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Advanced Options, LLC
Advanced Options, LLC uses psychotherapy and Neurofeedback to help people improve their lives.

What if you could treat these conditions without medication?




-Panic Attacks

-Sleep disorders

-Memory problems


You Can—with Neurofeedback and Psychotherapy!

Advanced Options, LLC provides outpatient psychotherapy services and Neurofeedback to clients of all ages. We start with a full assessment and then design an individualized treatment plan for each client. Our staff is foremost in the field for helping people feel better. We use traditional cognitive/behavioral talk therapy as well as state of the art Neurofeedback. We work with children, adolescents, adults, and couples. We help people improve their lives.

We help clients with depression, anxiety, ADHD/ADD, Stress, relationships, sleep disorders, medical illness, parenting, divorce, addictions, peak performance, life coaching, guided imagery, pain management, relaxation techniques, and more.

Debra Burdick,LCSW
Suite 314 567 Vauxhall St Ext
Waterford, CT 06385
United States
Phone (860) 439-0237
Fax (860) 439-0349

Alchemy - Mastering Alchemy - Jim Self

"Alchemy is accomplished by changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter and applying the elements of Love to create the desired result. Alchemy is the ability to transform one possibility into another." It's much easier than you might think.

Free DVD.
Jim Self

Nationwide, CA 95945
United States
Phone 530-271-0724

Ecstasyzing/Dance Meditation at Windsong Dojo in Oklahoma City.
Meditative movement, gentle flowing yoga, self-directed individualized movement, Sufi healing, ecstatic dance, integrative resting, witnessed movement, walking meditation, body-focused movement exercises, spiritual bellydance, journaling, whirling. Body-oriented practice
Celeste Roth
716 N Mitchell Ter
Mustang, OK 73064
United States
Phone 405-615-3886

chiron usui reiki
Chiron Usui Reiki provides Reiki Treatments and Reiki classes in the Usui System of Natural Healing. Both Jane Barry and Niel Carey are Reiki Masters and run this service alongside their Chiron Counselling Practice in Parramatta in western Sydney NSW. The Reiki attunements for level one two and three are held over two and two and a half days. Reiki provides the client with an opportunity to relieve stress and deveop a greater spiritual, emotional and physical balance. Niel follows in his father's tradition who was also a Reiki master. The rooms in Macquarie St Parramatta are comfortable and conducive to relaxation and meditation. Less stress through Reiki
Niel and Jane Carey and Barry
Suite 30 Level 2 20-22 Macquarie St
Parramatta, NSW 2150
Phone 02 96351519
Fax 02 9891 1407

David Bauman N.D.
David Bauman ND will give internet consult for $39- based on 10 years of experience and scientific databases-will find a healthcare provider in your area- sample consult-hepatitis
David Bauman
12520 A-1 Westheimer #257
Houstin, TX 77077
United States
Phone 713-310-0417

Elisabeth Lefebvre - Intuitive Counselor
Let me share with you my caring nature, intuitive ability and many years of experience to help guide you in identifying your major hurdles and troubled areas.

My passion for opening hearts, along with my soothing and calming voice, will provide a safe and nurturing environment in which we can ease stress, heal old wounds and release your beautiful spirit within.

Together, we can work through a personal self-growth and decision-making process that will provide you with insight and clarity which will enable you to become the person you truly want to be. Our time together will include the use of proven methods such as:

* Guided imagery
* Relaxation Techniques
* Autogenic Training

Elisabeth Lefebvre

, Ontario
Phone 705-525-0000

Focusing Resources
Are you going through a time of transition? Are you facing one or more serious decisions? Are you experiencing any blocks to taking action? Would you like to have a more nurturing relationship with your body and your emotional life?

