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Devin Kelly

Seattle, WA 98105
United States
Phone 206-406-7815

Arcanovi Music Group
Welcome to the future of Artist Promotion.

Arcanovi Management brings to the music industry a breath of fresh air in the area of artist promotion. By combining Old fashioned values, going the extra-mile and putting people first, we will lead the world of artist management, promotion and marketing into an all new direction.
Arcanovi Music Group
P.O. BOX 608062
Chicago, IL 60660
United States
Phone (847) 475-3014
Fax 360-252-7463

Baraka Mundi
Snug in an ornately furnished studio in the famed River Arts Disctrict of Asheville, a uniquely creative group is wresting truth from life, and making it into Art. Always the backbone of bellydance in Asheville, Baraka Mundi & friends are pushing the envelope of their art, building momentum in the unexplored genre of Bellydance Theater. They have turned a taste for world fusion into a unique multi-media experience, combining dance, theater, live music and ceremony, for kids of all ages.

Uniting eastern dance, world music, theatre, ceremony, and the fire arts with enchanted audiences - Baraka Mundi is a live music and dance ensemble inspired and informed by the cultures of the Middle East, North Africa, India and beyond.'

Onca O'Leary
po box 7652
asheville, NC 28802
United States
Phone 828-232-2980

Carl Ramesses McDonald
The New World Crisis CD is Adventurous,Playful,and Relentlessly Captivating

Listen to an Artist who throughout his years of legacy has

let his originality speak through his music.

Carl Ramesses McDonald latest release entitled "World Crisis" of fourteen Dynamic and Explosive tracks will certainly touch the depths of your heart,soul,and mind.
Anthony McDonald
Sunrise, FL 33313
United States

Charles Alexander
The Charles Alexander Revue stayed around for over 15 years, with shows in over 125 cities in the southeast of the USA.
Charles Alexander
Post Office Box 1598
Durham, NC 27704
United States
Phone 919-220-9382

Chiwahwa Stud
Chiwahwa Stud ( real name Kenville Thompson ) grew up in Portmore, Jamaica where he began wrtiting songs in 1989 at the age of 12. He continued writing through high school concentrating mainly on talent shows and other local events. His debut single "Classic" was produced by Tristan Palmer on the Father G. label in 1995. The song got a little air play but failed to gain any standard interest.
Kenville Thompson
9 Dalton St.
Asheville, NC 28803
United States
Phone 828.280.6998

Daniel P
UK Garage / 2-Step / Soulful House / Drum and Bass DJ & aspiring producer
Daniel Phommathep
1312 S Dawson St
Seattle, WA 98108
United States

Dj Rise (UK)
Producer of various club sounds from House to Trance.
ryan anthony

United Kingdom
Phone 07899783294

This Dj has become one of the latest and most innovative musicians to test the boundaries of music creation and transition. With the club's introduction to State of Trance and Step Forward, this is only the beginning for the man behind DjGriz..Stay tuned for brand new mixes!
New York

New York, NY 10024
United States

Flamingo Cantina
Angela Tharp
13909 Lakeview Dr
Austin, TX 78701
United States

Girls on Film
Dancetronic Glam Wave - the signature sound of Florida’s Girls On Film - is a fashion fueled combination of high-energy stage antics and synthpop beats.
Julie Todd
405 McKeithen Street
Tallahassee, FL 32304
United States

Granola Funk Express
Iron Fist Family and Granola Funk Express in the Green Room at Pearl Street in North Hampton, Massachusetts.
Mike Capra
184 Pennsylvania Ave.
Asheville, NC 28806
United States
Phone 828-258-9675

The Drum God's is an eclectic percussion and dance ensemble featuring rhythms from West Africa, Middle Eastern and Texas complete with costume and parade dragons interacting with audience participation. We create energy and fun wherever we go, turning spectators into performers.

Our Finale includes a community interactive drum circle.

Contact The Drum God's to perform for your festival, corporate functions, birthday and private parties.

We also can book ensembles for larger projects.

