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Anew Perspective Hypnotherapy & Counseling
Transform Your Life

Anew Perspective Counseling & Hypnotherapy uses powerful behavior modification techniques to assist you in creating positive change. Our welcoming and empowering resources utilize holistic, drug-free therapies to help you overcome personal challenges and transform your life. Our services include hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), counseling, Rapid Eye and flower essence therapies to help men, women, and children achieve goals including:

Losing or Gaining Weight

Smoking Cessation

Relieving Depression & Anxiety

Alleviating Stress

Managing Fear and Phobias

Increasing Motivation

Improving Self-Esteem

Improving Memory

Stopping Nail Biting

Improving Studying/Learning

Sports & Athletic Achievement

Please feel free to click on the links on the side of this page to learn more about us and our services, or CONTACT US today for a free consultation!

Robin Hart
4660 NE Belknap CT Suite 101P
Hillsboro, OR 97124
United States

Annie Block Pearl, M.S.
In my practice, I have been privileged to assist individuals, couples and families to confront their challenges, limitations and entanglements in order to find greater health, joy and fulfillment. I know that you already have all that is needed for your own healing and manifestation and it is my goal to gently and respectfully facilitate the connection to and integration of your innate gifts.

Our approach may include various forms of vibrational healing such as Systemic and Family Constellations, Process Acupressure, Flower Remedies and Spiritual Healing. Your integration of body, mind and spirit will be guided by your own soul's wisdom. Together, we will liberate your authentic purpose and being and celebrate your growth and passages.
New York, New York
Annie Pearl
at Healthy Tao, 250 West 49th Street, #503
New York, New York, NY 10019
United States
Phone 212.586.2100
Fax 212.586.1676

Ashkee is a Reiki Master/Teacher. 30 yrs experience in energy work. Practicing Seichem, Traditional Usui, Tera Mai, Ascension and Gendai Reiki Ho Reiki. Dedicated to inner growth through Reiki, Neuro Integration, Energy Medicine, EFT, and more. My goal is to allow each persons path to unfold in its own unique way. Ashkee offers Distance Reiki Training for those who cannot come in person. Many other Initiations and Attunements offered. For those who like astrology we offer a wide selection of reports that are e-mailed directly to you.

Consultations, Healing Sessions and Certified Training Classes are available.

Classes are not posted on the website. Please call or e-mail Ashkee for current class dates. Ashkee also teaches individuals privately if they do not enjoy a class situation.

Ashkee Tsouras

Houston, TX 77070
United States
Phone 832-237-5894

Bach Flower Education - The Bach Flower Institute
Bach Flower Practitioner Certification. Emotions impact our wellbeing. Help others manage their fears, worries, lack of focus, low self-esteem and more. This complementary therapy can be safely used in the home, or alongside any other modality to enhance well-being.

Learn the Bach flower remedies. Dr. Edward Bach’s simple system of flower essences, in use for over 90 years worldwide, is a vital tool for all healing modalities. This three-tiered training program leads to certification as a Bach Flower Certified Practitioner (BFCP) and the ability to apply for membership with the Bach Flower Practitioner Alliance. CE’s available. All courses are also available live online. We have been training practitioners worldwide since 1998.

To see all current courses, please visit www.bachflowercalendar.com

Las Vegas
Nancy Buono, Director

Las Vegas, NV 89107
United States
Phone 855-LEARN38

Beyond the Rainbow
Joyce Kaessinger and Connie Barrett are the co-owners of

Beyond the Rainbow: Resources for Well-being/Gifts with Spirit. Online since 1996, we emphasiz easy-to-understand information that helps you make the choices best for you. We carry a wide range of crystals and crystal jewelry, Bach flower essences, FES flower essences, Wild Earth Animal Essences, and essential oils. In addition, you can choose from Egyptian, Asian, Hindu, Celtic, Mayan, and Aztec statuary and reliefs. We also sell drums, djembes, harps, and many other instruments.

Our site has over 300 articles online. We publish two email newsletters, Rainbow Reflections and Living Crystals, with a combined readership of 20,000.

We give courses by email, and two of the courses are now available as ebooks. We also give consultations by email.

