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Bowen Technique
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All About You Day Spa
Relaxation or Rehabilitave Massage available. We have other services as well, hair care, nail care, facials, body wraps, body polish and waxing.
Indian Shores
Jill Cicero
20001 Gulf Blvd. Ste. 4
Indian Shores, FL 33785
United States
Phone 727-593-8200
Fax 727-596-0181

HI my name is Annie Gibbons, and my businsess name is Art & Bowen, I offer both Bowen Therapy in the Four Corners Area and Art work. The Bowen Therapy is truly amazing! The therapy is based on the therapy developed by Tom Bowen in Australia in the 1970s, and which is now a world wide teaching institution of this body work modality taught by the Australian Bowen Academy, and several other off-shoot groups in America. This therapy re-sets one's immune system, helps one's own body to heal pain by increasing your natural healing energy! I have over 210 hrs. training form The Australian Bowen Acd., was apprenticed to Bowen Therapist for 5 years, and have worked on well over 1000 clients with good results! The client wears comfortable clothing while lying on the padded message table, and the treatment lasts up to an hour. The treamtnet consists of gentle rolling moves over the tendons and muscels which realeases a minute electrical charge in the facia. There are waits in between moves, which allow the body to accept the moves. It is hands on, but not messauge! I can bring my table to your home, with an additional milage fee of .55cents per mile over 35 miles one way. My fee for adults is $50.00, free for children under 12, $45.00 for Seniors ,and I may accept a low income fee upon request. Examples of my paintings for sale are also on this site, under photos.
Annie Gibbons
31335 EE26 RD.
Naturita, CO 81422
United States
Phone 970-865-2306

Barbara's East Cobb Massage Therapy at Azita Salon & Spa
BARBARA'S EAST COBB BOWEN & MASSAGE THERAPY @ AZITA SALON & SPA. Barbara Z. Banks, LMT. We provide a safe atmosphere for soothing relaxation massage and AUSTRALIAN BOWEN THERAPY FOR PAIN RELIEF, in convenient East Cobb. Licensed by Cobb Cty and the State of Georgia, nationally certified by the NCBTMB, member AMTA. Gift certificates available.

Certified pregnancy massage.

Please call or e-mail. Please visit my website for the most up-to-date information and monthly specials.

Barbara Banks
1320 Johnson Ferry Rd
Marietta, GA 30068
United States
Phone 678-560-4070
Fax 770-645-9472

Body Energetics - Healing Arts ~ Therapeutic Massage ~ Energy Work ~ Bowen Technique ~ CranioSacral
Client Focused Care

Your body is the greatest vehicle and tool you have. That is a pretty cliché thing to say, but it is very true. When your system is distressed, you can quickly gain an appreciation for your body and how it can function successfully. An injury or malfunction can be quite the wakeup call when your usual routine is no longer possible or manageable. If you suffer from back pain, retrieving the keys you dropped on the floor becomes an ordeal. You have to compensate, measuring the distance you have to bend to pick them up, moving slowly so you can shift your weight in case the painful area starts to protest. We all have people that fix and maintain our car – why not for our bodies?

Brian is experienced in working with:

Chronic Conditions: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain

Stress & Repetitive Motion Disorders: “Computer-itis,” Neck and shoulder pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ

Active Lifestyle Inhibitors: Low back pain, Piriformis Syndrome, Sciatica, IT band issues

General Well Being: physical fitness, over-work, over-travel, general maintenance.

For a health and wellness solution to remedy your stress, chronic or acute pain, injury and limited mobility, come in for a therapeutic massage with Brian Fillman at Body Energetics. Serving the Northern Virginia region, Brian is located within the Integrative Family Medicine Center at 116-Q Edwards Ferry Rd. NE in downtown Historic Leesburg, VA. Brian is a seasoned expert in both massage therapy and holistic healing arts.

