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4 Animals
4 Animals offers professional therapeutic massage services to dogs and cats for their optimum well-being. Focused on preventative care, animal massage is an integral part of a holistic approach to health care promotion & rehabilitation for our animal companions.

Animal Massage services are offered in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and the surrounding area.

Diane Carruthers
5215 Rue Byron
Montreal, QU H3W 2E8
Phone 514-243-1004

Animal Oracle
As an animal oracle, I listen to the hearts and minds of our furred and feathered friends, speaking for them, telling their stories, and sharing their experiences with their loving companions and caretakers. Often their human companions have questions and concerns about behaviors or about their friend's histories, that can only be answered by the creatures themselves. Without voices of their own, those questions often remain unanswered... and behaviors that distress their human companions go unchanged. Assistance is now available, for both of you...

I have also been very successful in teaching people to hear and share their own hearts with their companion animals.
Jnanama (Jay) Ishaya
217 Paragon Pkwy, #211,
Clyde, NC 28721
United States
Phone 828-926-9834

Chrissy Reseigh
VOM,Animal Communicator, Canine & Equestrian Massage , Reiki Master and Nutritional Options to address Mind, Body, Heart and Soul of our animal friends. Long distance healings available.
Chrissy Reseigh
5325 21st ave sw
Naples, FL 34116
United States
Phone 239-825-0939

Journey To The Animals
Journey To The Animals offers Animal Communication and Animal Healing (LONG DISTANCE HEALING). I communicate with your animal telepathically about anything, both during individual consultations and throughout my healing work. During communications, you, I, and your animal discuss problems, issues, needs, what is important to you and your animal, and find solutions.

Should healing be an option, I offer shamanic healing, soul retrieval, reiki, energy work, and animal counseling.

I find that soul retrieval, a holistic cornerstone of shamanic healing, can be useful in cases of emotional upset (anxiety, depression, loss, insecurity); physical problems (difficulty walking, back pain, and recovery from illness); and past traumas: abuse, stress, feeling depleted, life changes, and just plain “not feeling good.”

Soul retrieval returns soul parts that left an animal due to trauma, stress, shock, or illness. As part of its process, soul retrieval involves determining what your animal needs for healing (the answer may not be a retrieval), removing “intrusions” (non-self energies that filled the voids left by departing soul pieces), and counseling, which helps your animal integrate the returned soul pieces and change the belief/attitude complex that created soul loss in the first place. Counseling also provides support for you and your animal friend. In addition, ritual work helps clear “old stuff” of the past, releases charged emotions, and celebrates the new change.

Other elements of shamanic healing may also include power animal retrieval, “soul theft” recovery, energy work and other healing techniques guided by spiritual helpers, and psychopomp work (assisting and comforting an animal who has or is transitioning to the “other side”).

I also offer “emergency services,” for times of trauma, death, or disappearances, when you feel your animal needs immediate help. (I am not always home, but will get to you as soon as possible.)

Phebe Mace
P.O. Box 267
Shaftsbury, VT 05262
United States
Phone 802-442-8341

Mary Seitz
Offering therapeutic or relaxation massages for your cat or dog helping everything from post-surgical procedures to anxiety issues to athletic events. Also a human massage therapist offering massages in an office setting.
Mary Seitz
6837 Falls of Neuse Rd. Suite 105
Raleigh, NC 27615
United States
Phone 919-539-6798
7 Star Ranch
Native American horse gentler trains horse and rider to communicate. Specializes in traumatized and wild horses. Classes forming now.
K.S. Brown
Elkhorn Road, P.O. Box 190
Cotopaxi, CO 81223
United States
Phone 719-942-3753
santa rosa
kris kovatch
2403 button court
santa rosa CA
United States
Phone 707 571 7755
SnR Pet Care
Full service dog walking and pet sitting company in business for 8 years, serving the Maple Valley, Washington and surrounding communities. Please visit our website at www.snrpetcare.com
Maple Valley
Sandra Lassman
26828 Maple Valley Highway, #211
Maple Valley WA 98038
United States
Phone 4254139104
Spirit Wind Studio,Inc.
I am a wildlife artist and a caregiver for captive born wildlife developing a combination of "hands on healing" techniques.
Peg Fennimore
592 Royal Drive
Bailey CO
United States
Phone 3038382960