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A Connecting Thread
Inanna's Challenge: Choosing Change. A paradigm for understanding change and the role it plays in our growth, individuation and integration. Inanna promises to be a powerful experience to inspire new ways of thinking about change as well as teach useful techniques that can be put into practice. Specially designed for women committed to their own personal growth & understanding life changes, transition and the unfolding of the human soul.
April 14-17, 2003. Millboro Springs, Va
Kay Montgomery
1004 Gunstock Creek Road
Bedford, VA 24523
United States
Phone 540-586-1271

A.R.E. of New York
The ARE (Association for Research & Enlightenment) N.Y. Center - the Edgar Cayce organization - offers Health and Wellness services including Chiropractic, Cayce-Reilly Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Hot Stone Therapy, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Healing Prayer. The only place in NYC where internationally known British "Spiritual Healer," Malcolm Smith offers his services.

We offer workshops, courses, study groups in Meditation, Practical Spirituality, Healing, Psychic Development, Dreams, Reincarnation, Astrology, more.

For an appointment: 212-691-7690. For a calendar, view our website: www.arenyc.org.

Visit us for spiritual fellowship.

PICTURE AT RIGHT: Dr. Scott Keller, "Caycean Chiropractor"

New York
Zachary Feder
241 W. 30th Street, 2nd floor
New York, NY 10001
United States
Phone 212-691-7690
Fax 212-567-4103

Ambe' Ray
Ambe' Ray is a Itegrative Healer, Yogini and Priestess of Sacred circle with over fifteen years experience in Shamanic and Spiritual Studies, Holistic Healing, Chi Nei Tsang, Yoga and Energy Body Rebalanciing, Ambe creates a multidimensional playground for conscious embodiment. As the founder of OmVoyage, she presently designs and facilitates transformational Healing, Yoga and Expressive Art Journeys to Sacred Sites worldwide.
San Geronimo,
Ambe' Ray

San Geronimo,, CA 94963
United States
Phone (415) 267-4884

Amy Ward Brimmer
I teach the Alexander Technique, a body-mind method of learning to release excess tension in order to regain natural movement, restore health, recover from trauma, or explore the energetic connection between body, mind, and spirit. Using gentle touch and verbal guidance, in an hour-long private lesson, we let go of unconscious habit and reconnect to our authentic selves. I specialize in applying the AT to childbirth and the performing arts, but people from all walks of life can benefit from Alexander lessons. Semi-private lessons and group classes also available.
Amy Ward Brimmer
124 S. Bell Ave.
Yardley, PA 19067
United States
Phone (917) 216-5850

Awakening Retreats
Awakening Retreats are offered at various locations around Southern Arizona. These 3-7 day retreats are opportunities for people to explore their inner realms and discover their own inner wisdom through the use of mind-body-spirit techniques, creative arts therapies and rituals. Join us for a life changing experience and renew, re-awaken, and re-envision your life.
Marcey DiCaro

Tucson, AZ 85742
United States
Phone 520-490-4149

Carol Ferrante Smuckler
Carol Ferrante Smuckler is a knowledgeable,empathetic,interactic therapist who has had over 16 years practicing and training.
In a safe,relaxed environment--depression,anxiety are lifeted and there is room for your gifts to shine and and to enjoy life
Carol sees adults,adolescants,children,individuals and couples...she has experience in a range of problems,such as eating disorders,anxieties,trauma and abuse,recovered substance abusers,couples counseling,and more
Her approach is a unique supportive one geared to the needs of the individual/s
She uses traditional "talk therapies" as well as the use of art materials to give voice to feelings and experiences....reasonable fees
Forest Hills,NYC
Carol Ferrante Smuckler

Forest Hills,NYC, NY 11375
United States
Phone 718 261 4066

Draw It Out Counseling Services
Karina Ray
401 Olympia Avenue NE, Suite 206
Renton, WA 98056
United States
Phone 206-228-9126

Elena Clamen M.A. LCMT CIMI
Massage Therapy:

Swedish massage with trigger point therapy, gentle massage for the elderly, hospital massage, hospice work,

infant massage instruction,

15 minute chair massage at your workplace, nursing homes, adult day health centers, assisted livings, schools, fairs etc..

Expressive Art Therapy:

Individual or group work: different modalities including visual art,music, movement/dance,relaxation/guided imagery & poetry/writing therapy.

