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Crisis Intervention Services
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Linda McCune, M.S., LPC
Whether dealing with unexpected life events or adjusting to normal life changes, counseling can help bring about innovative transformation. It has the power to assist clients in recognizing their inner strengths and abilities, and can facilitate insight into our motivation and behavior.
Linda McCune
17770 Preston Rd, Suite M
Dallas, TX 75252
United States
Phone 972.824.2121

Teri McHugh, PhD,LMFT
Providing Individual, Family, Couples Psychotherapy with adults, children, adolescents.
Teri McHugh
1601 Carmen Drive, Ste 111,Camarillo, Ca 93011
Camarillo, CA 93011
United States
Phone (805) 987-7006
Fax (805) 987-6106