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Eating Disorders - Healing Arts
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A Jonsson Marketing
Agust Jonsson
1 Redland Park
Bristol, BS6 6SA
Phone 08452267097

A Sense Of Self
The heart of Erica’s practice is working with clients to help them improve their health, self-image and life balance. She specializes in Energy Meridian Therapies including Acutonics, Colorpuncture and EFT. In addition, she also offers holistic therapies such as BodyTalk, Chakra Balancing, CranioSacral therapy and Reiki. Her private clinic is located in Wichita, Kansas. Erica suggests new clients call for a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss their health goals and her services.
Erica Greenwood
7015 E. Harry, Suite A
Wichita, KS 67207
United States

Adrianna Holman BSc, LCH, RSHom
I use homeopathic remedies, herbal and nutritional advice to help you overcome illness and reach your optimal health. Homeopathy can be used alongside medications or other therapies, as it will not interfere. In fact, you may find you can reduce your drug intake using homeopathy as a support. My specialties include addiction, eating disorders, skin complaints, weight loss, cleansing and yoga.

Adrianna Holman
Nelson Clinic W1, London Bridge Hospital SE1, Natural Health Service E14
United Kingdom
Phone 0845 230 0474

Alexandra Sternin LCPH
Alexandra Sternin LCPH - is a homeopathic practitioner who trained and worked in London, UK before moving to San Diego. She currently practices in La Jolla as well as SD north county in Encinitas and provides educational resources on health and homeopathy to the community of San Diego.

In her practice she integrates a variety of methods and modalities such as nutritional and herbal support, flower essences and combination homeopathic remedies. She makes use of iridology and quantum diagnostic technology, as invaluable tools in detecting weakness areas and underlying health concerns.

Please visit www.practicalhomeopathy.com for more information.
La Jolla
Alexandra Sternin LCPH
8709 Caminito Sueno
La Jolla, CA 92037
United States
Phone 858-752-4432

Angela R. Wurtzel, MA, MFT
Angela specializes in psychological treatment and guidance for women of all ages working to overcome disordered eating and related compulsive behaviors. Angela offers individual, family, couple and group therapy. Angela combines a high level of clinical skill with a safe and empathic environment. Angela's expertise lies in the emotional and personal development of each individual she works with. Angela has also been delivering informative presentations to healthcare providers for over ten years. She is available to run workshops anywhere in the United States adressing eating disorders, self injury and other addictive behaviors.
Santa Barbara
Angela Wurtzel
27 East Victoria Street, Rear Cottage
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
United States
Phone 805-884-9794

Aperion, LLC
Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine that was developed over 200 years ago. It uses natural substances to stimulate the vital force to effect a spontaneous healing from within the organism. Both chronic and acute complaints can be treated with homeopathy. Chronic ailments are those that are constant or recur, and include behavioral issues as well as physical ailments. Acute ailments are generally illnesses or incidents that occur with no regularity.

Perri Ferguson

Mamaroneck, NY 10543
United States
Phone 914-261-4563

Arianne Koven ND
Practicing Holistic Health in confidential environment which includes Nutritional Counseling,Naturopathy,Preventative Medicine

(treating cause not symptoms) Homeopathy, NAET (Allergy Clearing),NET,Voice Dialogue and Enzyme Therapy.

Rancho Mirage
Arianne Koven
36101 Bob Hope Drive
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
United States
Phone 760-328-1070
Fax 760-321-5314

Art Of Healing
Dr. Leah Kramer gifted Healer and experienced proffesional.

Leah served her community for twenty years helping adults and children to maintain mental and physical health whith Natural Healing Treatments and without harmful drugs.

Natural Healing Treatments:



Herbal Medicine


Pediatric healing

psychic healing.


Hands on healing.

Leah Kramer
19 nottinghill ct
Manalapan, NJ 07726
United States
Phone 732 492 1597
Fax 732 8453384

Asheville Hoops
Melanie MacNeil

Hendersonville, NC 28791
United States

Blossom Green Wellness Coaching
Natural, effortless weight loss can be achieved by releasing the blocks that sabotage our best efforts at success.

When clients work with me to heal the underlying causes of weight gain, mood swings, food and sugar addiction, emotional eating, anxiety, low energy and depression whether from dietary causes, nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalance, toxicity, trapped emotions, or stress, their lives change in miraculous ways.

Their relationships improve. Their self esteem and self worth improves. Their careers take off in magical new ways. Many of my clients are either professional entrepreneurs, artists, or performers or aspiring to be. So many begin to see more opportunities and more money once they clear the blocks to health that seem to be in their way.

They feel so much happier and self expressed and I love to see this!

We don't have to heal by force. It doesn't have to be hard. We just have to find the unconscious causes of our inability to create the health and changes we wish to see and remove them.

As a Certified EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and Nutrition Consultant with many years experience working with hundreds of clients, I am able to remove core blocks that effect the whole person- both body and mind/spirit, and in less time.

Many of my clients work with me from 3 to 6 months to release problems that they have struggled with for many years, if not their entire lives.

