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A call to life. Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles
Hypnotherapy done properly will heal the problem at the root. When the root is properly cleansed on a subconscious level, clarity prevails giving you the power to take back control of your life. My expertise lies in guiding you, through the use of hypnosis and other tools, to find the root cause and gently move you through it to allow for perception change and healing at the deepest levels.

"Matt is enormously successful in accessing the root causes of emotional issues, and enabling clients to work through these issues. I recommend Matt as a professional and effective hypnotist. He is someone I am comfortable sending my own patients to!"

Eric Robins, MD, Urologist, and cancer surgeon.

Author of the book “YOUR HANDS CAN HEAL YOU”
Sherman Oaks
Matt Sison
14724 Ventura Blvd. #1100
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
United States
Phone 818-744-0852

A Quantum Reach

A Quantum Reach is putting the Heart into Health Care. Started to help people facing health care crises and their advocates be effective in the health care arena, we have expanded to teaching trainings on listening to your intuition, partnering with your doctor, learning to communicate effectively, publishing books about people who have used extraordinary measures to solve their health care issues which they show you how to do, and setting up local support teams to apply our techniques.

Charlotte Anthonisen
840 W. 26th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97405
United States
Phone 541-687-5995

AAA Acupuncturist
The World Health Organization recognizes
45 medical condtions that would benefit from Acupuncture. Call today to find out if Acupuncture is right for you.
Fort Lee
Brigid Trovato, L.Ac, RN,MS,BSN
2083 Center Ave./ Suite N
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
United States
Phone 201-947-5455

Ancient Healing Arts Association
AHAA is an organization that seeks recognition by the public, all levels of government, and the health care community. We have a vested interest in protecting the right of our members to practice the Ancient Healing Arts, and to insure the same rights for future practitioners. Members directly contribute to our cause with their annual dues. Our purpose is to develop legislative channels to protect our members right to practice, and the public's right of unfettered choice. We share in the fundamental belief that each individual is in charge of his or her own health. Further, the process of generating optimum health may be facilitated by the use of a wide variety of complementary modalities, that overlap in scope and 'belong' to no particular group to the exclusion of all others.

Ancient Healing Arts Association
A National Organization
Bensalem, Pa 19020
United States
Phone 1Too-The-AHAA

Body & Soul Therapies
Full service day spa focused on integration of body, mind & spirit. We offer a variety of healing arts: Reiki, Energy Balancing, Massage therapies (including Swedish, Lymphatic, Lomi-Lomi, Maternity, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy & Hot Stone), Spiritual Intuitive sessions, Detoxification body wraps, Past Life Healing Sessions, Wellness & metaphysical classes, & much more!
Dena Besh

Glendale, AZ 85308
United States
Phone 602-826-0044

Complementary Arts
Facilitating and teaching under the trade name of COMPLEMENTARY ARTS since 1997,in Randolph Center, Vermont, Trudi facilitates Usui and Karuna Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, EMF, and Sacred Sound Healing and spiritual counseling. She teaches all levels of Usui and Karuna Reiki as well as presenting workshops on Sacred Sound Healing, Meditation, Conscious Aging, Magnified Healing, an intensive series on the Chakra System course "A Way of the Heart: Healing the Emotional Body".
Randolph Center
Trudi Denison
2983 E. Bethel Rd.
Randolph Center, VT 05061
United States
Phone 802 728 5244

Conscious Communications - Become a Sought-Out Expert
So, You Have A Great Vision, A Burning Message, Unique Product or Service . . .

Share What You Know about Living a more Conscious, Spiritual, Healthy and Enthused Life!

YOU CAN BECOME A SOUGHT-OUT EXPERT AUTHOR. When You SPEAK YOUR BOOK with teleseminar interviews, you are creating a dynamic tool to promote your business and to sell.

Get Your Word Out Better, Faster & With Less Effort with our TELESEMINARS-Into-eBOOKs process.


We can help you promote and grow your practice, your business, your self . . . and generate more clients and profit. We will assist you with repurposing your teleseminars into a variety of money generating and value-packed information products: e-books, articles, booklets, reports, workshop manuals, podcasts. And show you HOW TO implement the eBook and other products for your marketing and advertising needs.
Mt. Shasta
Natasha Taylor, Interviewer

Mt. Shasta, CA
United States
Phone 530-938-1509/415-246-6896

Diane Dropik, M.S., ACHt, DD
Hypnotherapy and Breathwork

I use a hypnotic state and regression to access the causes of symptoms and unhealthy life patterns. Revisiting early experiences in trance makes it possible to release repressed emotions or spiritual intrusions, create healing of their negative emotional and physiological effects, and discover the life patterns underlying behavior choices. I also use breathwork as a means to help the client access subconscious healing needs. I help the client retrieve any lost soul energy. When using the principles of NLP and Hypnotherapy, we spread the energies of love and truth as those outlined in A Course in Miracles, the Edgar Cayce readings, Usui Reiki, Quantum Mechanics, and shamanism.

