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Alternative Balance
PO Box 450
Hillsboro, NH 03244
United States
Phone 1-800-915-6618
Fax 1.253.648.6032

Ancient Healing Arts Association
AHAA is an organization that seeks recognition by the public, all levels of government, and the health care community. We have a vested interest in protecting the right of our members to practice the Ancient Healing Arts, and to insure the same rights for future practitioners. Members directly contribute to our cause with their annual dues. Our purpose is to develop legislative channels to protect our members right to practice, and the public's right of unfettered choice. We share in the fundamental belief that each individual is in charge of his or her own health. Further, the process of generating optimum health may be facilitated by the use of a wide variety of complementary modalities, that overlap in scope and 'belong' to no particular group to the exclusion of all others.

Ancient Healing Arts Association
A National Organization
Bensalem, Pa 19020
United States
Phone 1Too-The-AHAA

Andrea Caplan, B.A., C.M.T.
I combine backwalking and thai-style yoga stretching with deep tissue and swedish massage, using my formal training, intuition, curiosity and love of play. I am currently in graduate school for counseling psychology, and have also recently completed a 4-year training program at the Washington Institute for Body Psychotherapy. I am currently focusing on personal growth, somatic reeducation and coaching, and emotional release work in my process bodywork sessions. I will open my practice to body psychotherapy clients as I finish graduate school.

Silver Spring
Andrea Caplan

Silver Spring, MD 20910
United States
Phone 301.346.5716

HI my name is Annie Gibbons, and my businsess name is Art & Bowen, I offer both Bowen Therapy in the Four Corners Area and Art work. The Bowen Therapy is truly amazing! The therapy is based on the therapy developed by Tom Bowen in Australia in the 1970s, and which is now a world wide teaching institution of this body work modality taught by the Australian Bowen Academy, and several other off-shoot groups in America. This therapy re-sets one's immune system, helps one's own body to heal pain by increasing your natural healing energy! I have over 210 hrs. training form The Australian Bowen Acd., was apprenticed to Bowen Therapist for 5 years, and have worked on well over 1000 clients with good results! The client wears comfortable clothing while lying on the padded message table, and the treatment lasts up to an hour. The treamtnet consists of gentle rolling moves over the tendons and muscels which realeases a minute electrical charge in the facia. There are waits in between moves, which allow the body to accept the moves. It is hands on, but not messauge! I can bring my table to your home, with an additional milage fee of .55cents per mile over 35 miles one way. My fee for adults is $50.00, free for children under 12, $45.00 for Seniors ,and I may accept a low income fee upon request. Examples of my paintings for sale are also on this site, under photos.
Annie Gibbons
31335 EE26 RD.
Naturita, CO 81422
United States
Phone 970-865-2306

CARE -Center for Aromatherapy Research & Education


CARE Intensives are three and a half-day workshop in Raindrop, Vitaflex, Chemistry, Emotional Release and Healing Oils of the Bible - 25 hours in practical applications of essential oils as well as 25 hours continuing education for massage therapists and body workers.

Participants completing the training will:

~ Understand the Fundamentals of Aromatherapy

~ Understand the Science and Chemistry of Essential Oils

~ Learn to Apply Useful Skills in Vitaflex

~ Learn to do Raindrop Technique

~ Learn how Essential Oils Can be Used for Emotional Releasing


The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ONLINE REGISTRATION is available for the full CARE Program through the CARE website: www.RaindropTraining.com For full or individual courses, you may also register directly through Gail Hunter.


Registrations for Raindrop and Vitaflex are limited to the first 10 people to keep class sizes small for better hands-on attention and training. So register early to assure a place. As for the Bible Oils, Chem I, Chem II, and Emotional Release classes, these are demonstration/lecture classes and there are no limitations on class size for these beyond the seating capacity of the room. They are all open to the public at ala carte prices with registrations taken at the door. However, pre-registration is also recommended for these portions of the CARE Intensive.

Cash, Check, and Credit Cards Acceptable

(VISA, MC, Discover, Amer. Express all okay)

See contact information above for registration info.


CARE Vitaflex is required before taking Raindrop I.

CARE Raindrop I is required before taking Raindrop II.

There are no pre-requisites for the Bible Oils, Chem I, Chem II, or Emotional Release classes.


Full refund less $50 for processing for cancellations no later than two weeks before the seminar date.


Class Notes, Necessary Oils, Handouts, and a Certificate acknowledging your participation in the course or courses taken are all included in seminar fees.


