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As You Are Yoga
As You Are Yoga is a full service yoga studio. We are located at 111 East Allegan Street in downtown Lansing, MI (next to Skyline Chili). We are a short walk from many State Government buildings, Cooley Law School

and Lansing Community College. We are committed to creating and nourishing a yoga community

through a variety of ongoing classes, community teaching, teacher training and educational, healing workshops. We offer classes in yoga, yoga therapy, yoga for children, prenatal yoga, holistic belly dance and pranic healing. As You Are Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Approved Registered Yoga School

Sybil Shelton-Ford
111 East Allegan Street
Lansing, MI 48933
United States

Blue Lotus Center
A private dance school for all forms of Dance, Music and the Arts. Available for classes, workshops and corporate events.
A Center for Well Being and the Arts.
Sherry McDonald
125-B West Church Street (Enter through
Orlando, FL 32801
United States
Phone 407-841-6303

Ecstasyzing/Dance Meditation at Windsong Dojo in Oklahoma City.
Meditative movement, gentle flowing yoga, self-directed individualized movement, Sufi healing, ecstatic dance, integrative resting, witnessed movement, walking meditation, body-focused movement exercises, spiritual bellydance, journaling, whirling. Body-oriented practice
Celeste Roth
716 N Mitchell Ter
Mustang, OK 73064
United States
Phone 405-615-3886

Chantal Lemire M.A.

Get Results!

Feel calm and centered

Release negative emotions and patterns

Improve your relationships

Experience increased energy

Make the link between your body and emotions

Learn self healing

Be your best Self!

Chantal Lemire MA

Ottawa, Ontario
Phone (613)864-HEAL(4325)

christine m. zimbelmann
new york
christine zimbelmann

new york, NY
United States
Phone (212) 627-1626

Chrysalis Healing Arts
Chrysalis Healing Arts is pleased to announce classes workshops and dream groups using Active Dreaming pioneered by Robert Moss. Coming up this year in 2011 we will be offering a fun and creative class series on Family Dream Sharing teaching families the value of sharing dreams between parents and children. Another depth workshop in dream exploration being offered is called Life lines where we will explore the pathways and crossroads of your life. Check the website for more information.
Valley Reed
11231 McCree
Dallas, TX 75238
United States
Phone 214-288-8935

Cooperative Body

Spiral Spirit Ecstatic Dance

Dance, Release, and Surrender. This is an opportunity to move the way you need to in every moment. Dance off a difficult day or frolic with joy. This is a safe place to Develop a deeper connection with ourselves and others.

Wednesdays 6-7:30 PM

The first half hour is a warm up. $5

I produce multiple 5 Rhythms workshops in Asheville and Host Sweat Your Prayers events with teachers from around the country.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Amara Pagano presents Stillness, a 5 Rhythms dance workshop in Asheville, NC Jan 8-10, 2010

This is a movement modality developed by Gabrielle Roth Sweat your prayers asheville, NC

see my latest newsletter:


Cassie Brizzi
11 Richland Street
Asheville, NC 28801
United States

Dana Peacher
200 & 500 Hr Yoga Teacher Trianing Yoga Alliance Registered, Workshops and Homestudy Certifications. Classes offered Baby Yoga Sign, Prenatal Dance Yoga, Floor Yoga and Adult Dance Yoga.
Dana Peacher
549 vikings lane
United States
Phone 904-372-0116

Denise Medved
Nia Fitness Technique 1st Degree Black Belt Teacher & Trainer; provides classes, playshops and presentations at retreats, events and conferences. Nationally Certified Health Professional with 18 years' experience at spas, resorts, on television, and on cruises. Nia offers a unique, wholistic approach to body-mind movement integrating Martial Arts, Dance Arts & Healing Arts, and including tai chi, aikido, tae kwon do, jazz, Duncan dance, modern dance, yoga, Alexander method and the work of Moshe Feldenkreis.
Denise Medved
2314 Kanuga Rd.
Hendersonville, NC 28739
United States
Phone 828-696-3060
Fax 828-696-3040

Ed Long Self-Applied Kinesiology
The help you need to heal yourself. Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques reduce depression, trauma, allergies, physical pain, tiredness, increase vitality, and improve healthy life energy. Meridian/Muscle Balancing - Lymphatic - Oxygen therapy - Radionics.
Ed Long
16234 NE 29th
Bellevue, WA 98008
United States
Phone (425) 885-1993

Enriched Body
Enriched Body provides an elegant, inviting, calm haven before and after exercises. Equipment-based Pilates, Yoga, Massage therapy and wellness workshops.
JJ Murray
10224 Durant Road, Ste. 201
Raleigh, NC 27614
United States
Phone 919-841-1670
Fax 919-841-1671

Eveline Carle
Eveline uses dance as a catalyst to discovering hidden facets of personality. When on a personal quest, realizing one’s dreams and passions is key to making progress toward a more satisfying and meaningful life. Eveline develops personalized dances for individuals who wish to integrate a dance practice to their daily ritual.

