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1 - The Enlightened Goddess - 1
Current Services:

Reiki & Healing
Phone or in person Intutive/Psychic/Mediumship Readings
Spiritual/Personal Coaching
Gemstone Therapy
Workshops & Classes
Speaking Engagements
Offering Magickal & Spiritual Products at www.wiccanglade.com
Sherry Kachanis
PO Box 25
Greenville, RI 02828
United States
Phone Toll Free 877-241-2506
Fax 401-404-5456

Allison Hayes - The Rock Girl
Balancing Personal and Environmental Energies with the Frequency of Stones. Tap into the power of stones and feel your body, mind and soul begin to awaken.

Experience first hand the transformation that stones can bring about in your life. Sit with The Rock Girl for a spell and learn how to communicate with the stones and hear what they have to say. Learn how to find the right stones, or even better, how to let them find you. Allison is not a crystal healer and does not practice the laying on of stones. Rather she functions as the facilitator to help you create your own unique relationship with stones and develop your own methods of communication. Your connection can be verbal, tactile or even audient.

Allison Hayes

United States

Amy Mak, RMT, IARP
Soothing healing touch that will melt the stress and tension from your Mind, Body and Spirit, call Soul Workings for Reiki and Crystology sessions.

Distance Reiki and Distance Crystology sessions also available. Visit www.soulworkings.com/distance.html for details.

Amy Mak

Boulder, CO 80303
United States
Phone 720-352-1782

Body Mind & Soul
Massage, EFT and Reiki are a few of the services offered here at Body Mind & Soul. This place is a unique experience and you are welcome to come and be a part of this beautiful energy.
Fran Bruce
1015 Court St.
Saginaw, MI 48602
United States
Phone 989-797-2222

Capital Region Wellness Center, LLC
The Capital Region Wellness Center held its Grand Opening on February 26, 2004. It has been designed with the intent of developing a healing community of practitioners and seekers who are looking to improve their health and well-being. A community that utilizes natural healing methods with a focus on treating the root cause of a patient's symptoms, instead of just the symptoms themselves. Our team has been selected based on their credentials and experience our practitioners and instructors look at a person as whole, or holistically, considering the physical body, the mind, emotions, and spirit of the client.

Many of the techniques at the Capital Region Wellness Center are unique in that they assist the body in healing itself; jump-starting the body's innate healing wisdom. Some of these therapies have been developed over the past 100 years in Western cultures, while others trace their roots to India and China, and are thousands of years old. Natural healing therapies may be used alone; or in combination together, some are often used in conjunction with conventional allopathic medical care.

The Center is designed to be full service, providing everything from Tai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga to journaling workshops, chiropractic, psychotherapy, meditation, Reiki and much more in one central location. We have an exquisite gift shop and also offer yearly memberships (members receive discounts toward services and select classes). Please visit our website for details at www.capitalregionwellnesscenter.com.

We welcome you to visit the Center and experience for yourself a new level of well-being, let us assist on your personal healing journey!

Andrea E. Mincsak
Omega Plaza, 1315 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12205
United States
Phone 518.446.0200
Fax 518.446.0002

Crystal Cavern Crystals
Specializing in Quality Spiritual crystals. Crystal Cavern also has crystal pendants, tarot cards, gemstones, birthstones, crystal gazing balls, pendulums, merlin crystals, celtic gift sets, gemstone angels, celtic bangles, gemstone eggs, crystal hearts, amethyst crystals, fantasy jewellery, feng shui crystals, rose quartz crystals and crystal spheres for crystal therapy and reiki natural healing. Shop for crystal hearts and gemstone angels.
Claire Morgan
376 Wakefield Road, Denby Dale
Huddersfield, West Yorks HD8 8RT
Phone 01484863978
Fax 01484860085

Crystal Dreams Spiritual Growth and Healing
Hello, my name is Deb and I'm a Healer/Psychic, Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner in the South Bay Area. Crystal Dreams offers online courses and classes at our Healing Center in Gardena, CA Please check out our website under Healing Center for the services and healing products we offer. If you are local, I hope to meet you. I have students and clients all over the world. I have been doing distant healings, spiritual counseling and teaching for many years. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Warmly, Deb

Deb Reasbeck
2913 West 156th Street, B
Gardena, CA 90249
United States
Phone 310-516-0727

DaEl Walker - Crystal Awareness Institute
DaEl Walker is Founder of the Crystal Awareness Institute, Teacher, and Crystalotherapy Master Healer.