Mountain View
Diane Dropik
PO Box 390236
Mountain View, CA 94039
United States

The World's Most Comprehensive Eating Disorder Referral and Information

del mar
kevin grold

del mar, CA 92014
United States

Abundance, improved relationships, better health, a fulfilling career and more can be yours. Feng shui, the eco-science of the environment, is based on time-tested principles for designing and arranging living and work spaces to support balance, prosperity and healthy living. Feng shui is the product of thousands of years of practical study and observation of the interaction between the ch'i (life energy) of the earth, the atmosphere, and humanbeings. Classical feng shui uses your birth date and time as well as the orientation of the building to personalize the recommendations for your home and office. An excellent time to utilize feng shui is when you are choosing a new home or office, or when planning for new construction or remodeling.
Gunda Vitols

Naples, FL 34105
United States
Phone 239 434-8144

Genesis II Church
Puerto Vallarta
Jim Humble
Republica de Chile 33 Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48350
Phone 52 322 118 7984

Goodfellow Massage
Professional quiet, spa setting. Far Infra-red Dry Sauna and shower facilities. Deep Tissue, Light Touch,Reflexology, Acupressure & Trigger Point Techniques, specialize in working with special needs and physically challenged adults. Corporate Chair Massage (seated acupressure massage). Ear Candling, Raindrop Technique (uses Young Living Essential Oils).

Nancy Goodfellow,NCTMB
305 Indian Lake Rd
Oxford, MI 48371
United States
Phone 248-379-3272

Healing Arts United, Ltd.
My name is Juliette, and I would like to introduce you to Healing Arts United, Ltd.

We will be located in Lower Westchester, NY and opening in April or May of 2004.

Possible locations include Dobbs Ferry, Ardsley, and Yonkers. We have not yet decided on our exact location.

Our goal is to provide an upscale, clean, professional office space with multiple treatment rooms, offering hourly usage to therapists, new graduates, interns, and students.

Those who are just beginning their therapeutic careers can appreciate an inexpensive way to build a following of clients, and to practice in a private, convenient space.

What a perfect way to network with other professionals who share your commitment to make peoples’ lives better!
New York

Westchester County
New York, NY

Healing Each Other Medical Intuition
Have a health or life issue?

Want to learn how to talk with your own immune system?

Want to learn the new psychology of healing, the three selves?

Talking with your body directly is the easy way to address health concerns, and to find your solutions. Your inner child and immune system are are the expert on your physical body--not your thinking mind. I love working with people who wish to heal or who wish to learn how to do what I do. If you have high willingness to learn and you practice, you can learn to talk with your immune system in about an hour.

Los Angeles
Bruce Dickson
Mar Vista (Los Angeles)
Los Angeles, CA 90066-5837
United States
Phone 310-397-1597

International Association of Counseling Hypnotherapists
We are an International Association of Hypnotherapists with a common goal of setting standards for our members and educating the public. Please visit our web site and read our newletter.

Sheldon Bilsker
#1202 1255 Bidwell St.
Vancouver, BC V6G 2K8
Phone 604-683-8710

International Association of Yoga Therapists
IAYT supports research and education in Yoga and serves as a professional organization for Yoga teachers and Yoga therapists worldwide. Our mission is to establish Yoga as a recognized and respected therapy in the Western world.

Membership includes the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, Yoga Therapy in Practice, IAYT's professional referral service, access to research resources and more.

Since 1989

Amber Elliott
115 S. McCormick #3
Prescott, AZ 86303
United States
Phone 928-541-0004
Fax 928 541 0182

Intrnt'l Assoc.of Transpersonal Therapists & Physicians
Thank you for your interest in the International Association of Transpersonal Therapists and Physicians (IATTP)! We are an organization of Therapists, Doctors, Naturopaths, Hypnotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Holistic Practitioners, Hands-on Healers, etc., who use a Transpersonal approach in their practices.

Transpersonal practitioners work “across the personality,” incorporating a client’s body, mind, and spirit into treatment and helping clients heal the root cause of a complaint instead of simply treating the symptoms. Come join us!
Virginia Beach
Member Services
485 S. Independence Blvd. Suite 111
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
United States
Phone (757) 216-8097 x. 3
Fax (757) 216-8101

Karen Elpers, MS, CHT, CMT
I offer Holistic, Heart-Centered Swedish/Esalen and Sensual Massage, Hypnotherapy for Positive Change, Reiki classes and sessions with aromatherapy and crystals, Chakra Balancing, Natural Remedies, Holistic Nutrition, Herbal Therapy, Bach Flower Therapy, Spectro-Chrome Color Therapy, Classical Aromatherapy and Natural Health Counseling. I am also certified in Pet Massage, and offer compassionate healing touch for your dog or cat. Member: American Holistic Health Association; American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists; Dinshah Health Society. I welcome the opportunity to be of service to you. Peaceful healing space in Walnut Creek, California
Walnut Creek
Karen Elpers
Holistic Therapies
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
United States
Phone 925-963-8172

Lynn Chandler
I am a Reiki Master/Teacher from Boulder, Colorado. The goal of my site is to make Reiki available and AFFORDABLE to all who seek it's amazing healing energy. Individual Reiki sessions as well as Reiki classes and attunements are available at affordable rates. It would be my honor to be a part of your healing journey through the use of Reiki.
Lynn Chandler
5505 Valmont Rd. #107
Boulder, CO 80301
United States
Phone 303-543-2185

marian simon, MA
Shamanic practitioner and counselor specializing in spiritual healing and development since 1994. From my experience, whatever issues you may have can be healed on a spiritual level. Shamanic healing for soul retrieval, emotional or physical trauma, depression. Resolve issues from the past. Spiritual advice for divination questions and long distance healing. Remove curses,heal localized pain, connect with spirit guides and ancestors. Learn the shamanic journey method. Clearing for home, office or property of earthbound spirits or negative past. Blessing ceremonies for home or newborn children. Personal, spiritual development.

Membership with Foundation for shamanic Studies, Society of Shamanic Practitioners, Shamanic practitioners list, Sandra Ingerman.

May your soul be guided and your heart content with spiritual light.
marian simon
3050 james howe rd.
dallas, OR 97338
United States
Phone 503-302-6617
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