Bring two (2) sheets, two (2) bath towels, and one (1) hand towel. If you would be willing to bring a massage table, please mention this when you register. You are encouraged also to bring your Bible for the Bible Oils class. While there are no texts required to take the CARE classes, if you own a copy of THE CHEMISTRY OF ESSENTIAL OILS MADE SIMPLE, FEELINGS BURIED ALIVE NEVER DIE, by Karol Truman, RELEASING EMOTIONAL PATTERNS by Carolyn Mein, and HEAL YOUR BODY, by Louise Hay, please bring them as they will be referred to often in the Chemistry and Emotional Release classes. Copies will be available at the seminar if you don't have a copy.


Texts and DVDs required for CCIs, as well as other publications, will be available for sale at the seminar.

What Some People Say About This CARE Training

"I found the CARE program to be of the highest quality - in all aspects; seminar proceedings, CCI expectations for training and application. Most exciting was the healing I experienced during my night's sleep! A muscle/nerve in my leg left me unable to jog for the past 14 months; also my index and third finger on my right hand were unable to flex each morning! After seeking attention from several massage therapists, this past year, I continued each day with no new results - UNTIL - the morning after my Vitaflex and Raindrop Technique session! Fingers have been restored to full movement and the pain in my leg is completely gone. Very exciting for me - now many of my family/friends know about CARE - they all have heard my story. I believe CARE has brought the means for a new chapter of health and well-being in my mind and body."

~Colleen Michaelis, Escondido, CA

“I really appreciated the simple way Gail demonstrated the Emotional Release class. This is the third time I’ve taken the class.”

~Deborah Sherman, Crescent City, CA

“Gail is a pure joy. The classroom was extremely well set-up, well diffused, materials beautifully displayed and the room very comfortable. Gail has a passion for the oils and shares here knowledge eloquently.”

~Jesse Hodgdon, LMT, Talent, OR

"I am a massage therapist and take a lot of continuing education courses as a requirement for my license. The CARE Program is the best I have taken. I learned so much about how and why the oils work and now I understand the science behind it. I am glad to have a standard protocol for raindrop. I have been doing raindrop for over a year, but never felt sure of my work. What a difference a weekend makes! With this protocol I felt nurtured and cared for. Even though when I received it was the first raindrop my classmates had performed, it was the most powerful I had ever experienced. I felt so calm, relaxed and whole. And when we measured at the end I had grown 1-1/4 inches! I can't wait to get back to my office and start work on my clients.

~Leslie Knee, LMT, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Gail Hunter

Boring, OR 97009
United States
Phone 425-359-9358

David F. Cuccia, D.C.
Comprehensive Chiropractic Care

Upper Cervical Specific and Full Spine Techniques

M3D™(Multi-Directional Disc Decompression) utilizing

EXTENTRAC® ELITE for Low Back Pain,

Sciatica and Disc Herniation

David F. Cuccia, D.C.
227 Jackson Ave.
Syosset, NY 11791
United States
Phone 516-364-1717
Fax 516-364-1998



, GA 30045
United States

Desiree Aucoin, LMT
Desiree Aucoin is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Deep Tissue, Reflexology, and Swedish modalities.

She runs her business from home, and is available for on-site massage therapy.

Desiree enjoys working with people of all ages, and believes that children especially binefit from massage therapy.
Baton Rouge
Desiree Aucoin

Baton Rouge, LA 70817
United States
Phone 2254544267

Goodfellow Massage
Professional quiet, spa setting. Far Infra-red Dry Sauna and shower facilities. Deep Tissue, Light Touch,Reflexology, Acupressure & Trigger Point Techniques, specialize in working with special needs and physically challenged adults. Corporate Chair Massage (seated acupressure massage). Ear Candling, Raindrop Technique (uses Young Living Essential Oils).

Nancy Goodfellow,NCTMB
305 Indian Lake Rd
Oxford, MI 48371
United States
Phone 248-379-3272

Healing Pathways
Licensed Massage Therapist: Thai Yoga Traditional, Deep Tissue, Sports and Swedish Massage. Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher.

Rich Chapelle

Bolton, MA 01740
United States
Phone 978-779-0351

Intrnt'l Assoc.of Transpersonal Therapists & Physicians
Thank you for your interest in the International Association of Transpersonal Therapists and Physicians (IATTP)! We are an organization of Therapists, Doctors, Naturopaths, Hypnotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Holistic Practitioners, Hands-on Healers, etc., who use a Transpersonal approach in their practices.

Transpersonal practitioners work “across the personality,” incorporating a client’s body, mind, and spirit into treatment and helping clients heal the root cause of a complaint instead of simply treating the symptoms. Come join us!
Virginia Beach
Member Services
485 S. Independence Blvd. Suite 111
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
United States
Phone (757) 216-8097 x. 3
Fax (757) 216-8101

Janice Ellicott School of Reflexolgy
Monthly 1-day Reflexology seminars for beginners and advanced students in Astoria and Portland, Oregon. Students receive a pack of charts & other material & a Certificate of Attendance. Books & large wall charts of the feet & body are on sale.