Beyond the Rainbow is known not only for a fine selection of products, a wealth of useful information, but for friendly and promot customer service. We invite you to visit our site.
Joyce Kaessinger
1330 Main Street
Ruby, NY
United States
Phone 845-336-4609

Bryana C. Hillman BFP, RMT
I am a certified Bach Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. I offer affordable Bach flower essence therapy consultations, Reiki healing treatments, and Usui Reiki training and Attunement in person or by distance. Please visit my website for details. Reiki blessings to all of you.
Las Vegas
Bryana C. Hillman
Northwest area
Las Vegas, NV 89128
United States
Phone (702) 256-1353

Cindy Westen
Cindy has an incredible ability to heal animals. Her special gift in both communication and energy work, help release pain and emotional issues from the animal leaving them with peace and understanding. Cindy splits her time between her radio program called Cindy’s Pet Talk, taking private appointment sessions, teaching others and writing a book about all the interesting and wonderful things animals have had to share with her.
Cindy Westen

Escondido, CA 92025-7917
United States
Phone 760-533-4603

Crystal Radiance Wellness
I specialize in healing with gem and rose flower remedies, having created Crystal Radiance™ Essences: over 150 Gem, Rose and Desert Flower Essences and Aromatherapy mist sprays to support your emotional and metaphysical healing. I also offer Bach Flower Therapy and Counseling. As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I offer Reiki therapy, distant healing, attunements and training at all levels as well as Chi Nei Tsang (Internal Organ Chi Massage). I conduct classes, playshops, informational presentations to individuals and groups as well as private consultations. I also offer transformative visual arts consultations and workshops.
Squirrel hill
Tenanche-- need new Semiata-Akuaba
P.O. Box 91272
Squirrel hill, PA 15217
United States
Phone 412.361.5595
Fax 412.731.8118

Discover the Path at Hestia's Hearth
Discover the Path and Hestia's Hearth is a spiritual organized formed in 1997 to serve the needs of women. It has evolved to include a healing service, spiritual counsellors and a network of women practitioners who provide various modalities. We have also incorporated a small academy for learning which offers classes in metaphysical and esoteric arts and sciences
Judith Andrade
P.O. Box 94
Singhampton, ONT N0C 1M0

Dr. Jeffrey T. Roberts & Barbara Lee-Roberts, LMT, NCTMB
Dr. Jeffrey T. Roberts, Chiropractor and Barbara Lee-Roberts, Licensed Massage Therapist
Pain Management with A Personal Touch!

For 32 years, our goal has been to ensure the complete satisfaction of every patient, while offering knowledgeable and friendly service at affordable rates.

We know that you have a choice of chiropractors and massage therapists in the area and we appreciate your consideration. Our hope is that you'll feel confident in our ability to meet all of your expectations and know that our patients are always our number one priority.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by phone at 603-924-4994 or by email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Barbara Lee-Roberts
471 Old Street Rd.
Peterborough, NH 03458
United States
Phone 603 924 4994
Fax 603-924-0837

Dr. Valerie Olmsted, NMD
Naturopathic Physician in General Practice, treating a wide scope of conditions, from preventative medicine, chronic & degenerative diseases, auto or sports injuries, and longevity medicine. Treatment modalities include Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Botanical and Homeopathic Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Nutrition, Hydrotherapy, Intravenous Therapy, Minor Surgery, Mind/Body Therapies and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
Gold Canyon
Dr. Valerie Olmsted, NMD
6499 South KingsRanch rd #3
Gold Canyon, AZ 85218
United States
Phone 480-325-4490
Fax 480-325-4511

Dr.Michelle N. Levan
Physical symptoms are your bodys way of calling attention to the disturbance of your vital force i.e., your mental, physical and emotional energy. I look for the root cause not just treating symptoms thus suppressing the problem. causes could be inherited patterns, drug suppression, surgical intervention and or emotional causation. Your belief structures become energy patterns locked in your subconscious. Healing involves the patient to take an active role in determine the why. Medical astrology profiles the mental and emotional and physical engergy patterns of the emerging soul at time of birth. The client can then get a visual of his life force. individual healing programs are then suggested.
sherman oaks
Michelle Levan
4419 lennox
sherman oaks, CA 91423
United States
Phone (818) 995-1017

Elixir of Life, LLC
Elixir of Life offers a wide variety of energy modalities in order to address all areas of your being. Reiki, Hypnosis, Regression Hypnosis, Life between Lives Hypnosis,Sport Hyponosis, Bach Flower Essence, Essential Oils, Dream Interpretation, Crystal Healing Therapy.
Laila Petrillo
67 Bergen Street
Westwood, NJ 07675-2333
United States

Empowering Alchemy LLC
Healing is a personal journey. It is not linear, but infused with twists and turns none of us could anticipate.  Know you are now alone on your journey, and that you possess great inner wisdom that you simply may have forgotten.

My work honors and assists the sacred journey of the Individual, integrating clinical applications with therapeutic techniques from various traditional and non-traditional modalities to provide a unique symmetry in wellness.

My clinical experience spans 45 years and is inclusive of Shamanic Facilitation, Classical Homeopathy, Traditional Herbalism, Sound & Vibrational Healing, Advanced REIKI and REIKI training, Gem and Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Flower Essence wellness, Advanced Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Reflexology.  

In essence, what I offer is advanced intuitive bodywork which assists the individual in dissolving entrenched 'chords' with individuals, events, beliefs, and actions that no longer serve, and resets the entire system - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual - to be able to move forward in a more integrated way.  This sacred work also embraces and facilitates  healing for the land, animals, and the environment.

