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Lady of the Lake Church
The mission of Lady of the Lake Church is to provide the people of our community with a place to gather and practice their ancient, Earth-based religion.We exist to educate the public by promoting environmental awareness and advocating for positive change. Our mission calls for us to live out the values of our "Harm None" philosophy. We also strive to be a catalyst for uniting the citizens of our area in working together to improve the quality of life by teaching the ways of living in harmony with nature and each other.

Michael Craven
P.O. Box 342722
Milwaukee, WI 53234
United States
Phone (877) 875-0695
Fax 875-0695
Michigan Witches Ball
15th year, 500 tickets available sponsors wanted
Detroit, Michigan
Gordon Ireland
P.O. Box 181088
Detroit, Michigan MI 48314
United States
Phone 555-555-5555