HappyShel Weisman
PO Box 140308
Dallas, TX 75214
United States
Phone (214) 824-2038
Fax 2148870386

Hot Duck Soup
HOT DUCK SOUP, Burnsville, North Carolina's own great little old-time jazz swing ragtime blues jugband performs their toe-tapping, finger-snapping, fly-swatting, knuckle-busting, head-scratching, hip-swiveling music on banjos, guitars, ukuleles, cornets, kazoos, slide whistles, animal calls, assorted trash, and a washtub bass.
John D. Richards
264 Clear View Lane
Burnsville, NC 28714
United States
Phone 828 682-6567

J. Wail Kru
When the J. Wail Kru takes the stage get ready for an exciting ride that keeps you on your toes and your booty shakin! J. Wail Kru plays instruments ranging from a guitar thats makes thousands of sythesized sounds, to keyboards, a groovebox, a super deep bass , and any other random toy/instrument the Kru may decide to bring on stage. With strategic looping techniques J. Wail is able to contruct songs with funky electronica grooves and atmospheric layers. They play songs ranging from several electronica styles-this includes drum n' bass, house, breaks, and tekno. The Kru meanwhile lays down the juice to give the music the kick that moves the dance floor. The feeling of 'get down feel good spacefunk' is in the air and the crowd tends to move there bodys' all over the place. Using aspects of sponteneity and improvisation the Kru keeps the element of suprise in full effect. Get ready for some body movin' and feelgood times!





These are some venues J. Wail Kru has performed at:

Nectar's Burlington, VT

Bobo Gallery Asheville, NC

The Lion's Den NYC, NY

Ziggy's Winston-Salem, NC

Bearly Edible Asheville, NC

Soul Infusion Sylva, NC

The Firehouse Boone, NC

Outback Lodge Charlottesville, VA

The Brewpub Morgantown, WV

Monkey Barrel Salisbury, MD

Spice Cafe & Bar Pittsburgh, PA

ZuZu's/The Middle East Club Boston, MA

Cheap Seats Oswego, NY

Mainely Brews Waterville, ME

Black Oak Tavern Oneonta, NY

Arabica Coffee Mansion Cleveland, OH

Rep. of Boulder Boulder, CO

Gunnison Brewery, Gunnison, CO

Bongo Billy's Salida, CO

Santa Fe Brewing Co. Santa Fe, NM

Mogollon Brewery Flagstaff, AZ

Six River's Brewery Mckinleyville, CA

Sengthong's Blue Sky Room Dunsmuir, CA

The Loft Tempe, AZ

The Nimbus Brewery Tucson, AZ

The Hut Tucson, AZ

Hidden House Cocktail Lounge Phoenix, AZ

Yucca Tap Room Tempe, AZ

Artie's on Main Florence, AZ


J. Wail aka Jonah Gabriel Lipsky resides in Phoenix, AZ and originally grew up in New York. Musical instruments have been a thing for Jonah since his early days. When Jonah was 2 years of age, his mother passed away. The beautiful classical guitar that his mother played was later passed down to him. Although he rarely takes it out on stage, the symbol and essence of his mother and the guitar lies deep within his soul. Growing up, Jonah started playing the trombone and the keys. Throughout his life Jonah has picked up all other kinds of instruments and electronic toys and has enjoyed indulging himself in new musical worlds.

In 2001 Jonah released his first album, titled "Blast Off!" The album is unique and creative and there is even a little game to play on the CD "Guess the Noise."

From 1999-2002 J played in a band called J.A.W.S. He was the lead singer, song writer, and guitar/sythesizer player. The band dismantled after a few years but set the stage for Jonah's for his solo act. Jonah, wanting to take his motivation into his own hands, started his 'eclectic one-man spacefunk conglomeration' J. WAIL.

