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Awareness Thru Movement
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A Gentle Way Yoga , Joyful Movement & Training Center

.Over 25 Weekly Gentle & Traditional Hatha Yoga Classes

·Classes taught in La Mesa, San Diego & Tierrasanta.

·Relaxation & Meditation Classes

·Yoga Philosophy, History & Chanting Workshops

·Yoga Retreats & Yoga Cruises

·Yoga Certification Teacher Training (200-hr & weekend).

·Special classes for the Plus Size and Health Challenged.

·Special classes for beginners, seniors,& less flexible.

·Yoga for pregnancy.

·Healing Sessions- Yoga Therapy and Reiki

·Yoga Parties

·Motivational Health & Wellness Speakers

·Yoga books, music, CD’s, DVD’s, yoga props.

La Mesa
Lanita Varshell
5316 Baltimore Dr.
La Mesa, CA 91942
United States
Phone 619-698-1170

Ambe' Ray
Ambe' Ray is a Itegrative Healer, Yogini and Priestess of Sacred circle with over fifteen years experience in Shamanic and Spiritual Studies, Holistic Healing, Chi Nei Tsang, Yoga and Energy Body Rebalanciing, Ambe creates a multidimensional playground for conscious embodiment. As the founder of OmVoyage, she presently designs and facilitates transformational Healing, Yoga and Expressive Art Journeys to Sacred Sites worldwide.
San Geronimo,
Ambe' Ray

San Geronimo,, CA 94963
United States
Phone (415) 267-4884

Black Belt Soft Heart
The Black Belt Soft Heart path is a holistic program that integrates various modalities, including Chi Gong, Pilates and Yoga. Sensei Vincent Brown coaches his clients to re-sculpt their bodies, strengthen their minds and tap into Spirit. Black Belt Soft Heart personal fitness sessions are affordable and offered in the comfort of your home.
Vincent Brown

Atlanta, GA 30038
Phone 404-610-4899

Ecstasyzing/Dance Meditation at Windsong Dojo in Oklahoma City.
Meditative movement, gentle flowing yoga, self-directed individualized movement, Sufi healing, ecstatic dance, integrative resting, witnessed movement, walking meditation, body-focused movement exercises, spiritual bellydance, journaling, whirling. Body-oriented practice
Celeste Roth
716 N Mitchell Ter
Mustang, OK 73064
United States
Phone 405-615-3886

Charles Lightwalker
An international mobile healing,channeling,shamanic and educational centre
charles Lightwalker
3814 E. 9th Ave
Spokane, WA 99202
United States
Phone 509-389-7290

David Ramsden
Hatha Yoga techniques to harmonize the human consciousness with the divine

consciousness. Classes and private instruction in Portland, Beaverton Oregon area.

We offer several different yoga classes from beginner to intermediate. You'll enjoy expert instruction in Ananda Yoga™ including the essentials of safe technique, enabling you to continue your practice at home.

Learn how to adapt the postures to your own level of flexibility and experience, while exploring the spiritual dimensions of hatha yoga and the yoga/meditation connection
David Ramsden
4855 SW Watson
Beaverton, OR 97005
United States
Phone 503-977-2659

Eveline Carle
Eveline uses dance as a catalyst to discovering hidden facets of personality. When on a personal quest, realizing one’s dreams and passions is key to making progress toward a more satisfying and meaningful life. Eveline develops personalized dances for individuals who wish to integrate a dance practice to their daily ritual.