Call Brian Fillman at (703) 727-2853 today for a consultation and to make an appointment.
Brian Fillman
116 Q Edwards Ferry Rd NE
Leesburg, VA 20176
United States
Phone (703) 727-2853

Bowen Directory
Bowen Directory - Directory of Bowen Therapy Technique practitioners and instructors

click here: BowenDirectory.com

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  • Australia

Bowen Directory
938 S. Vine St.
Denver, CO 80209
United States
Phone 303-777-0395

Breggin Therapuetic Massage
Specializing in Myofascial massage, Pregnancy/Prenatal massage,
Deep Tissue massage, Canine massage,
Swedish massage, and
Neurostructural Integration (NST/Bowen Therapy)

Myofascial massage is wonderful for treating old and new injuries, scars, aches, sprains, and pains. It works specifically on the Connectice tissue.

Prenancy/Prenatal massage is a gentle and relieving massage,especially designed for the expectant Mother.
Greatly comforting.

Deep Tissue massage is great for sports injuries.

Canine massage-for our best friends. Gives relief from arthritis and injuries. Great for hyper/under active dogs, behavioral problems, and obesity.

Swedish massage is light, refreshing, and relaxing. Helps blood circulation.

Neurostructural Integration (NST/Bowen Therapy) Aids in everything from Fibromyalgia, stoke recovery, joint pains, asthma, the list goes on.

Alysha Breggin

Kensington, MD
United States
Phone 301 379 4195

Cameron Park Pain Eraserz & Massage Therapy For Wome
A graduate of The Healing Arts Institute in Roseville, California, Fay is certified in Swedish Massage and Acupressure. Has taken classes and work shops on Bowen Therapy, Soft Tissue Release, Aromatherapy, Rain Drop Therapy. Fay specializes in therapeutic Swedish massage. Swedish Massage is the foundation upon which most modern massage styles have developed. It is what most people think of when they think of massage. A table, a sheet, oil and a massage therapist who uses smooth gliding strokes and rhythmic kneading, with light to medium pressure to relax tired muscles. Most often Swedish massage is practiced in spas and salons. Because it is a very relaxing and soothing style of massage, it is great for stress reduction. Fay incorporates hot stones, warm towels, soft music, water fountain and lots of nurturing for a complete hour of total relaxation and stress relief. Purchase two) one hour massage sessions for $99. Receive the third hour free.
Cameron Park
Fay Peterson
3460 Robin Lane, Suite 3
Cameron Park, CA 95682
United States
Phone 530-676-7977
Fax 530-672-0803

Dr. Auromira A. Parks BA(Hons), ND, MRN, BTAA
Dr. Auromira A. Parks ND is a licensed and registered Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and an Advanced Bowen Therapist in central London, England. Auromira ustilises a combination of clinical nutrition, western botanical medicine, homeopathy, flower essences and lifestlye counselling to tailor her treatments according to individual needs. Auromira also utilises the Bowen technique as a non-invasive approach to treat chronic aches and pains and gentle acupressure to regulate the body's energy systems.

Dr. Auromira A. Parks ND
The Ella Clinic 12 Upper Wimpole Street
London, London W1G 61W
Phone 0207 935 5281

Dr. Manon & Associates
Manon Bolliger
3345 West 4thth Ave
Vancouver, BC V6R 1N6
Phone 604-732-6222
Fax 604 732-6223

Ginni Selle, Ph.D. Energy Psychologies
Each person has a unique blend of frequency signature patterns that are unlike anyone else. When these frequency signatures become disrupted, the body seeks to reveal the imbalance by manifesting symptoms unique to the individual. These symptoms are typically interpreted as patterns of dis-ease and stress that have their own disruptive frequency patterns. Because of this, it’s important to embrace the individualism of the dis-ease pattern for it is this pattern, not a particular therapy or a practitioner, that holds the code to healing.
Recognizing that the frequencies contained in the dis-ease provide a holographic representation of the self and therefore, the counterbalancing codes to the body’s integrity is what Conscious Healing is all about. By listening to and matching specific frequencies of dis-ease with their counterbalancing patterns, structural and emotional integrity can be restored.
Conscious Healing provides a broad, eclectic toolbox that includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual applications uniquely applied to the signature of the individual. This supports the desire to understand what the guidance of the dis-ease is trying to say and bring the holographic self back into balance.