In November 2005 J released his 2nd album "New Congomerations from Space". The album features new songs such as "Space Monkey from Space," "Booty," and "Chugalug," The album was recorded with the notion of wanting to portray what J could do live solo

Support J. Wail Kru


Hey everyone....We're raising money for a new Tour Vehicle. Please help the cause and go to www.jwail.jukeboxalive.com and pick up J's new album "New Conglomeratkions from Space." Check it out! Don't forget to get some super stylee J. Wail Kru Gear! Free sticker with each purchase! Thanks for all the support!
J Wail

Asheville, NC 28806
United States
Phone 828-216-2233

Julia Hartsell
Julia Hartsell

Hillsborough, NC 27278
United States

Keyth Lawrence & The Purple Circle
Keyth Lawrence, the powerful song force hailing from Manhattan spins his yarns through his life-long love of the piano. Keyth has been accompanied by his instrument, and talent for playing it since he was 7 years-old. After gigging extensively as a solo artist in popular New York City cabaret venues such as Don't Tell Mama, The Duplex, and other intimate spaces, he logically began bringing other musicians onto the stage with him until he formed what has become Keyth Lawrence and the Purple Circle. The now 5-member ensemble puts on high energy rock shows with tailored storytelling capabilities throughout New York City.

Keyth's most defining artistic traits include a character-driven, storied style of songwriting, an acrobatic and emotive voice that tells it, and a classically-inspired, powerhouse style of piano playing that falls somewhere between Chopin and Jerry Lee Lewis. With a brave and dramatic style reminiscent of The Cure, Keyth also maintains a solid passion for the piano, like that of more recent artists including Rufus Wainwright and Coldplay. Candid songwriting that reveals unexpected truths- think Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Bowie, Tori Amos- a fusion of prophet and bard, equal parts soul searcher and dramatic performer.

Currently promoting Figures, the 12 track musical novel that promises to be his pivotal break-through record, Keyth Lawrence and the Purple Circle have been capturing audiences at renowned New York City venues including the Knitting Factory and the Cutting Room. The first single, “Leaving” has already begun to receive national radio airplay, while the second single, “Mission”, has been nominated for a 2004 Pride in the Arts Award recognized by The Stonewall Society.

Keyth Lawrence
352 6th Ave #2
Brooklyn, NY 11215
United States
Phone 917-539-1819

Lost Baba
To listen to Kri play is to remember our legacy as spiritual beings with tumultuous desires, with an innate need to pound our feet into the Earth to raise our prayers to the heavens...on the dance floor that translates to his creating all-consuming, orgiastic rituals of dance where he pushes you past your limits to a place beyond a good party or a great time, but to a place where you can capture a glimpse of a future in which the primal and the technological fuse to bring us a passionate and fulfilling existence on a planet that survives. Heavy? Yeah, but so is the Psychedelic Goa Trance experience, and heavier still is a night filled with Kris dark, driving tracks, his momentum slowly building like a panthers body tensing each muscle till its time to strike its prey, and then, youre a goner.
Christopher johnson

asheville, NC 28803
United States
Phone (828) 277-7130
Fax (828) 277-7130

Mary Lemanski
Singer, songwriter, & musician, Mary Lemanski, has a unique, eclectic style that combines elements of pop, alternative, rock, blues, jazz, funk, and hip-hop.
Mary Lemanski-Dougherty
P.O. Box 13383
Tempe, AZ 85284
United States
Phone 602-369-8678
Fax 480-496-8885

MC Reality
Rachael Paulick, 23 years old from Buffalo, NY is the creator, producer, promoter, event coordinator, and MC. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY she started younger always inspired by hip-hop. All day carrying the boom box and listening to old school Onyx, House of Pain, Run DMC, Doug E Fresh, Fresh Prince, Queen Latifah, FLava Flav, MC Lyte, Jam Master Jay, Qbert and other old school artists she was inspired by, she would go home and remix tapes on her tape deck or small mixer all day and made some of the dopest beatz and lyrics …. As she kept on flowing and traveling and seeing more hip-hop, and jungle and got into electronic music, she realized how hard it was and how hip-hop started to send out the wrong message as it got more mainstream., and electronic was dominated. She strived to open the youths mind from all the poison in the mainstream hip-hop and only men being on the mic, and bring positive energy through the words and the beatz ; she found the loophole. Then it was still hard as women are not as respected as men in the hip-hop or electronic culture. Now Mastering freestlye to all genres of music performing more and more with some of the greatest artists in the world. She is stationed in Asheville, NC and Tampa, FL - she brings you Realyst Productions with a whole new outlook from gangster, hip-hop,unity,political, old school, Jungle, electronic all genres, jazz, folk and more she is starting a movement by the people for the people


Asheville, NC 28806
United States
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