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Doula Training - Healing Arts
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I offer doula services in the San Gabriel Valley along with Los Angeles county. My services include emotional and physical support. I am also a lactation specialist and provide home visits. I love working with babies and feel lucky to be able to experience this special time with families.
Juanita Rivas-Raymer

Azusa, CA 91702
United States
Phone 626-969-3836

ALACE stands for the Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators. We train labor assistants/birth doulas, offer a childbirth education certification home-study program and provide referrals to doulas and childbirth educators across the country. We also have a mail order bookstore that contains titles on women's health, pregnancy and childbirth, and other related topics. ALACE's mission is to empower women to trust in their bodies to safely and dependably give birth.
Gina Forbes
PO Box 390436
Canbridge, MA 02139
United States
Phone 888-222-5223

Art of Midwifery
Joanne Dozor, RN, CPM, has been a midwife and childbirth educator for 30 years. In 1998 she began The Art of Midwifery which offers a variety of courses for doulas and aspiring midwives. The philosophy of the school is based on a belief that birth belongs to the birthing woman, and that she deserves to birth in the place where she feels safe, comfortable and supported. Because individuality and self-expression is encouraged, students are exposed to a variety of teachers with different approaches to midwifery care. Joanne also teaches yoga to both adults and children.

Joanne Dozor
600 Bobbin Mill Road
Media, PA 19063
United States
Phone 610-892-0402

Birth in the Tradition/ Mother's Keeper
Birth in the Tradition TM, and Mother's Keeper Inc. is a community based Midwifery, Labor and Post Partum Doula/Montrice service offering prenatal, birth and postpartum services to low risk mother's in Georgia since 1980. Individualized, customized, and holistic prenatal care is provided on a personal basis. This includes prenatal support, nutritional guidance, prenatal education, labor assistance, in-home visitations, postpartum and newborn education, breast feeding support and referrals to outside resources to support a healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery for the new mom. A team of professionals are available to meet your need which includes your Midwife, her assistant, an apprentice, OBGYN, Pediatrician, Lactation Specialist, Natural Childbirth Instructor, Labor and Post Partum Doula's, Herbalist and Natural Path Doctor.

Specialties include, VBAC's, Water Birth, Lotus Birth, Placenta Encapsulation, Birth Photography, Herbal Knowledge & use, Belly Casting, Blessingways Planning, and Traditional Birthing Practices from various parts of the world. Birth in the Tradition believes in returning birth to the family. This is the culmination and beginning of journey which began with the couple. The midwife is here to support the normalcy and naturalness of a healthy pregnancy and birth to the very best of her ability. She is not take over birth unless her midwifery skills are required. At the same time, she is there to provide the comfort, wisdom and expertise of her craft, knowledge and skills appropriately. Prenatal care begins once a mutual agreement has been made between the midwife and her client and continues six weeks after birth. In many cases an extended family relationship continues a lifetime.

Sarahn Henderson, TM

Atlanta, GA 30349
United States
Phone 770-997-7088

Birthing Support
We are Humm Berreyesa and Siedar Andre. Humm has over 30 years experience and Siedar has over 20 years experience with birth. We offer emotional, physical and informational support to the birthing parents.

We also advocate for our clients with the hospital staff when needed. We support our birth mothers in their choices.

We also offer childbirth education classes where we deal with the fear of birth as well as all the other birth and parenting information.
Humm Berreyesa, CD
PO Box 1045
Occidental, CA 95465
United States
Phone 707-522-8778

Community Doulas of New Orleans
Community Doulas in New Orleans is a support, networking and referral group of doulas and aspiring doulas committed to serving mothers in the greater New Orleans area. If you are interested in becoming a doula or finding and hiring a doula please contact Crys Aprill 504-314-1528, Heidi Rau 504-453-2634 or Carol Lynch 504-833-5327.
New Orleans
Crystal April, CD

New Orleans, LA 70125
United States

EarthBirth SF Doula Services
EarthBirth offers birthing doula, Hypnobirthing, pre-natal yoga instruction, and childbirth preparation services. Jessica Soto, the co-founder of EarthBirth, has been a birthing doula for five years and she is well aware of the needs of laboring women and their partners. In addition to being a birthing doula, she offers classes in Hypnobirthing, pre-natal yoga and support, and childbirth preparation, both privately and in small groups.

San Francisco
Jessica Soto

San Francisco, CA 94110
United States
Phone 415 401 0323

Eastside Doula Care & Private Childbirth Education
I provide physical, emotional and informational support to women and their partners before, during and for a short time after labor and birth. I am also a childbirth,lactation and Happiest Baby on the Block educator.
Debra Shelden, CD
PO Box 302
Kirkland, WA 98083
United States

Julie Brill, CCCE
Become a certified childbirth educator with The Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association. Attend an intensive weekend workshop in Massachusetts.