Elena Clamen
1 Davis Square Suite 219
Somerville, MA 02144
United States
Phone 617-666-1202

Ellen Hitchcock

...............................LIVE THE LIFE YOU'VE IMAGINED

Ellen is a personal life coach, spiritual mentor, mediator, psychotherapist,and author of Nature's Magical Moments. Ellen has years of experience working with individuals, couples,and families in making positive life-style changes.

"On our journey through life, we often face challenges that require we shift our thinking and behaviors so that we are empowered. As a personal life coach and mentor, my diverse experience can assist you in making meaningful and lasting self-transformations."

*Life Transition Coaching

*Creativity Coaching

*Professional Motivation and Advancement

*Spirituality Mentoring

*Relationship Coaching

*Generational Coaching: Caregiving (Aging Parents)

*Writing/Publishing Your Book

*Stress Management: Live a More Balanced Life

Ellen supports postive change and can support you in making creative changes in your personal and professional lives. Go to www.creativementor.net for more information on how Ellen coaches others for change.

Ellen's "Wisdom Whispers" lectures and workshops are designed to give participants practical tools for living more authentically and creatively. Wisdom Whispers programs encourage personal growth through study, play, and experiential learning. Tapping into your personal wisdom as well as the collective wisdom handed down to us creates a gateway for discovery and change. Go to www.creativementor.net to learn more about attending or bringing Ellen to your area.

Oak Ridge
Ellen Hitchcock
PO Box 6606
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
United States
Phone 865-230-5151
Fax 865-622-6831

Globalight Enterprises
Globalight is the coming together of the many facets of recovery for a woman who successfully travelled the pathway from grief, depression, low self esteem and poor health to personal freedom, power over self, calmness, joy, healing on all levels and most importantly, deep connection to Spirit. She offers a wide range of aquired metaphysical skills and gifts and gives nothing to her clients that has not been used successfully in her our own journey.
Penelope is a Psychic Artist who channels both the Archangels and the Devic Councils of Nature. From Their help she created the Globalight Angelic Tarot - Major Arcana that has proved to be a powerful healing tool in it's own right. Penelope also holds registration as a Level 1 Practitioner of the Bonney Method of Guided Imagery & Music. She has formed 2-day seminar structures that; a)allow access to the creative centres of the subconscious, bringing forth personal imagery and facilitating the completion of issues, &; b) a "Metaphysical Tools and Sacred Ritual" weekend, when Penelope passes on all the tools that actually worked for her during her Journey.
Penelope offers special help for Grief Recovery. Her Journey came into being from the deaths of her only son and daughter-in-law in 1988 and the rearing of her permanently injured grandaughter. She knows how to ease the pain and bring the insights.

Penelope Chesney
POBox 1320
Murwillumbah, NSW 2484
Phone (02) 6677 7539

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner(R)
A Feldenkrais(R) Practioner helps people to overcome pain, discomfort, and difficulties in coordination by gently introducing new movements into the system. The work is hands-on, non-intrusive, and is done slowly and gently. Except for shoes, the client remains fully clothed at all times.
Adam Cole

Atlanta, GA 30315
United States
Phone 404-627-7308

Healing Arts United, Ltd.
My name is Juliette, and I would like to introduce you to Healing Arts United, Ltd.

We will be located in Lower Westchester, NY and opening in April or May of 2004.

Possible locations include Dobbs Ferry, Ardsley, and Yonkers. We have not yet decided on our exact location.

Our goal is to provide an upscale, clean, professional office space with multiple treatment rooms, offering hourly usage to therapists, new graduates, interns, and students.

Those who are just beginning their therapeutic careers can appreciate an inexpensive way to build a following of clients, and to practice in a private, convenient space.

What a perfect way to network with other professionals who share your commitment to make peoples’ lives better!
New York

Westchester County
New York, NY

International Expressive Arts Therapy Association
IEATA is an international organization with over 300 members worldwide who use the arts for healing, mediation, community work and transformation. Our members are artists, healers, teachers, counselors, business professionals who use the arts within their profession. We have members who work with the homeless, chemical dependency, troubled youth, women's groups, organizational development, ecology concerns etc. Our next international conference will be held in Banff, Canada on April 18 - 21, 2002.

San Francisco
PO Box 320399
San Francisco, CA 94132-0399
United States
Phone 415/522-8959

Kate Nicoll, MSW
Soul Friends, Inc is a nonprofit established to provide innovative clinical and educational programs that promote the healing benefits of the human-animal bond.

