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Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre
Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre is a premier professional dance company in the City of Asheville where its members live and perform. Founded in 1979, ACDT performs a diverse repertoire of traditional and contemporary forms of modern dance, and is known for the integration of theatre and dance in its performances.

20 Commerce Street
Asheville, NC 28801
United States
Phone 828-254-2621
Fax 828-254-2621

The Drum God's is an eclectic percussion and dance ensemble featuring rhythms from West Africa, Middle Eastern and Texas complete with costume and parade dragons interacting with audience participation. We create energy and fun wherever we go, turning spectators into performers.

Our Finale includes a community interactive drum circle.

Contact The Drum God's to perform for your festival, corporate functions, birthday and private parties.

We also can book ensembles for larger projects.

HappyShel Weisman
PO Box 140308
Dallas, TX 75214
United States
Phone (214) 824-2038
Fax 2148870386

Lost Baba
To listen to Kri play is to remember our legacy as spiritual beings with tumultuous desires, with an innate need to pound our feet into the Earth to raise our prayers to the heavens...on the dance floor that translates to his creating all-consuming, orgiastic rituals of dance where he pushes you past your limits to a place beyond a good party or a great time, but to a place where you can capture a glimpse of a future in which the primal and the technological fuse to bring us a passionate and fulfilling existence on a planet that survives. Heavy? Yeah, but so is the Psychedelic Goa Trance experience, and heavier still is a night filled with Kris dark, driving tracks, his momentum slowly building like a panthers body tensing each muscle till its time to strike its prey, and then, youre a goner.
Christopher johnson

asheville, NC 28803
United States
Phone (828) 277-7130
Fax (828) 277-7130

Sonya, from Chicago IL, is a full-time Oriental dance instructor, performer and choreographer who has mentored under Jasmin Jahal since 1996. Recently named Golden Navel Champion in Chicago’s first open-call belly dance competition, Sonya strives to elevate the public’s perception of this art form, promoting the dance with beauty, dignity & grace. As a featured dancer in 3 weekly venues, she captivates her audience with her skills of improv, although prefers the disciplines of choreography for the theater stage. Sonya teaches beginning, intermediate & advanced level students in 6 weekly classes as well as bi-monthly workshops, annually judges the MEDINA competition, hosts monthly dance hafla’s and travels the US furthering her education while also performing & teaching her style of Raks Sharki.
Sonya Hohmann
P.O. Box 18175
Chicago, IL 60618
United States
Phone 773.742.5250
Ala Kukui / Hana Retreat
Non-denominational spiritual retreat center located in Hana, Maui, inspired by Hana's powerful landscape and by Native Hawaiian cultural values.
Claudia Kalaola
PO Box 489
Hana HI 96713
United States
Phone 808-248-7841
Eli Del Negro
Eli Del Negro is belly dancer. She teaches in Mexico city and often performs in social and cultural shows.
Mexico DF
Eli Del Negro
Lopéz Cotilla 816
Mexico DF 03100
Phone 56 87 66 94
Move And Be Moved
5Rhythms Movement Meditation weekly practice in Taos, NM, and workshops nationally. Come move your body, free your mind, and awaken your heart.
El Prado NM
Visudha de los Santos
PO Box 1937
El Prado NM NM 87529
United States
Phone 575 737 0408
Venture Valley
Retreat venue for workshops/seminars with meeting rooms, accommodations, fireplaces, spectacular views, hiking trails, a pool/hot tub/sauna and gourmet menus
Bonnie Wendt
1550 Tindall Ranch Road
Corralitos CA 95076
United States
Phone (831)761-9940