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A Healing Spa...Beach Bodyworks
We are a life enhancing enrichment center specializing in total mind, body, spirit makeovers! All natural slimming spa treatments, plastic surgery alternatives, longevity therapies and holistic healing methods. Providing spa transformation since 2000 and holistic healing methodologies since 1996.

ABOUT THE HEALER: I am a holistic, esoteric therapist/ counselor/life coach, Esoteric Master/Teacher, Tantric Therapist/Tantra Healer/Educator (see also PROFILE page for credentials).


Shakti/Shiva Therapy:

Tantric therapy / sex coaching(focusing on healing of sexual issues related to abuse, abandonment, relationship, and intimacy).

Tantra/Tantric Education (Learn techniques and skills to enhance your repertoire as well as heal issues regarding intimate relationships and relationships in general).


Life path guidance, enhancing creativity, emotional release work, self empowerment, addressing and releasing issues on any level, emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, counseling / life coaching/ readings / guidance using all clarienpathic methods, conscious channeling and psychometry, holistic psychotherapy, facilitating holistic healing sessions (see esoteric energy healing on website, remote/absentee healing, Chakra clearing, Reiki, multi-dimensional healing therapy, Theta DNA therapy, meditation, hypnotherapy, Angel therapy, manifesting miracles sessions and integrating Angel therapy.


Body treatments for detoxification, body sculpting, cellulite reduction, non-surgical face lift, all natural fat burning / weight loss body treatment, Liposuction alternative, pre-post operative support, lymphatic mobilization therapy, anti-aging / longevity therapies.

Serving the Southbay, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, LA's Westside, Malibu, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Orange County as well as those who travel far and wide to be our guest.


Sensuality and well being are my forte. It is everyone's right to love, be loved, be sensual & sexy, beautiful & dashing, empowered and enlightened. I will be your guide along the journey.

Being Type A by nature, people who are most drawn to me are those who are like minded. CEO/executives, lawyers, entertainment producers, athletes, power players etc are instantly charmed into comfort and mutual respect. Most are surprised by the level of intellectual banter that can be engaged during a session stimulating creative juices to enhance success in all areas of life.

All sessions are facilitated in Redondo Beach. Out call to select locations for select treatments for an additional fee.

Please visit www.ahealingspa.com for more information. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, M-Sat.

All calls are recorded for accuracy and and kept on file in the event of a discrepancy.


Redondo Beach
- Cyn thia-
Holistic Body Spa and Wellness Day Retreat
Redondo Beach, CA
United States
Phone see website for phone #

Bennett / Stellar University of Neuro-Linguistics
Enriching education disguised as fun. Licensed and approved NLP, Hypnotherapy & Reiki courses held in Seattle, WA; San Juan Islands, WA; Sedona, AZ; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; San Diego, CA; London; Aruba and other resort locations throughout the world. Learn how to work with the subconscious mind to empower yourself and your clients to live life to the highest potential. Have the freedom and flexibility to open your own practice/center. Allow the combination of techniques to complement your current career or build a new one. Meet other like-minded individuals and learn the power of imagination, visualization and subconscious communication. We're waiting for you to imagine all you can at Bennett/Stellar University!

Granite Falls
Michael Bennett
PO Box 1828
Granite Falls, WA 98252
United States
Phone 888.432.1122
Fax 360.925.6811

Borasky Research
Stuttering Coach, Mind Mapping Coach, Sales Coach, Meta-NLP(R) and Neuro-Semantics(R) Master Practitioner and Trainer, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapist
Ed Borasky
, OR 97007
United States
Phone 503-314-6479

Brigitte Sztab
By accessing the collective energy field Family Constellations bring awareness and release to hidden dynamics in our family systems that cause unconscious patterns of behavior and perpetual cycles of disconnection in generation after generation.

This surprisingly quick, yet profound healing process helps resolve a variety of life issues; from family-, partner- even business relationships to physical, emotional or professional conflicts.

The work is entirely experiential, a healing that involves the whole person, with life-changing effects.

Brigitte Sztab

Chelan, WA 98816
United States
Phone 509-682-4107

Takoma Park, MD
Carl Siegel
722 Kennebec Ave.
Takoma Park, MD, MD 20912
United States

Carole Seaver, MA, NCC, D.CEP
Holistic Spiritual Counseling and Energy Psychology for living authentically by aligning your thoughts, words, and actions with your soul's intent for optimal health/healing. Meridians and Chakras are seen as Maps of Consciousness and interpreted with a specific symptom and/or issue in the Field. This aids us in making the 'unconscious' conscious and allows clearing and healing of imbalances and disruptions that may be manifested physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Every emotion is seen as a signal that life is going well or that it's not! Every symptom is a message from the body and is understood as an attempt to regain or maintain balance and harmony in a certain area of one's life. The body is the subconcious mind and works for us to keep us on track or get us back on track for healthy, joyful living.
Toms River
Carole Seaver
555 West Earl Ct.
Toms River, NJ 08753
United States
Phone 908-278-2729

