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Shuggie Cateland
The name of my website is "POCKET FULL OF MIRACLES," for blind and visual impaired people and provides an outlet to connect to sight world by put their minds and talents to work for them. Music, writers, song writers and solo artists, a category of artistic, musical, or literary endeavor characterized by a particular style, form, or writing genre. Often we find dealing with the physical first that the talents within go in vain and this website hopes to bridge some of that gap. Also we have a mini mall of items to make life a little sweeter for anyone faced with vision or the lack of it in life. Items such as magnification aids, speech friendly fantasy games, cooking aids and safety items for those home alone Senior’s. Everyone is welcome to visit our Shoppe. With Jukebox Alive, we can do more then talk about wanting to and doing something creative, and just doing it.

In addition there happens to be a variety of events, some concerts or Bed and Breakfast weekend events. Connecting people with interests we all have and bring about some very special talents. Make a craft project or add some audio assistance to educational needs.
Walnut grove
linda edwards

Walnut grove, CA 95690
United States
Phone 9167764796
it's being aproved
Richard Rhea
9224 Kling rd
Mabelvale AR 72103
United States