Childbirth educators have the opportunity to reach families when they are open to new ideas and to help them achieve positive birth experiences. CAPPA offers the highest level of evidence-based training available and is the fastest growing childbirth education and doula organization in the world. Accelerated program with related experience.
Julie Brill
5 Warren Ave
Bedford, MA 01730
United States

Kecia Johndrow, CLD, CCCE, CCLDT
I am a Labor Doula, Private Childbirth Educator, and Labor Doula Trainer serving the Austin area. I offer Prenatal Consultation, Continuous Labor and Delivery Support, and a Postpartum Follow-Up. I also do Pregnancy Belly-Casting and Private Childbirth Education classes.
Cedar Park
Kecia Johndrow

Cedar Park, TX 78613
United States
Phone (512)249-8869

Postpartum Doula / Baby Nurse in Los Angeles
Let walk me along yourside on this special time in your life as your Postpartum Doula or Newborn Specialist, Teaching, Guiding and Educating You about your Newborn, Preemie or Twins.

Available: Night shift and 24\'s
Santa Monica
Veronica Hinojosa- Stang

Santa Monica, CA 90403
United States
Phone 310 365 8042

The Doula School
The Doula School (TDS) strives to offer the most comprehensive Doula training and certification available, each program uses classroom training, guest speakers, art, literature, reading and hands on activities to teach the skills necessary to support new families during the transition from pregnancy to parenthood. We believe that this will enable you to practice with professionalism and confidence whether you are a new Doula just beginning your career or an experienced professional expanding her practice.

Host a Doula Training and earn free tuition.
treesa mclean

Hayward, CA 94541
United States
Phone 510-728-8513

The Matrona
The Matrona is a non-profit organization offering classes and correspondence courses in holistic midwifery and holistic doula training, plus free community workshops in a variety of health and parenting related topics, including everything from herbs and medicine making to birth control options to DIY auto mechanics for women!

At The House of La Matrona, we believe birth is a sacred and profound experience and we teach midwifery as a Sacred Art.

We believe that childbearing is a time of transformation and empowerment for parents, and the work of the midwife is to return birth to the family.

Our house is dedicated to serving women and families by providing opportunities to access knowledge of Women's Healing Arts. We believe that the knowledge of birth and midwifery is among those arts, and belongs to all individuals and all families.

We educate women to be competent, confident, compassionate and caring midwives who serve families in the traditional ways
NC, GA, VT and beyond
Whapio Diane Bartlett

NC, GA, VT and beyond, 28806
United States and Canada
Phone 828.242.2188

The Nurturing Place
The Nurturing Place offers prenatal and postpartum doula care, as well as DONA (Doulas of North America)-approved training for prospective doulas. We also offer natural childbirth and parenting classes for expectant families; and a selection of the finest in natural holistic personal care products, particularly natural products for birth and postpartum care.

Please see our website at thenurturingplace.com

Kristi Ridd-Young
13513 N. Grove Dr.
Alpine, UT 84004
United States

The Stork Stops Here


Los Angeles
Vonda Dennis, CBN, CPD
2416 Wellington Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016
United States
BOCES is a training and certifying organization for doulas, monitrices, and childbirth educators.
Renata Hillman
4190 Private Road #311
Wilmer AL 36587
United States
Phone 251-645-2229
Chris Anne Johnson, TM, CD, CPD
MaternityWise offers you comprehensive, inexpensive training and certification at your own pace.
Chris Anne Johnson

United States
Phone 651-235-1650
Peaceful Beginning Doula Trainings
This is an intensive, holistic workshop where participants learn about the emotions and psychological processes associated with labor and how doula support can create a more joyous experience for the woman and her partner, during labor, birth and postpartum. The course emphasizes the importance of appropriate, culturally sensitive support as well as special techniques to make labor easier. The training includes: how to assist women and their partners cope with complications in pregnancy, labor, and early postpartum.
Cheryl Orengo

United States
Phone 828-258-3327
Sierra Childbirth Institute
Mothering the Mother Doula Training. Learn this ancient art of childbirth assisting and join this fast-growing profession of women helping other women before, during and after childbirth. DONA International certification.
Grass Valley
Janine Nugent
12352 Sunshine Valley RD.
Grass Valley CA 95945
United States
Phone 530-272-3734
The Doula School
The Doula School gives you the most comprehensive Birth and Postpartum Doula training availabe. Start attending births and assisting families.
treesa mclean

CA 94541
United States
Phone 510-728-8513