Wheaton, Illinois
Ginni Selle, PhD, LPC, CBT, RYT, RA
Integrative & Intuitive Healing Counselor
Wheaton, Illinois,

Phone 630-730-1871

Helping Hands Wellness Center LLC
Chronic muscle and pain therapy using the Kolden Technique, Bowen Therapy, integrative neuromuscular, craniosacral, reflexology, and massage therapy. Treatments are directed at the cause of pain and are as relaxing as a full-body massage. Treatments are done with the clothes on. I do relaxing massages as well as muscle and pain therapy. Acpuncture, Stone massage and sports massage are offered by other therapists at the center.
Sandra Skildum
2020 E. Milwaukee St. Suite 12
Janesville, WI 53545
United States
Phone 608-754-8810
Fax 608-754-9177

Miracle Pain Relief
Enjoy quick, long-lasting relief from back pain, headaches, sciatica, migraines, joint pain and stress with the amazing Bowen Technique.
Miracle Pain Relief
P.O. Box 954
Kihei, HI 96753
United States
Phone 808-879-3711

Naturopathic Doctor
The Wellness Institute is a holistic clinic located in Toronto. It is home to variety of holistic practitioners providing the following services:

Naturopathic Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Colon Hydrotherapy, Botanical Medicine, Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology, Registered Massage Therapy,

Aromatherapy, Custom Orthotics, Sensitivity Testing

Clinical Nutrition, Bowen Therapy, Detoxification Wraps, Women's Health, and Diagnostic Blood Work. Dr. Taras Rodak is the Naturopathic doctor and clinic director at the Wellness Institute.

Dr. Taras Rodak
954 Royal York Road
Toronto, ONT M8X 2E5
Phone 416-234-1888
Fax 416-234-0006

Providence Wholistic Healthcare
Providence Wholistic Healthcare is a comprehensive natural family medicine and acupuncture clinic offering a full range of holistic health options to promote health and wellness for clients throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Naturopathy and Chinese medicine address pediatric and adult health, acute and chronic illnesses, as well as the prevention of disease. As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Frodermann uses nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, bodywork, and counseling to promote health and wellness. The clinic offers Acupuncture and the Bowen Therapeutic Technique.
Sheila M. Frodermann, ND
144 Waterman Street, Suite #3
Providence,, RI 02906
United States
Phone 401-455-0546

Sheila Caldwell
Reiki - Hands on healing using Universal Life Force Energy. Sekhem's Living Light energy accelerates personal growth. Bowen Technique - a series of gentle moves on the skin, empowering the body to heal itself. Reflexology - Foot massage which balances the whole body. Hopi earcandling - Relaxing way to gently clear ears and sinuses. Metamorphique Process - Gentle stimulatory touch on feet, hands and head allow the life force to access the cell blueprint of perfection and bring transformation.
http://www. sheilacaldwell.co.uk
Sheila Caldwell
30 James Street
Pittenweem, Fife KY10 2QN
Phone 01333 311468
A Simple Holistic Way to Wellness
Simple gentle movements across muscles, nerves and connective tissue stimulating body reflexes causing neuromuscular system to reset, promoting natural healing.
Guity Kermani
309 Augustine Dr.
Euless TX 76039
United States
Phone 817-571-3775
ABLEBODY, East Bay and Marin Services: Bowen Technique® Somatic Experiencing®, Massage Heidi Moser, CMT, CBT, SEP (510) 522-7644 ablebody_sf@yahoo.com 510-522-7644
heidi moser

alameda CA 94501
United States
AM Bowen Therapy
The Bowen technique is a system of muscle and connective tissue therapy, developed by the late Tom Bowen in Australia.
Allison Marriette
1070 Main St West
Hamilton ONT L8S 1B3
Phone 905 906 6246
Specializing in Pregnancy, Labour, and Postnatal care. Also Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki, Holistic Treatments, Kinesology.
Heather Jones
6 Cahill Cresent Eimeo
Phone 0500548868
Body & Soul Natural Therapies
Mind, body and spiritual therapies to address the cause of health conditions. Bowen, Touch for Health, Reflexology, Biorhythms,EFT etc
Jan Ericson

Phone 0429434688
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