Eveline Carle
P.O. Box 331
Cataumet, MA 02534
United States

Terre Haute
Tammy Jackson
3726 E. Wabash Ave.
Terre Haute, IN 47803
United States

Golden Altai Academy
Do you want to get the most out of life? Are you trying to become

healthy, wealthy and wise?

Learn hidden wisdom! Experience great power! Live life to the

fullest! UniverSynergy Arts, from The Masters of Golden Altai, teach you to use ancient wisdom, including secrets of health and beauty,business magic, family harmony, inner peace and happiness, and many mysteries of Parapsychology and Astro Aikido!

Los Angeles
Golden Altai
Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
United States

Helen Terry
Nia, pronounced "knee yah", is an acronym for Neuromuscular Integrative Action. Nia is non-impact and aerobic, encouraging whole-body movement. It is movement with purpose. It incorporates a diverse blend of movements from martial arts and dance, with body-integration therapies including, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Duncan Dance, Jazz, The Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais and Yoga. For Helen Terry, "this workout touches your heart, fascinates your mind, and expresses emotion to empower the fully alive you."
Helen Terry
Montrose and Woodlands locations
Houston, TX
United States
Phone 832-567-4550

Human Design: A Center for Studying Alexander Technique
Human Design is a center for neuromuscular re-education dedicated to exploring the inherent ease of movement found in our unique human structure. Alexander Technique forms the cornerstone of our work. Other modalities supporting the classes and private lessons here include Reiki Energy Work, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, and Authentic Movement.
Toni Poll-Sorensen
N8204 627th St
Colfax, WI 54730
United States
Phone 715-235-3350
Fax 715-235-3350

Joan Forest Mage
I offer shamanic healing sessions, including soul retrieval, shamanic journey meditation and self-expressive arts. I approach each session as a transformative, soul-healing ritual guided by Spirit. Using a variety of approaches (shamanic journeying, energy work, sound healing, dance, Laban-Bartenieff body movement) I guide clients to create energetic shifts through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual avenues. A Wounded Healer myself, each modality I offer clients is a technique I’ve used to survive and thrive.
Joan Forest Mage

Chicago, IL 60610
United States
Phone 773-250-7250

Jon The Muse
Jon Fargo has been an innovative and inspiring entrepreneur and educator for over 30 years. As Jon the Muse, he offers an array of Services, Classes, and Events that are designed to bring out the best and to inspire - from the fiber of one's carpets to the fiber of one's soul.

Jon Fargo

Emeryville, CA 94608
United States
Phone 415 685 1422

Journey to the Heart/ Thermo Therapeutics
Journey to the Heart is a personal development organization dedicated to the upliftment of consciousness and the Well-Being of all people.

Our aim is to integrate, with practical tools for the New Millennium, the physical with the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. We are a personal development school with no walls.

We offer Psycho-spiritual Integration and Personal Development Workshops such as:

  • Trance Dance & Shamanic Soul Hunting

  • Basic Hot Stone Massage Therapy Workshops

  • Advanced Hot Stone Massage Therapy Workshops

  • Learn How To Read the Akashic Records

  • Akashic Records Intensive & Consultant Training

  • Sacred Geometry Workshops

  • Reiki Training on Karmapa Reiki Workshops

  • Shamanism Workshops

  • Integrative/Holotropic Breathwork Workshops

  • Trance Dance Workshops

  • Pendulum Dowsing Technique

  • Relationships workshops and more, much more....

Ernesto Ortiz
9199 SW 97th Ave
Miami, FL 33176
United States
Phone (305) 595-1668

Keva Larthridge-Mack
Keva provides onsite life coaching, yoga instruction,intuitive consulting, meditation instruction and dance instruction to at homes, offices, workplaces, yoga studios, wellness centers, gyms and in the Far North Dallas area.

Contact her at www.kevalarthridgemack.com for more information.
Keva Larthridge-Mack
P.O. Box 1752
Frisco, TX 75034
United States
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