Soul Friends provides individual and group psychotherapy which incorporates the healing presence of therapy animals.
Kate Nicoll
401 Center St
Wallingford, CT 06410
United States

Luisa Rasiej
Unergi-Body Psychotherapy. A holistic therapy method that integrated body, mind, emotions, spirit, creativity and the healing forces of nature. The work offers a way to release habitual movement patterns and get in touch with emotions held in the body as well as the mind. A session may include body awareness, intentional touch, movement, verbal therapy, creative self-expression, dream work, energy flow therapy and communing with nature.
Individual therapy as well group workshops.
Luisa Rasiej

, PA 18980
United States
Phone 215-598-0632

Mark Braunstein
I work with musicians who are injured or have difficulty with performance related issues.

I use a combination of movement and mental strategies.

Mark Braunstein

Redlands, CA
United States
Phone 909-748-7528

Person-Centered Expressive Therapy Institute
PCETI is an expressive arts organization with a certificate training program in expressive arts therapy. We offer workshops for counselors, artists, teachers, body-workers, and many other professionals who wish to use the arts for healing in their profession. We are unique in that we combine the person-centered approach with expressive arts therapy approach.
Anin Utigaard
PO Box 780
Cotati, CA 94931
United States
Phone 707-664-9828

Shekinah Birthing Co.
Shekinah Birthing Company of Charlotte offers BIRTHING FROM WITHIN-style childbirth and postpartum classes, as well as weekend intensives. Other offerings include doula services; belly casts; blessingways; labor suport workshops; labyrinths; Reiki therapy, specializing in Reiki for pregnancy, birth and postpartum; and Reiki classes and attunements through Master/Teacher level. Shekinah... 'the Mother in whose fertile womb the Universe was conceived.'
Eileen Sullivan
Learn to give birth in awareness... from within
Charlotte, NC 28215
United States
Phone (704)569-1427

Suzi Tucker - Family Constellations Workshops, Seminars & Sessions
We are shaped by two often conflicting drives: to stay with what we know and to move forward.

In accord with our drive to stay safe, we adopt in childhood whatever responses are at hand, telling certain stories about how we act and acting in line with those stories. When care is lacking, we cling to what we have and stay connected to the past through anger, sadness, anxiety, loyalty to whoever's nearest. But when we look at the world missing a sense of love, we misjudge it, make desperate decisions, and find ourselves impatient, or stuck, or both.

The family of origin is the essential place to remember, develop, and protect love, since knots and hardships in the family of origin present the largest obstacles to knowing love in the first place. But one who knows love looking back is one who can recognize love moving forward.

Through Family Constellations, we focus on bringing the various facts of our lives into harmony and order with a new narrative -- the literal course of life over generations -- learning the roles of gratitude, reciprocity, and responsibility. We find that it is empowering, and in our power, to know love where we had not before -- to be in accord with the forward movement of life -- and that this peace allows us, in day-to-day living, to be engaged, patient, and endlessly creative.

Family Constellations are an embodied, group approach, as much a space to come together in mutual service as a space to directly and personally experience new resources. A workshop is a pause in business -- room to breathe, to connect, to see and be seen whole. Because we already, instinctively, "map" essential relationships, events, and forces in predictable ways, we can give form as representatives to spontaneous, responsive pictures of our family systems. Much of the learning and sense of well being in Family Constellations happens when we contribute as representatives, heightening our own awareness of the ways events and beliefs are held and passed among us through body language, empathy, and metaphor.

Monthly workshops, seminars, and immersions take place in New York City year-round, drawing participants from the tristate area. Offerings in the Midwest (Chicago and regularly Louisville, Kentucky), Portland (Oregon), and Florida can be found at suzitucker.com.

Redding Ridge
Suzi Tucker

Redding Ridge, CT 06876
United States

Synergia Ranch
With two large workshop spaces and nineteen guest rooms, the rustically elegant Synergia Ranch is located 16 miles south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Built in "Santa Fe Style", with beautiful landscape and continually upgraded facilities, the ranch is set on 135 acres of high desert, dotted with junipers and pinons. Cradled by the Cerrillos Hills with views of four mountain ranges, Synergia Ranch offers a serene and stunning location for gatherings of all kinds.
Santa Fe
Marie Harding
26 Synergia Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87508
United States
Phone 505-471-2573
Fax 505 474 5269
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