Janice is approved as a provider of continuing education (SA00101) by the American Reflexology Certification Board. She is a member of the R.A.A. and founder member of the Oregon Reflexology Association.
Janice Robertson
439 Mc Clure Avenue
Astoria, OR 97103
United States
Phone 503 325 0458
Fax 503 325 0458

Katrina Tsacrios
I have been practicing intuitive massage for many years, but have just recently finished school trained in Bhakti massage in Safety Harbor, Florida. I do both on site and in home massage, depending upon location and client's needs.
St. Petersburg
Katrina Tsacrios
200 4th Ave. South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
United States

Lisa Jordan, LMP
Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Deep Tissue, Injury/Treatment, Reiki and Equine Massage, Organic massage/body/bath oil products.
Lisa Jordan
2281 - 116th Ave NE #200
Bellevue, WA 98004
United States
Phone 425-467-9377

Majestic Healing/Corrective Injury CareLLC
I specialize in correcting postural distortions, by analyzing your posture. Through orthopedic testing I can identify problems and help by alleviating symptoms and creating balance and restoration to muscles that have been overused, either by repetitive motion, auto accidents or even illness. Mental and emotional stress can lead to developing adhesions, myofasical and visceral restrictions.

By analyzing body postural distortions a treatment plan can be established. When a client is looking for relaxation, there are other natural methods of healing, including lymphatic drainage, swedish massage, energy work, and raindrop therapy.

I have also introduced a new healing tool to my practice called to Amethyst Biomat. This produces negative ions and Far Infrared rays that penetrate into the body causing deep relaxation for my clients.

FDA approved for pain and stress relief!

It stimulates Healing and Regeneration of Nerves and Muscle Tissue.

Alleviates Allergies, Migranes and Sinus problems

Burns calories and controls weight

Blood pressure, Hormone and Sugar Regulation

Balances pH (decreases Acidity

Improves Immune system

Relieves Pain

Increases blood circulation

Eases Joint Pain and Swelling

Boosts Energy and Vitality

Improves muscle tone

Strengthens the cardiovascular system

Oxygenates the cells.

The list goes on.

I am very excited for the potential of ultimate healing for my clients and patients.

Roberta Groth

, 83714
United States
Phone (208) 378-1190
Fax 323-6508

Massage Therapy Inst of MO
600-hour integrative massage education; one-year, part-time program. Medical/Clinical massage focus. Diverse faculty averages two dozen of the area's most established professionals, majority with advanced massage backgrounds and active practices. Lab classes limited to 8 students in each afternoon or evening, combined on weekend lecture classes for a total of 16 per cohort. Financial aid limited to Veteran's/Voc Rehab, internal payment plans, external online financing, MC/Visa, and scholarships. Great medium-sized, progressive city in four-season climate.
Mirra Greenway
5 South 9th St, ste 204
Columbia, MO 65201
United States
Phone 573-875-7905

Massotherapie Associates
Pain Relief Specialists! Regain your freedom from pain!

Pain, Stress, Headaches, Migraines; neck, shoulder & back pain, fibromyalgia & other soft tissue pain.
Christie M.S. Baisas
11901 Shelbyville Rd, Suite 200
Louisville, KY 40243
United States
Phone 502.245.2878

Milagro Retreats
Milagro Retreats is a Vancouver Island based Wellness Company, offering all inclusive Retreat Packages in B.C and Mexico, encouraging growth and unity with nature.

Nourish your body, mind and soul with:

*Organic Meals incorporating local, fresh ingredients and Raw Food concepts

*A variety of Moving Meditation Practices to increase your awareness, including Yoga, Surf Lessons, Bellydance, Feldenkrais, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and meditation.

*Intuitive Massage Treatments to balance your being

*Accommodations to suit most budgets

Join one of our planned retreats, or allow us to help create the perfect getaway for you and your group.

Lake Cowichan
Shani Cranston
PO Box 737
Lake Cowichan, BC VOR 2GO
Phone 1 800 565 0992

Pam Bragg CHt
Pam teaches at the Majestic Mountains Health & Healing Clinic in Afton, Wy where she has her pratice. At Majestic Mountains we offer several modalities of Energy work both by phone and in person.
Pam Bragg

Fairview, WY 83119
United States
Phone 307-248-0373
Fax 885-5409

Rose Rockney
Fast body re-alignment without twisting or popping; rebalance emotions, release stress and promote balance in the physical body effortlessly.

See the websites at



St Paul
Rose Rockney

St Paul, MN 55104
United States
Phone 651-335-1474
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