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Santa Teresa
César Aendino
Mail pais-Santa Teresa-Costa Rica
Santa Teresa, 88888
Costa Rica

Ash Devine
Ash Has been performing solo for six years, but she performs with other musicians here and there. Ash sings from the heart everytime. Her insightful activist blood driven songs captivates audiences.
ash devine
asheville, NC 28801
United States

Funky Buddha
Funky Buddha is a Hookah and Tea Bar in Boca Raton, Florida. Ira began this in January, 2005, to be a center point for artists to gather and co-create a community of talent acting as a supporting team.
Boca Raton
Ira Schneider
2621 N. Federal Hwy
Boca Raton, FL 33431
United States

Keyth Lawrence & The Purple Circle
Keyth Lawrence, the powerful song force hailing from Manhattan spins his yarns through his life-long love of the piano. Keyth has been accompanied by his instrument, and talent for playing it since he was 7 years-old. After gigging extensively as a solo artist in popular New York City cabaret venues such as Don't Tell Mama, The Duplex, and other intimate spaces, he logically began bringing other musicians onto the stage with him until he formed what has become Keyth Lawrence and the Purple Circle. The now 5-member ensemble puts on high energy rock shows with tailored storytelling capabilities throughout New York City.

Keyth's most defining artistic traits include a character-driven, storied style of songwriting, an acrobatic and emotive voice that tells it, and a classically-inspired, powerhouse style of piano playing that falls somewhere between Chopin and Jerry Lee Lewis. With a brave and dramatic style reminiscent of The Cure, Keyth also maintains a solid passion for the piano, like that of more recent artists including Rufus Wainwright and Coldplay. Candid songwriting that reveals unexpected truths- think Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Bowie, Tori Amos- a fusion of prophet and bard, equal parts soul searcher and dramatic performer.

Currently promoting Figures, the 12 track musical novel that promises to be his pivotal break-through record, Keyth Lawrence and the Purple Circle have been capturing audiences at renowned New York City venues including the Knitting Factory and the Cutting Room. The first single, “Leaving” has already begun to receive national radio airplay, while the second single, “Mission”, has been nominated for a 2004 Pride in the Arts Award recognized by The Stonewall Society.

Keyth Lawrence
352 6th Ave #2
Brooklyn, NY 11215
United States
Phone 917-539-1819

Nicole DiDomenico
Hello, Welcome to Putnam Valley New York

Vist My gallery to see more information , click on the photo to enlarge and get more detailed information .. Thanks enjoy

contact me if you wish to add something
lake Peekskill
Nicole DiDomenico

lake Peekskill, NY 10537
United States
Ayurveda Pura Ltd
Ayurvedic products & services, consultations, treatments, massages, teas, herbs, cosmetics
Deepa Apte
P O Box 45220
London SE10 0WW
Phone 00442088580300
Caryn White LAc
Acupuncture, massage, spa services
San Diego
Caryn White
1835 Sunset Cliffs Blvd, Suite 203
San Diego CA 92107
United States
Phone 619-222-8845