Eveline Carle
P.O. Box 331
Cataumet, MA 02534
United States

Future Life Now
Future Life Now is an integral practice location in the College Hill area. We offer mind-body-services including work in The Feldenkrais Method, Neuro-Linguistics Programming, shamanic and holistic counseling, organizational development, and ongoing classes/workshops and retreats.
Cynthia Allen and Larry Wells
1639 W. Northbend Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45224
United States
Phone 513 541 5720

Helen Terry
Nia, pronounced "knee yah", is an acronym for Neuromuscular Integrative Action. Nia is non-impact and aerobic, encouraging whole-body movement. It is movement with purpose. It incorporates a diverse blend of movements from martial arts and dance, with body-integration therapies including, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Duncan Dance, Jazz, The Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais and Yoga. For Helen Terry, "this workout touches your heart, fascinates your mind, and expresses emotion to empower the fully alive you."
Helen Terry
Montrose and Woodlands locations
Houston, TX
United States
Phone 832-567-4550

Hot Body Yoga
Hot yoga is recommended for everyone, from first day beginners to advanced students. The magic of these classes is that everyone is practicing the same posture at different levels of ability and there is an exact position for everyone at every level, which we will help you find. The yoga asanas are designed to offer physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

The room is intentionally heated. It is heated to warm and lengthen your muscles, prevent injuries and allow for a deeper release in your body. Perspiring will also help flush toxins and poisons from your body and cleanse your systems.

Hot Flow is a 90 minute class in a room that is intentionally heated. systems. This class combines vinyasa (flow) with long holds and lengthening, bringing focus to breath, core and hips. The magic of this class is that everyone is practicing the same postures at different levels of ability.

In the vinyasa and hot flow classes, students will experience the flowing breath and synchronized movement and the principles of alignment. Beginning students will be able to develop a strong practice while more advanced students will enhance their existing practice.

VINYASA/POWER yoga is a challenging flowing form of yoga that heals, detoxifies and electrifies the body and mind. Emphasis is placed on flowing movement coordinated with breath. Be prepared for more upper body work with sun salutations.

HOT MUSIC is a hot yoga class practiced with music. There is minimal instruction in this class so students may wish to attend a few Hot Flow classes prior to attending this class.

IYENGAR yoga focuses on the dynamics of alignment. Enjoy building strength in your body with each practice. This level one class will build a foundation from which you can confidently move into any yoga style. The room is NOT heated for this class.

San Antonio
Kathleen Curry
Terrell Plaza, 1201 Austin Hwy, Ste. 113
San Antonio, TX 78209
United States
Phone 210-829-0088

Inside Awareness for Healthy Living
Waking to inner awareness for personal and social change that begins with one's one experience that radiates out to include others and the environment. Support for increasing physical movement with the awareness techniques of the Feldenkrais Method and in personal relating with self and other's through well known and successful methods founded on Nonviolent Communication. Social gatherings, events and news to integrate change in community with others encouraging leadership.
Renee Lindstrom
1618 Clawthorpe Avenue
Victoria, BC V8T 2R8
Phone 250-361-7508

Kwai Lan Chan Cook
Feng Shui Master and teacher of Imperial School of Feng Shui. I have developed a training package to help promote and enhance your ability to succeed in all areas of your life. My method requires less input from the individual, while producing an end result to be envied. Evaluations of homes, businesses, individuals and even cities are my life's work.
Kwai Lan Chan Cook
200 East Angelino Avenue, #1-214
Burbank, CA 91502
United States
Phone 8186406811

Light Journey Retreats
As a nature and health guide–ess in yoga and nutrition (25 years), Laurel White has combined all that she has studied and learned, to offer YOGA DETOX RETREATS, on Maui, in Hawaii.

On the north shore of Maui, overlooking Hookipa Beach, our daily program includes: yoga, meditation, outdoor infrared sauna, indoor aromatherapy jacuzzi bath, hiking, swimming, organic juice and raw meals, herbs, colonics, and massage. This is the fast track to total health".

As a sports enthusiast she has just added YOGA SURF MAUI to the list of programs offered. See website for more details: www.lightjourneyretreats.com
Laurel White
P.O. Box 791353
Paia, HI 96779
United States
Phone (808) 870-8573

Mary Susan Chen
Physical Therapy, the FELDENKRAIS METHOD®, and Tai Chi

Classes and Private Lessons to help you connect to your body's own wisdom through mindfulness and body awareness practices,

Register now for CLASSES in

Awareness Through Movement® - Wednesday 9-10 AM, and NEW Tuesday evening at 7:15 PM. weekly classes, 6 week session, at the Dole Learning Center, Park District of Oak Park, 255 Augusta Ave.