Empower yourself: learn Focusing, shown by research to be the essence of effective personal change, a skill that you will find helpful every day of your life. Learn to trust your own inner sense of rightness for the decisions and choices of your life.
Ann Weiser Cornell
2625 Alactraz Ave., #202
Berkeley, CA 94705
United States
Phone 510-666-9948
Fax 510-666-9938

J.P. Winsor
Hemi-Sync is a sound therapy product that reinforces more beneficial brainwave patterns using a patented, non-intrusive binaural beat sound process. Users and practitioners alike have found numerous Hemi-Sync® titles effective for improving sleep, managing stress, exploring consciousness, and discovering and dealing with emotional blocks.
Julia Paris
PO Box 1207
McKenna, WA 98558
United States
Phone 360 458-2309
Fax 360 458-2421

June Marshall
I take you on a deep spiritual exploration within your soul to discover your past lives. Your present life is but one surface of a many-faceted crystal. Each life you lead affects your perspective and colors your thinking in a particular way. I assist you in gaining valuable wisdom and knowledge by contacting your spiritual essence through the ages. You will be able to tap into memories to understand your growth and spiritual evolution.

I introduce you to your Spirit Guide, your Master Teacher, and to a more aware aspect of yourself. Your success will depend upon your willingness to permit such an experience to manifest itself in your conscious mind.

Park Ridge
June Marshall-Kingsley
P.O. Box 1472
Park Ridge, NJ 07656
United States
Phone 201-505-1133

Philip Brotman, PhD
Neurofeedback and biofeedback for stress, pain, attention deficit (ADD/ADHD), depression, phobias, habit control, headaches, high blood pressure. Neurofeedack training also available by remote, from your home.

Play Attention, Brainmaster, PET EEG and Procomp2 neurofeedback systems featured.
New York City
Dr. Philip Brotman
255 West 98th Street
New York City, NY 10025
United States
Phone 212-222-5665
Fax 212-222-5667

Quantum Lifeworks Institute & Longevity Center
When Nothing Else Works!

Quantum Lifeworks Institute&Longevity Center is dedicated to providing skills and life strategies that will facilitate miracles of healing on all levels. Through private consultation and workshops we can and do neutralize the useless forms of: guilt,fear,panic,trauma,painful war memories and self doubt,depression that weigh down our self image and limits our capacity to experience joy,inner peace and unlimited abundance. We offer weight management,stress reduction,and relationship counseling.
Chapel Hill
Quantum Lifeworks Institute & Longevity Center
20000 Spring Meadow Drive Suite 102
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
United States
Phone 919-490-5474
Fax 919-969-9638

Ritz Life Coaching
Personal, effective, confidential coaching VIA PHONE OR IN PERSON to support you in: achieving a long "put off" goal or dream (do what you wish you would do), choosing or transitioning to a new career, or growing and developing in your current career, starting a new business or growing an existing one. As a coach in your corner, I support you in getting really clear about what’s important to you so your goals will reflect what has meaning and relevance to you. Areas of Impact Include:







I will help you create focus, balance and success. On the way you will obtain the tools to move through fear, put that negative chatter aside, uncork the stops to allow for what is possible all with clarity, focus, ease and grace.

Emmaus / Lehigh Valley
Rachel Sue Ritz
PO Box 284
Emmaus / Lehigh Valley, PA 18049
United States
Phone 610-797-3919

Susan Courtney
I practice as a holistic, healing psychotherapist, counsellor, and personal life coach, and train fellow professionals in Europe and North America in Energy Psychology and Meridian Therapies techniques.

Clients come to me seeking change: changing for the better in heart and mind, body and soul. Sometimes that means addressing symptoms to help people relieve emotional pain and fears, manage difficult emotions such as grief and anger, recover from trauma and abuse, control addictions, cravings and sensitivities, manage pain and stress, resolve inner conflict, improve difficult relationships, release limiting beliefs, increase self-esteem, or enhance performance in work, sports, or the arts. Others seek even deeper levels of change, learning to release mental blocks and emotional barriers to spontaneity, intimacy and emotional freedom, to live life to the full and feel great!