Chrysalis Healing Arts
Chrysalis Healing Arts is pleased to announce classes workshops and dream groups using Active Dreaming pioneered by Robert Moss. Coming up this year in 2011 we will be offering a fun and creative class series on Family Dream Sharing teaching families the value of sharing dreams between parents and children. Another depth workshop in dream exploration being offered is called Life lines where we will explore the pathways and crossroads of your life. Check the website for more information.
Valley Reed
11231 McCree
Dallas, TX 75238
United States
Phone 214-288-8935

connie carpenter
I am seeking to help women in recovery build a foundation of support,soberity, and success-(what that means in their eyes)Once we have the feet firmly planted in the ground-we're gonna chase those DREAMS!

Ya know the ones you think it's too late for?

Having been there, I know what it is to not know yourself and not love yourself.

I want to help you to gain perspective on your guilt, with self respect. To forgive yourself.

I teach life skills, including but not limited to, domestic skills, budgeting, finances, planning. All the things that we missed learning, and are holding us back from fully participating in life.

Or we can focus on the dreams your putting off chasing because you simply can't find it in yourself to believe? I believed, so I acheived, and so can you.

connie carpenter
1150 main st
coventry, CT 06238
United States
Phone 860-742-0173

Deborah Angyo Gorman M.A., M.F.A.
The Year to Live Project offers ongoing workshops in Richmond, Ca. (Bay Area) as well as on line coaching, classes and Ethical Wills. To learn more about these offerings go to www.deborahangyogorman.com or email me at artransforms@aol.com
Deborah Angyo Gorman

Richmond, CA 94804
United States

Dr Cecile
Everybody has or had perceived limitations. This is referred to as a glass ceiling. It is glass therefore it can be shattered and we can see beyond the ceiling. However most people believe they are victims of circumstances rather than co-creators of their reality. People need to learn to release past negativity and develop a worldview that enhances possibilities. For people to grow they have to recognise and know their talents and abilities. To be instrumental to people to find strategies and methods to develop and maximize their potential.
Cecile Gericke

FERNDALE, Gauteng 2118
South Africa
Phone 27117873996
Fax 27117877027

Dr. Ida Greene
Dr. Ida Greene, is a motivational speaker, author of nine books including Light the Fire Within You, Success now, Say Goodbye to Your Smallness, Hello to Your Greatness, and Money How to Get It, How to Keep It. I am a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practioner of Energy balancing and Intuitive Break Through Coaching. www.idagreene.com to purchase books
San Diego
Ida Greene, Ph.D.
3639 Midway Drive Ste B #374
San Diego, CA 92110
United States
Phone 619-262-9951

Ellen Hitchcock

...............................LIVE THE LIFE YOU'VE IMAGINED

Ellen is a personal life coach, spiritual mentor, mediator, psychotherapist,and author of Nature's Magical Moments. Ellen has years of experience working with individuals, couples,and families in making positive life-style changes.

"On our journey through life, we often face challenges that require we shift our thinking and behaviors so that we are empowered. As a personal life coach and mentor, my diverse experience can assist you in making meaningful and lasting self-transformations."

*Life Transition Coaching

*Creativity Coaching

*Professional Motivation and Advancement

*Spirituality Mentoring

*Relationship Coaching

*Generational Coaching: Caregiving (Aging Parents)

*Writing/Publishing Your Book

*Stress Management: Live a More Balanced Life

Ellen supports postive change and can support you in making creative changes in your personal and professional lives. Go to www.creativementor.net for more information on how Ellen coaches others for change.

Ellen's "Wisdom Whispers" lectures and workshops are designed to give participants practical tools for living more authentically and creatively. Wisdom Whispers programs encourage personal growth through study, play, and experiential learning. Tapping into your personal wisdom as well as the collective wisdom handed down to us creates a gateway for discovery and change. Go to www.creativementor.net to learn more about attending or bringing Ellen to your area.

Oak Ridge
Ellen Hitchcock
PO Box 6606
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
United States
Phone 865-230-5151
Fax 865-622-6831

Energy Dance Healing
Life is about manifesting what we want to create. A big part of that manifesting is creating the person who we want to be; knowing ourselves and learning, or relearning our connection to source. My work catalyzes that connection through Voice Dialoge and various energy healing/balancing modalities. Through Voice Dialogue, I guide you in connecting with your "inner self(ves)" to reduce inner and outer conflict and to live in a natural, balanced state of harmony. I also use meridian and chakra clearing techniques (EFT, EFH) and guided accupressure (TAT) to relieve emotional and physical blockages. Telephone and distance sessions. First session 1/2 price.
Jack Leishman
2320 Talent Ave.
Talent, OR 97540
United States
Phone 877-868-7245

