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Alacritous WordSmith
Has a writing assignment backed you into a corner? Need help finding the right words for a special occasion? Would you like to sound professional, eloquent, and educated on your web site, your mission statement, your resume, business card, or advertisement? Spelling woes? Grammar questions? Grades are slipping? Writer's block? Poetry panic?! Alacritous WordSmithing is available for ALL of your writing needs. From wedding vows to term papers, poetry projects to fiction functions I can offer you a creative, original, well-versed solution.
Bat Cave
Justina Prenatt
PO Box 102
Bat Cave, NC 28710
United States

Alaska Nature Connection
Nature Counselor, Educator, Author, Photographer, Botanical Artist


ISBN 0966919203

Volume 1

Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants, Alaska, Canada & Pacific Northwest Rainforest

ISBN 0966919211

Volume 2

Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants, Alaska, Canada & Pacific Northwest Rainforest
Carol Biggs
PO Box 20271
Juneau, AK 99802
United States
Phone 907 586 2453
Fax 907 586 2453

SuOakes Graphic Design
SuOakes Graphic Design, Your Personal Design Source.

Original design and illustration for your business or organization's needs. Consultations are always free; call me when you need to visually embody the spirit of your business or ideas.
Lake Worth
Susan Oakes
8268 Genova Way
Lake Worth, FL 33467
United States
Phone 561-432-4633
Fax 561-432-4633
certified nurse midwife
Patrick Thornton
1900 Murray Ave Suite 303
Pittsburgh PA 15217
United States
Phone 412 421-8222