Therapists train with me to reclaim their excitement in the stimulus of all there is to learn about the psyche, about our clients, and about ourselves, to discover new, even more successful and satisfying ways to help people to change themselves and their lives, and to renew their pleasure in sharing friendships with colleagues, in a safe haven where learning can take place in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, in the accepting community of fellow energy healers, supporting each other in growth.

It is my great satisfaction in life to connect with you in a therapeutic or training relationship of acceptance and respect and help you to change yourself, your life, and your work.

Please email me or phone me to hear my voice, get a feel for the person behind these words, and to arrange a meeting in which we can both explore how I can best support you in changing your personal and professional life to live more authentically, successfully and joyfully.
London and Kent
Susan Courtney

London and Kent,
Phone 08700 767015
Fax 08701 380599

The Yoga Nook
Yoga for the Special Child tm
Classes for adults
Chair yoga
Classes for children and teens
Prenatal yoga
Family Night once a month
Private instruction is also available for adults and children.
Glens Falls
Ann Davis
21 Thomson Ave.
Glens Falls, NY 12801
United States
Phone (518) 798-4501

Wholistic Healing, Counseling, Diagnostic, Therapy
Offering traditional healing arts. We provide guidance and support toward experiencing whole life health in Spirit, mind-emotion and body. Pulse diagnosis of the body organs and meridian systems provides insight to the internal physical, energetic and emotional environment. Herbs, diet and nutrition gently guide the body systems toward balance with remarkable results in reversing distress and dis-ease. We also provide emotional and relationship counseling, trauma recovery, stress management, sexual healing, self healing therapies, self-recognition, tai chi and meditation classes, and gemstone therapy. Assistance in recognizing, being, and becoming the best "you" you can be!
San Diego
Warren & Susan Gold
3151 Kennelworth Lane
San Diego, CA 91902
United States
Phone 619-434-4592
Credit Repair Los Angeles CA
If you believe there are errors in your credit report, you can benefit from hiring one of the best Los Angeles credit repair companies correcting those errors for you. There is no magical formula to raise your credit score in a short time but credit repair services can for sure help you give your score a deserved bump. There are many loopholes that credit repair services in Los Angeles will use to raise your score. But before hiring a Los Angeles credit repair service you must look for three things: how long the credit repair company has been around, reputation and money-back guarantee. Typically credit repair in Los Angeles can cost around $99.95 per month, plus a small one-time charge to obtain your credit reports. Its always recommended to get quotes and consultations from at least 3 credit repair companies in Los Angeles before you decide to hire one. Take your first step towards credit repair in Los Angeles by calling our local number (213) 634-1706 to get no obligation credit repair quote.
Los Angeles
Credit Repair Los Angeles CA
320 West 4th Street
Los Angeles CA 90013
United States
Phone (213) 634-1706
Daniel Pozarnsky
300 45th St S Ste 315
Fargo NY 58103
United States
Phone 701-893-7878
Domino's Pizza Paramount
Order online or call (562) 408-1531 now for the best pizza delivery in California! Domino's Pizza Paramount delivery experts are fast and our pizzas are fresh. We promise!
Domino's Pizza Paramount
15500 Paramount Blvd
Paramount CA 90723
United States
Phone (562) 408-1531
Ismail khan business
This is a list of the most popular websites worldwide according to the first 50 websites listed in the global "Top Sites" lists published by Alexa Internet, as of November 18, 2020, along with its rating on the corresponding service.
New York
seos ervices
1111 Garrett Street
New York NY 10001
United States
Phone 518-597-0938
Linda S. Catling
Focusing is a great tool for uncovering blocks in our lives. I use Focusing and meditation to identify and dissolve the blocks that can cause clutter and disorganization in your personal space.
Linda Catling
P.O. Box 5663
Baltimore MD 21210
United States
Phone 443-865-1353
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