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Andrea Addler
Andrea Adler, author of CREATING AN ABUNDANT PRACTICE - A Spiritual and Practical Guide

for Holistic Practitioners & Healing Centers - presents workshops around the world based on her book.

Santa Fe
Andrea Adler
PO Box 31637
Santa Fe, NM 87594
United States
Phone 505-983-7777

Doris Jeanette, Psy.D.
Doris Jeanette, licensed psychologist, holistic psychology pioneer teaches you how to use your strengths for self help success. Using practical emotional, energy healing tools, you learn how to get results. Since 1976 she has taught thousands how to successfully reduce anxiety, depression, improve self esteem and create healthy, loving relationships with self, body and others. “A Natural Process for Opening the Heart-Your Emotional Guide to Self Esteem" as tapes, cds, e-book at http://www.drjeanette.com/tapes.html

Doris Jeanette
503 S. 21st St.
Philadelphia, PA 19146
United States
Phone 215-732-6197

Joey Korn is a world renowned dowser, energy worker and author. He helps people realize ever more of their unlimited potential as spiritual beings of Light. The focus of Joey's work is combining prayer and blessing with the ancient art of dowsing and the ancient teachings of Kabbalah.

Joey reveals his insights and techniques in his talks, workshops, retreats, his Web site (www.dowsers.com) and in his book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment. Joey also offers remote dowsing, healing, and space clearing services services.
Joey Korn
2436 Camelot Dr.
Augusta, GA 30904
United States
Phone 1-877-369-7464
Fax 706-736-2549

Dr. Ida Greene
Dr. Ida Greene, is a motivational speaker, author of nine books including Light the Fire Within You, Success now, Say Goodbye to Your Smallness, Hello to Your Greatness, and Money How to Get It, How to Keep It. I am a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practioner of Energy balancing and Intuitive Break Through Coaching. www.idagreene.com to purchase books
San Diego
Ida Greene, Ph.D.
3639 Midway Drive Ste B #374
San Diego, CA 92110
United States
Phone 619-262-9951

Integrative Psychotherapy & Meditation Instruction
The Meditation Doctor: A Practical Approach to Healing Common Ailments through Meditation is an excellent resource that offers a diverse selection of meditation techniques to address everyday ailments.

The Meditation Doctor combines Eastern and Western meditative practices and encourages you to participate in a journey of exploration and restoration. It introduces self-healing, awareness building and creative imagery techniques to promote wellbeing. This book is an excellent resource for relieving ailments ranging from colds to physical pain to psychological anxiety,all through the power of meditation. An easy-to-use index allows you to look up common ailments and find therapeutic techniques to help alleviate symptoms.

This book's author, an experienced meditation teacher, describes how meditation can be used to complement standard medical procedures, improving physical health and helping to eliminate stress-related problems. She introduces readers to fundamental principles of self-healing, awareness-building, and creative imagery as techniques for reducing physical pain and emotional distress. Techniques she discusses in detail include body postures, hand positions, breath control, and the Chakra system, among others. She advises on specific meditation solutions to relieve back pain, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, low-grade fevers, colds and flu, respiratory disorders, and digestive problems. She also recommends meditation for emotional problems including anger management, depression, and building self-esteem. Meditation is explained as being useful to enhance life's good and normal aspects, such as the sex and creativity drives. Filled with practical advice and suggestions, The Meditation Doctor is a fine resource book for all who are interested in exploring the many benefits of meditation therapy
Martina G. Barnes

Asheville, NC 28806
United States
Phone 828-687-7107

Lucy Crichton
Board Certified Chaplain, Lay Interfaith Minister; Listener, Witness, Facilitator and Guide for people during major turning points, inviting them to explore their faith and integrate spiritual practices in their daily lives. Co-create Rituals, Individual and family care, sharing stories and finding meaning. Workshop facilitator, sacred listening, arts, spirituality and healing. Hospice, grief work, and health oriented companion for living and dying. Co-creator of rituals and blessings. Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, Songhealing and Co-author of The Healing Handbook, an interactive guide for women with breast cancer.
Lucy Crichton
32 Merrimack Street
Concord, NH 03301
United States
Phone 603-491-7839

Petrene Soames
Petrene Soames is a leading authority in healing and self-awareness. For more than 20 years she has worked successfully in the field of wellness and in helping others achieve their personal potential. Her unique practices and insights, which are drawn from every realm of human sciences and studies, have helped hundred of clients worldwide.

