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Dr. John Stewart
We explore the use of Electromagnetic and Subtle Energy technologies to effect local and long distance radionic healing. Courses and classes are available in radionics, metaphysics and electromagnetic medicine.

John Stewart
1500 Tansley Drive Unit D-101
Oakville, ONT L6L 5K4
Phone 905-827-9448
Tomorrow’s Healthcare Professionals
Hours 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM Description Tomorrow’s Healthcare Professionals (THP), is dedicated to your success and providing the training needed to enter careers in the healthcare industry that currently have employment opportunities. More Info - Tomorrow’s Healthcare Professionals (THP), is a group of seasoned healthcare professionals and educators that have worked at other popular “TV” schools, seen the problems, got fed up with battling the bureaucracy and decided that we can do it better, cheaper. So we got together and started our own school. We are committed to building a strong foundation and making you employable for entry level positions upon graduation. These entry-level positions in most cases are stepping stones to higher paying jobs.
Health Care4
5938 Buford Highway Suite 207
GA GA 30340
United States
Phone 404-400-2413
Will Lawyer
You do not have to sacrifice professional counsel to get a competitively priced estate plan. Our law firm offers customized estate planning packages with competitively priced rates. Whether you need a simple straight forward estate plan or you have substantial assets to protect, which requires a more sophisticated plan, we will put together a package that works best for you. When it comes to estate planning, we understand that no two individuals are alike. For this reason, we will take a personal approach and let you know the most functional, up to date legal options available. All of your estate planning documents will be prepared by an attorney at our law firm to ensure compliance with state and federal laws.
Lawyer firm09
3028 Atlantic Ave suite 10
Brooklyn NY 11208
United States
Phone 347-803-2471