View recent Success Stories at: www.EatLikeAGoddess.com
San Francisco
Sandy Zeldes, Certified EFT Practiti
San Francisco, National Phone Consultations
San Francisco, CA 94118
United States
Phone 415-386-2563

Bonnie Sullivan - Neurofeedback Practitioner
Neurofeedback is a technique in which the brain is trained to help improve its ability to regulate all body functions, stabilizing the central nervous system, thus allowing you to gain control over yourself in a way that was previously unavailable. Relieve stress, improve energy, confidence, mood, focus, relationships, chronic pain, and much more! Help medical illnesses with NO MEDICATION! You simply sit back and relax! Call for your free consultation to see how neurofeedback can help you.
Bonnie Sullivan

Ottawa, ONT K1C 7C9
Phone 613-697-1770

Carol Ferrante Smuckler
Carol Ferrante Smuckler is a knowledgeable,empathetic,interactic therapist who has had over 16 years practicing and training.
In a safe,relaxed environment--depression,anxiety are lifeted and there is room for your gifts to shine and and to enjoy life
Carol sees adults,adolescants,children,individuals and couples...she has experience in a range of problems,such as eating disorders,anxieties,trauma and abuse,recovered substance abusers,couples counseling,and more
Her approach is a unique supportive one geared to the needs of the individual/s
She uses traditional "talk therapies" as well as the use of art materials to give voice to feelings and experiences....reasonable fees
Forest Hills,NYC
Carol Ferrante Smuckler

Forest Hills,NYC, NY 11375
United States
Phone 718 261 4066

Carole Biro
Carole Biro

Asheville, NC 28803
United States

Christine McDowell - Life Style Coach
Many believe in order to make changes in ones life, it would take hours of therapy. With my training and my own personal lifes lessons, I can help one to easily heal their past, change limiting beliefs and aligning your values so that you feel more in control of your thoughts and emotions. In end result is living a balanced professional, personal and spiritual life.
Pointe Claire
Christine McDowell

Pointe Claire, QU H9S 4Y6
Phone 514-694-6208

College of Core Belief Engineering
The College of Core Belief Engineering offers training from Basic to Advanced Practitioner level. Create meaningful change that lasts. Private sessions available.

White Rock
Elly Roselle
15459 Semiahmoo Avenue
White Rock, BC V4B 1T7
Phone 604-536-7402
Fax 604-536-0804

Community Acupuncture Clinic
The Community Acupuncture Clinic serves individuals, groups and companies. We offer curative therapy for pain, acute and chronic conditions, allergies, insomnia, skin problems such as premature ageing and dry skin, sexual illnesses such as impotence, infertility, emotional problems such as anger and rage episodes, chronic depression, anxiety attacks and phobia; children's problems such as ADHD, Angry Child Syndrome, bedwetting. We also offer Preventive Health Maintainance with our once-a-month sessions. We offer copmpanies and corporations our Job-Stress Containment Protocol [Copyright] delivered on-site or in-clinic.
Dr. Homi Kaikobad
4120 Goldwater Blvd, Ste 213, 2nd Floor
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
United States
Phone 1-888-878-7353
Fax 480-481-0017

Creative Healing Arts
LIVE Your BIRTHRIGHT with PASSION! Hypnosis, NLP, Awareness Counselor, Archetypal Astrologer, Past Life Regression ~ Couples, Individuals ~ Shamanic Soul Retreival, Women's & Men's Issues, Eating disorders, Grief, Sexual Issues, Addictions and Transpersonal Awareness Coaching to forward my clients into Profound Results!!

Hello this is Stephanie Stone. My job as an Transpersonal Awareness Counselor is to assist you concisely past your issues & into your lifepath's calling. To guide and awaken you to all the possibilites you have at your disposal! Within each of us there is a knowing of who we are. That knowing gets buried with all life's pains and wounds. My work is to assist you in accessing that knowing & actualize it. Allowing you to live your vision,your purpose in awareness, moment to moment. This is not therapy as normally experienced in our society. It is a process of owning & actualizing the full expression of Your soul's gift.~

I work with all issues

Stephanie Stone has been a Transpersonal Awareness Counselor for over 26 years. Her deep study of human growth has taken her through many healing and leading theraputic modalities. Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mediation Consulting, Gestalt, Energetic healing, Psychodrama, Emotional Body Healing, Awareness Work Archetypal Astrology & Tantra.

Van Nuys, CA
Stephanie Stone
5843 Buffalo
Van Nuys, CA, CA 91401
United States
Phone 818 988 9451

Deanna Minich, PhD, CNS
We are complex beings composed of many aspects, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. What we eat, how we eat and what we feel and think when we eat can influence every aspect of our being. Conversely, each of these levels can influence our food choices and style of eating.

Food and spirit coaching goes several steps beyond changing “diet” and “lifestyle”, to the heart of the issues relating to your relationship with food and working with your inner self. Food and spirit coaching is an integrated combination of the science, emotions and consciousness of food and eating.

Port Orchard
Deanna Minich
Port Orchard, WA
Port Orchard, WA 98367
United States
Phone 360-731-7705

Debra S. Harmon, RN
Natural Health Consultant specializing in nutrition, fitness, vitamin and herb counseling. Providing individually designed nutrition programs for weight management, and illness and disease prevention and control. Also offering fitness and exercise education, along with vitamin and herb consultation.
Debra S. Harmon, RN
2111 University Park Drive
Okemos, MI 48864
United States
Phone (517) 349-7889
Fax (517) 349-6884

Dorothy Whitton
We provide holistic health services, stress management programs & classes to aid in your quest for natural healing & wellness. Our services include: Hypnosis, Child birth classes, Energy Healing, Nutrition & Health Counseling, and Meditation. We also have many programs, workshops and classes that can be tailored to individuals or groups. Dorothy Whitton combines various healing modalities to help her clients achieve their goals. All services can be arranged for individuals or groups in your office or ours. Dorothy is a Registered Nurse and is certified in Holistic Health. She works with a large range of health concerns from chronic to acute health issues. Earthswisdom.com offers a variety of information, from FREE monthly articles to service descriptions, healing booklets, seminars, and much more.

Dorothy Whitton

Nyack, NY
United States
Phone 845-353-8900
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