My spiritual and personal practice is anchored in Earth Based Wisdom and medicine.

For private consultations and healing sessions, or educational opportunities, I can be reached via my website:  www.EmpoweringAlchemy.com

Simply put, I am a wholistic empath. The services I offer have been birthed from a lifetime journey immersed in the Chiron (wounded healer) mythos. The pathways I have found for my own healing, have become my offerings to you.

I work intimately with my 'Inner Guide Team' to access the interdimensional realms of wisdom, healing, guidance, clarity, clearing, and integration.

If this work resonates with you, I welcome you on the journey.
Robyn O'Boyle ,CH, RRMT, SF, TH
Taos, New Mexico
Taos, NM 87571
United States
Phone 575-779-6802

Eric C. Amberg, Ph.D.
Specializing in individualized & personal care from age 3 to 103. Whether the problems are medical e.g. cancer, M.S., psychological,attention deficit or learning disabled,due to trauma, stroke or dementia, the need for accurate assessment is essential for appropriate treatment to be conducted. Treatment modalities may include: counselling, Bach Flowers, stress & pain managment,relaxation training & dream analysis. They are uniquely designed for rehabilitation or ideally for prevention & self enhancement. All interventions are tailor made for your specific issues.
Ann Arbor
Eric Amberg
2035 Hogback Road, Ste 213
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
United States
Phone (734) 677-0696
Fax 677-0699

Estelle Ritter B.F.R.P.
By addressing the entire human condition and all different negative states of mind, Bach Flower Essences represents a homeopathic, self-directed approach that quickly restores a sense of well-being and emotional balance, especially during any difficult time. You can use this totally safe and amazing therapuetic program to resolve emotional issues, purge emotional baggage, discontinue negative behavior, and ultimately, by learning how to improve emotional control, you gain your biggest reward - self-empowerment. Call today for a private phone consultation to start overcoming fear and anxiety tomorrow.
Baldwin Harbor,
estelle ritter

Baldwin Harbor,, NY
United States
Phone 516-608-2243
Fax 1-530-658-8990

Esther Sager, MS, BFRP, RMT, IARP
My practice as a holistic consultant touches those people, animals, plants and minerals to whom I am connected for mutual growth and healing. I welcome you all with a strong heart and much gratitude.

I am a Registered Bach Flower Essence Practitioner, offering classes and personalized guidance in the use of these remarkable tinctures that are of such extraordinary benefit in balancing emotions, mind and spirit. My personal experience with them is extensive, particularly with horses, and I have a unique horse-assisted Bach consultation available to clients on a selective basis. I am also a Tera Mai Seichem Reiki Master, providing energy sessions and attunement classes. Reiki is a Universal life energy that can relieve physical, emotional and spiritual blocks, and Tera Mai Seichem Reiki is a comprehensive program that includes attunement to other healing frequencies as well. As part of an overall wellness program, I provide individual and group classes on chakras. I have a Master's Degree in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, am a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, a Certified Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and have formal training in Animal Communications. All consultations are safe and strictly confidential, and I bring to every session as well my own intuitive guidance. I look forward to working with you. Namaste.
Esther Sager
916 N. Reading Road
Ephrata, PA 17522
United States

gaye mack, MA, BFRP
Gaye is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner entitled to a place on the International Register of Bach Practitioners maintained by the Dr. Edward Bach Foundation in Oxfordshire, England.

Her private consulting and tutorial practice places special emphasis on, but is not limited to, women and professional healthcare practitioners. Additionally, she serves as the Bach consultant for Allied Clinical Psychologists in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and travels widely for Nelson-Bach, USA Ltd., as an educator in Dr. Bach’s philosophy.
gaye mack

barrington, IL
United States
Phone 847-382-3499
Fax 847-382-2235

Holistic Nurse Therapist
Certified as a "Holistic Nurse"I'm self employed practicing the healing arts as, an Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist, Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Energy Therapist and Nutrition Councellor.I also teach Yoga classes, Sell Herbal & Aromatherapy Blends
Martina Smith
128 W. Main St. Colquitt, GA. 39837
Colquitt, GA 31737
United States
Phone (229) 758-5300
Fax (229) 758-5356

Joan L. Goodman, Certified Traditional Naturopath LLC
Certified Traditional Naturopath, Master Herbologist,Board Certified ANMA #03442

CTN #06884

Register #LG43380 Washington, D.C.

Certified in Reflexology, Massage, Iridology, Flower Essence Therapy, Homeopathy, Acupressure, Nutrition, Energy Medicine, Quan Yin Healing, Advanced Certification in Aromatherapy, Reiki Master Teacher.
Joan Goodman
11518, Overbrook Ln
Houston, TEXAS 77077
United States
Phone 2814939473
Fax 2814939473
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