Petrene has been called a therapist, a healer, a consultant, a medium, and a world-class psychic. Whatever the terminology, as a therapist Petrene works without the use of

hypnosis and delves into the realms of Rebirthing (a powerful experience which releases past emotional blocks, pains, traumas, fears and angers), Regression (present and past life therapy), Progression (forward time and life experience), and Digression (parallel realities).

Petrene Soames
19 Emery Cliff Place
Woodlands, TX 77381
United States
Phone 281 363 9983

The Six O'Clock Scramble
Named "Fastest and Freshest" by Real Simple Magazine! Rave reviews in "O" The Oprah Magazine, Working Mother and the Washington Post!

The Six O’Clock Scramble® is an online dinner planning service.

  • A Weekly menu plan with five family-tested, healthy, delicious and quick DINNER RECIPES THAT TAKE 30 MINUTES OR LESS TO PREPARE

  • An ORGANIZED GROCERY LIST so you can grocery shop just once per week

  • A SEARCHABLE DATABASE where you can customize your weekly dinner plan

  • Your own personal RECIPE BOX where you can save your family's favorites 30 minute meals

  • A newsletter with USEFUL TIPS for easier mealtimes, snacks and lunches

  • NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION for each family dinner recipe to help you take charge of your health
  • ELIMINATE THE STRESS OF FAMIILY MEAL PLANNING. Each week you will receive a weekly menu planner with recipes and simple instructions for balanced dinners complete with easy side dishes.

  • YOUR FAMILY WILL EAT MORE HEALTHY, FRESH AND SEASONAL FOODS. The Scramble emphasizes whole grains, lean proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables, so your family will enjoy a variety of flavors and cuisines while still enjoying 30 minute meals.

  • QUICK, EASY MEALS WITHOUT PROCESSED FOODS OR EXPENSIVE TAKE-OUT. Other convenience meals cut prep time by relying on processed ingredients. Scramble recipes simplify cooking by using fewer than ten nutritious ingredients and easy-to-follow directions.

  • THE SCRAMBLE IS FAMILY TESTED. All recipes go through a careful process to be Scramble certified as healthy, delicious and family friendly dinners.

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEEKLY PLAN FOR YOUR FAMILY’S TASTES AND NEEDS. Picky eaters? Vegetarian? Dietary restrictions? Need Kosher recipes? Swap out any meal with a selection from our large Scramble recipe database. The grocery list is automatically updated with your choices!

  • SHOP ONLY ONCE A WEEK. The grocery list is organized by store section. You’ll also waste less food and save money by buying only what you need.

  • http://www.thescramble.com
    Washington, DC
    Aviva Goldfarb

    Washington, DC,
    United States
    Genesis II Church
    Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium. New Discovery of a solution that overcomes 95% of all diseases.
    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    Jim Humble
    Republica de Chile 33
    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 48350
    Phone 52 332 118 7984
    Parsons & Goltry, PLLC
    Patent and trademark services
    Scottsdale, Arizona
    Parsons & Goltry, PLLC
    10643 North Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard, Suite 20
    Scottsdale, Arizona GA 85259
    United States
    Phone 480-991-3435
    Rusty Parker
    Parker Garage Doors, LLC, performs residential and commercial garage door repair in Phoenix. We’ve served this community for more than 20 years! Call us!
    Rusty Parker
    2210-2 West Shangri La Rd
    Phoenix AZ 85029
    United States
    Phone 6028709848