions.

8.  If you place a banner on your website we will track visitors from your website.  This system is dependent on a cookie being placed in the web surfer's computer.  We will not be responsible for any cookie failure that may result in the user's clicks going unregistered.  Some web-surfers have disabled cookies on their web browser (a very small percentage).  There is no way for us to track who that sale came from without the cookie.  Although this percentage is small, there are certain cases like that.  Once an initial purchase has been credited to your affiliate account, we take every precaution to ensure future sales from that customer are credited to your account as well.

9.  The commission will be paid quarterly as long as the amount exceeds $50, and such payment will be through PayPal.  It is your responsibility to join PayPal, an online payment service.  Signup is free.

10.  Referral ID's are entered by the people you refer.  We are not responsible for incorrect entries.

11.  We reserve the right to evaluate your site and terminate individual agreements after notification through E-mail.  In such situations, our sole responsibility ends at issuing a check corresponding to the outstanding amount in your credit.  No explanation for the termination will necessarily be given.  Except when terminated for cause, your existing commissions will be due to you at termination.  Please understand that we intend to keep this agreement alive perpetually, but that we must leave this option open to terminate individual accounts that are not positively benefiting ByRegion as a whole.  If you are legitimately promoting ByRegion and doing so in a professional manner,  you should have no problems.  Remember that this Referral Program is designed to benefit each of us.

12.  Any tax liability on the amount of commission received will be the sponsor's responsibility.  You are not employed by us nor are you entitled to any benefits normally found in an employer/employee relationship.  You are required to claim the commissioned earned from us on your tax return.

13.  You must not use any unsolicited bulk email or off topic newsgroup posts to promote ByRegion in any way.

14. We will periodically contact you by email when someone signs up as part of your Referral Network.  From time to time we will also receive updates regarding this program.  You agree to receive this newsletter.  You can opt out at any time.

15.  You may not "refer yourself" as a member.  That is, you cannot use your Referral ID to credit your initial membership or your renewal.  Any member found doing this will be subject to immediate dismissal.  Please do not try to circumvent this, or any, of our policies.

16.  The Advanced Referral Network is non-transferable.

17.  Members in your Referral Network yours for life. Once you refer a member to us, we take every precaution to ensure any future renewals from that customer will be credited to you.  No system is perfect, but ours is very reliable.

18.  In the event that you allow your WebDisplay membership to expire, you will forfeit your Referral Network.  There is a 30 day grace period after the expiration date.

  Please contact us if you have any questions.