Our system uses crystals, the Wheel of Life medallion, prayer, touch, and color for accelerated healing. For example, pain relief within 10 minutes. We offer effective distant healing working only with photographs or other primary witnesses.

We offer 12 levels of training for Professional Crystalotherapist. Also weeklong retreats in healing, Crystal Energy Grid Systems, and making ritual Magic Wands. For more information, email us.

Our therapists are currently operating in the U.S., Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, and Brazil. Healing classes are available. We offer Continuing Education Units for Registered Nurses under Provider #7311.

DaEl Walker
PO Box 348
Sunol, CA 94586
United States
Phone 925 862 2332
Fax 925 862 0623

Earth Light Center, Inc.
Earth Light Center is an alternative, holistic healing center serving the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area. Our network of healers offer a number of healing therapies to reduce stress, relieve pain, and promote insight, healing and peace, including therapeutic massage, acupuncture, Amma therapy, Maya abdominal and uterine massage, reiki, spiritual psychotherapy, shamanism, soul retrieval and more. The Center also offers ongoing workshops and classes.
Dobbs Ferry
Vivian Menjivar
12 Cedar Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
United States
Phone 914-693-0120

Free Spirit Rainbow Art
We offer a wide variety of crystals and minerals, polished Spheres and Points, Rough specimens, Merkaba Stars, Vogel style crystals, Pink Lemurian Seeds, Sacred Geometrics / Platonic Solids, Cathedrals, pendulums and more. We can be found at http://www.abreathoflight.com and also on eBay as freespiritrainbowart

Charlie Church
PO Box 2234
Ocala, FL 34478-2234
United States
Phone 352-402-0095
Fax 352-402-0095

Gemisphere Therapeutic Gemstones
Gemisphere provides the highest quality therapeutic gemstones in the world. Only those gemstones that meet the highest standards of quality are used allowing our necklaces to radiate life force with great power. In his book Gemisphere Luminary, Michael Katz details his of account of conversations with the Gemstone Guardians, inner-world beings responsible for fulfilling the purpose and maintaining the effects of gemstones everywhere. Gemisphere therapeutic quality gemstones are amazingly effective tools for transformation and healing.

Visit Gemisphere.com or call us to take advantage of our $20 or 10% off your first order coupon (except our monthly sales items that are already 20% off)!
Carol Jarka
2812 NW Thurman Street
Portland, OR 97210
United States
Phone 1-800-727-8877

Graceful Shift Technologies
energy repatterning, hypnobirthing, creating money workshops
life purpose workshops, dna activation, graceful shift into Truth
shifting dimensional perspective,
Also offering rare crystals and healing stones and gemstones, such as ajoite, papagoite, natural citrine, vogel cut healing crystals and more
Danielle England

Aptos, CA 95003
United States
Phone 831-662-0945

Healing Stones Jewelry
I'm a Storyteller/Jewelry Designer using myth, legend, fairy tales, tarot, astrology, New Thought, I Ching,Feng Shui,ancient symbols and more as my gemstone design themes. My art jewelry inspires and motivates women. Soulmate, Diva, Star, Goddess, Leadershp, Dream are just a few of the ancient truths that become wearable art designs. These designs (basically short stories in gems) resonate with your soul and call forth your divine DNA. The soul is always trying to get our attention and when we are drawn to a stone or a symbol or a color, or the combination, there is a myth and legend that tells the story of what that means to you personally. My one-of-a-kind spiritual jewelry comes with a Theme Card and an affirmation affirming that theme.
Los Angeles
Elaine Maginn Sonne, PhD
105 N. St. Andrews Place
Los Angeles, CA 90004
United States
Phone 323-469-8098
Fax 323-860-7929