Register at www.oakparkparks.com or email me at marysusanchen@gmail.com

Tai Chi classes beginning April 10th 2015

at the Zen Life & Meditation Center in Oak Park

38 Lake St, Oak Park IL

Friday mornings at 8:30-9:30.

$18 per class. $15 for Zen Members

Register at www.zlmc.org
River Forest
Mary Susan Chen
1211 William St.
River Forest, IL
United States
Phone 708-771-4283

Mat Zo - The Unleavened One
I am Matzo, the Unleavened One - not to be confused with Deep Discount, the Slightly Cheaper One. I am highly qualified to assist you in laughing due to over 30 years of expertise in no field of specialty. After lifetimes of intense meditation, spiritual discipline, and eating brown rice, I have attained my ability to dispense esoteric, punch line wisdom.
San Antonio
Mat Zo

San Antonio, TX 78130
United States
Phone 866-776-1978

REIKI Master/ Movement Specialist
REIKI trainings available in all levels. Creative healing work using REIKI, theatre and your own life energy (Ki, Chi or Prana)to increase energy, self healing, relaxation and movement from within. REIKI is a Japanese/ Tibetan art form using gentle touch and your own energy along with practitioners energy to restore, revitalize and relax. If you just need a moment to unwind or are dealing with a feeling of emotional or physical discomfort REIKI, movement and the arts are exquisite ways to tap into your own healing powers. Learning REIKI helps you to "heal yourself" as well as those you love.
Claudia Traub-Cooper

Barrington, RI 02806
United States
Phone 401.246.2439

Robin Memel Fox, MA, ADTR, LPC, NCC
Body-Mind Psychotherapy, Dance/Movement Therapy
Private Psychotherapy practice specializing in sexual abuse, trauma, eating disorders, family issues, women's sexuality, relationships, grief/loss, anxiety and depression. I am available for new clients and work with adults, children/teens, couples, groups and families. I am Bilingual in Spanish.
Robin Memel Fox

Tucson, AZ 85710
United States
Phone 520-861-8559

My name is Sally Caplan, ordained Reverend and Healer under the order of Mechizedeck by the World Light Fellowship,USUI Master Reiki Practitioner and certified in the energies of Sacred Geometry.
I have been an energy healer for over ten years. I introduce intuitive healing through the movement of universal energy.
Sunny Isles
sally caplan
17100 North Bay Road. Apt1718
Sunny Isles, FL 33160
United States
Phone 305 945 5110

The Feldenkrais Center of Houston
The Feldenkrais Method uses gentle, minimal body movement as a means of developing awareness. This revolutionary neuromuscular re-education process helps clients of any age to reconnect to their innate abilities to think, move, and feel, and thereby resolve chronic tension and pain, athletic and artistic challenges, deteriorating function and neurological difficulties.
MaryBeth Smith

Houston, TX 77056
United States
Phone 713-622-8794

The Pilates Studio
The Pilates method of conditioning was developed in the early 1900's by German-born Joseph Pilates, and introduced to the American dance world when he immigrated to New York in 1923.

The work consists of specific exercises carefully performed on a mat or specially designed apparatus. The resistance-based training creates lengthened, flexible muscles that are toned and not bulky. The focus of the work is on strengthening the deep abdominals and muscles of the low back to obtain and maintain optimal posture, while the practice of conscious breathing integrates the mind and body as a whole.

The Pilates method is appropriatefor everyone, with modifications made for injury, pregnancy, sports training, and individual goals.

Jessi Herr
53 Tacoma Circle
Asheville, NC 28801
United States
Phone 828-216-7655
Fax 828-225-4925
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