Eric C. Amberg, Ph.D.
Specializing in individualized & personal care from age 3 to 103. Whether the problems are medical e.g. cancer, M.S., psychological,attention deficit or learning disabled,due to trauma, stroke or dementia, the need for accurate assessment is essential for appropriate treatment to be conducted. Treatment modalities may include: counselling, Bach Flowers, stress & pain managment,relaxation training & dream analysis. They are uniquely designed for rehabilitation or ideally for prevention & self enhancement. All interventions are tailor made for your specific issues.
Ann Arbor
Eric Amberg
2035 Hogback Road, Ste 213
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
United States
Phone (734) 677-0696
Fax 677-0699

Could hugging the world be the key to it's wellbeing? Is life is better with Hugg-A-Planet Earth? We like to think so, as do many who have hugged one. Nurture a world of peace. "If we are to reach real peace in this world... we shall have to start with the children." - Mahatma Gandhi. HUGG-A-PLANET - ENCOURAGING GLOBAL AWARENESS FOR OVER 20 YEARS.

Buy a Hugg-A-Planet Earth for yourself and give to a friend or loved one. Share our planet with all those you think the world of. Few products have this much positive play and educational value. It is important that first impressions of the world be one of love and caring. A great way to nurture planetary awareness. They always remember where the Hugg-A-Planet, Earth came from. Fun to give, memorable to receive.

Robert Forenza

Essex, VA
United States
Phone 802-878-8900

Intimacy Retreats
Workshop/Vacations for Couples ~ Tantra workshops for couples. Learn the arts of intimacy and sacred sexuality! Revitalize your intimacy, deepen your relationship, in body, heart and soul. Celebrate an anniversary, birthday or ...! Discover the way of sacred sexuality and create magic in your relationship!

Led by Richard & Diana Daffner, C.S., M.A.

Authors, Tantric Sex for Busy Couples: How to Deepen your Passion in Just Ten Minutes a Day

Visit IntimacyRetreats.com for all dates and locations. (U.S. and Mexico
Siesta Key
Diana and Richard Daffner

Siesta Key, FL 34242
United States
Phone 941 349-6804 (877-282-4244)

Janeen E. Weiss, JD, CHt, LCSW
Janeen Weiss is a licensed psychotherapist, Employee Assistance Professional, certified hypnotherapist, NLP master practitioner and a Substance Abuse Professional, certified by the Department of Transportation. She also performs Rapid Healing Technique (RHT) for emotional issues and chronic pain. RHT is a form of Thought Field Therapy and EFT.
Her work consists of EAP, which is assessment, evaluation and short term counseling, Substance abuse evaluations, cognitive behavioral therapy,insight therapy, career and life coaching along with alternative techniques including NLP, Hypnosis, & RHT. This includes past life regression, stop smoking and archetypal therapy.

Los Angeles
Janeen Weiss
6310 San Vicente; Ste 410
Los Angeles, CA 90048
United States
Phone 866-494-2782

Marilyn Cross, LCSW
I am a licensed psychotherapist with a wide array of experience working with diverse individuals in crisis. I have worked with children, families, women, and individuals with substance use disorders. I have experience providing crisis intervention, group counseling and psychotherapy. Moreover, I have a firm understanding of the dynamics of trauma and abuse.

I have spent the past four years working with families and children involved in the process of adoption. I have an understanding of the unique and often difficult issues faced by adoptive families. Through my experience I have learned to differentiate between normal developmental issues, normal adoption issues, and abnormal responses to life events. I work from a family systems perspective where my focus is on the family as a whole as well as its individual members.

San Francisco
Marilyn Cross
970 Wisconsin St #2
San Francisco, CA 9410
United States
Phone 415-648-9777

Michael R Weir, C.Ht., CI
Hypnotherapy and energy work to help client's with Physical, Emotional and Spiritual issues. Current and Past Life Regression Therapy.

All Diseases, and emotional issues including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pain, migraines, fears, phobias, public speaking.

Anger Management, Stress Management, Self Esteem issues.

Marriage and couple counseling - Forgiveness Therapy

Career Planning and Life Coaching. Past Life Regression for exploration. If you just want to know who you were in past lives.

Michael Weir
1186 North Main Street
Washington , PA 15301
United States
Phone 412-716-8894

Michelle Guidone
Michelle is a natural Clairaudient Psychic who is able to help bring forth validation from those that have passed on as well as assistance with daily challenges. She is an Intuitive Counselor and believes in the power of positive resolutions in helping her clients. She has practiced for over 14 years, earning her degree locally in Clearwater, Fl. She is available for in person, on line and phone readings. Michelle also does free chat room reads and weekly email reads. Check the web site for details.
Please contact via email for requested readings. Your reply will be answered in 24 hours.
Michelle Guidone

United States
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