SoulConnection is dedicated to a holistic view of life that recognizes individuals as networks of energy and information, integrating body, mind and spirit. SoulConnection offers coaching to assist you with integrating Life Balance Methodologies(LBM)in your life that will assist you with connecting and staying connected to your soul. SoulConnection uses meditation, yoga, aromatherapy oils, Bach Flower Essences and gems in our coaching practice. We have also created programs using art to help individuals connect. Please visit soulconnection.org for more information.
Washington DC
Deborah Pearsall

Washington DC, DC 20013-2458
United States
Phone 202-439-7581

The Four Winds of Paradise Valley
The Four Winds is nestled in the very Heart of Paradise Valley, Montana. A beautiful walk-in metaphysical Gift Shop, customers, spiritual seekers, tourists and locals are greeted with lovely and interesting works of art and crafts from local artist and artisans. Artifcats from all over the world, including religious; one of a kind stautuary, jewelry, gemstones and natural rocks and crystals

Our Health Food Store promotes vibrant health, with authentic and integral information and with organic and elegant beauty products.

"on-site/mail order"

We are opened all year round and we delight in enhancing your Journey whether it be thru Paradise Valley or Yellowstone Park, thru Cyberspace and the E-shop Phenomenon...or simply thru Life!

Everyday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Service Area:
International/Worldwide Mail Order
Brands Carried: top quality,
Organic/Natural products
High-Quality Merchandise. Guaranteed

Credit Cards:
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover/Novelus, Diner's Club

Paradise Valley / Emigran
The Four Winds
P.O.Box 1199
Paradise Valley / Emigran, MT 59027
United States
Phone 406-333-4926
Fax 333-4927
Ascendlia is a leading online fitness apparel and equipment shop offering a wide range of high-quality products at affordable prices.
Ascen dlia
2425 N Central Expy Suite 700
Richardson TX 75080
United States
Phone 214-480-4996
Credit Repair New York City NY
If you believe there are errors in your credit report, you can benefit from hiring one of the best New York City credit repair companies correcting those errors for you. There is no magical formula to raise your credit score in a short time but credit repair services can for sure help you give your score a deserved bump. There are many loopholes that credit repair services in New York City will use to raise your score. But before hiring a New York City credit repair service you must look for three things: how long the credit repair company has been around, reputation and money-back guarantee. Typically credit repair in New York City can cost around $99.95 per month, plus a small one-time charge to obtain your credit reports. Its always recommended to get quotes and consultations from at least 3 credit repair companies in New York City before you decide to hire one. Take your first step towards credit repair in New York City by calling our local number (646) 679-2593 to get no obligation credit repair quote.
New York
Credit Repair New Yo City NY
325 Hudson Street
New York NY 10013
United States
Phone (646) 679-2593
Habib Rugstarâ„¢
Luxury decorative area rugs business with quality handmade oriental & persian carpets, traditional & contemporary. We work with customers, interior designers, architects & collectors. Our rugs are all investment grade and will bring lasting value to our customers. We also do professional rug cleaning, restorations & appraisals. You can see more on the homepage of our website.
Habib Rugstarâ„¢
8390 SW 72nd Ave, The Colonnade Building
Miami FL 33143
United States
Phone (305) 794-2242
Santa Barbara Upholstery
Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Upholstery
1021 Cliff Dr #11,
Santa Barbara CA 93109
United States
Phone 8052593237
Smart Glass Inc
Smart Glass provides timely auto and commercial glass replacement and repairs to the Seattle area.
Mike Eby
1701 92nd Ave NE
Bellevue WA 98134
United States
Phone (425) 455-1712
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