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Animal Massage
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4 Animals
4 Animals offers professional therapeutic massage services to dogs and cats for their optimum well-being. Focused on preventative care, animal massage is an integral part of a holistic approach to health care promotion & rehabilitation for our animal companions.

Animal Massage services are offered in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and the surrounding area.

Diane Carruthers
5215 Rue Byron
Montreal, QU H3W 2E8
Phone 514-243-1004

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs
Sandy Laurel River, M.Ac., provides holistic health care for people. She is a licensed acupuncturist, a Tellington TTouch Practitioner, and is certified in Chinese Herbology. Tellington TTouch is a modality that was first devised for use with animals, and Sandy works with companion animals also. Tellington TTouch can also be used with people, and Sandy offers special Tellington TTouch facials that are rejuvenating, relaxing and fun.

Sandy River
5215 Garland Rd
Winslow, ME 04901
United States
Phone 207-877-0718
Fax 207-872-6367

Animal Acupressure
Design and teach workshops on Animal Acupressure for animal guardians and bodyworkers. Classes are conducted worldwide. Write and produce books on acupressure for horses, dogs and cats as well as meridian charts for the same.

Nancy Zidonis
4559 W Red Rock Dr
Larkspur, CO 80118
United States
Phone 888-841-7211
Fax 303-681-2999

Appalachian Spa Ventures Inc. Massage & Day Spa Services
Asheville North Carolina Massage & Day Spa Services and also, Mobile Onsite services, Upscale Massage therapy & Luxury Health Beauty Day Spa treatments, Spa Packages, Spa Parties in the comfort of your Home, Office, Hotel, Cabin or Vacation Rental Accommodation.

Serving Asheville, North Carolina and all Western North Carolina areas. Fairview-Lake Lure-Black Mountain-Hendersonville-Waynesville-Cherokee.

We specialize in couples packages, romance-romantic getaways. Over 10 yrs, 30 years in business.

Massages, Deep tissue, Japanese Shiatsu, Reiki, Barefoot Ashiatsu Bar, Thai massage, Hot stone, Medical massage therapy, aromatherapy, Reflexology,Romantic Couples massage,Deep Tissue,Facials,Body treatments, Yoga-Fitness Hikes,

Pet therapies, pet baths, pet sitting, pet spa parties..and more. 828-230-1441

Asheville-Fairview-Lake lure

You also, can come to our other New spa -location in Asheville/Arden NC Appalachian Spa and Natural Bodywork organic skincare

Massage day spa: over 20 modalities of Massages, facials, body wraps hand and feet treatments. Couples treatments packages


All business name-packages and services copyrighted and trademarked..2000--2009 and Black Mountain
Asheville's Massage Appalachian Day Spa
Asheville's & Western North Carolina Onsite Massage Therapy -Health & Beauty Day Spa Service
Asheville, NC 28776
United States
Phone 828-230-1441

Blue Mountains Reiki Centre
Reiki-Seichem Treatments and Workshops.

Gentle, non-intrusive healing energy to balance mind, body & spirit.

Learn to channel the healing energy of Reiki-Seichem in our intensive workshops to heal yourself, friends, loved ones, others and pets.

We teach Reiki-Seichem, incorporating the Usui Reiki from Japan and Seichem which originated in Egypt and is a high vibration healing system that works beautifully with Reiki.

Judy Sweeney
Kangaroo Street
Lawson, NSW 2783
Phone 61247593528
Fax 61247593528

Brandenburg Equine and Canine Massage
Enhancing the life of your horse and dog
Martins Ferry
Becky Brandenburg
610 Hickory St.
Martins Ferry, OH 43935
United States
Phone 740-633-6639

Breggin Therapuetic Massage
Specializing in Myofascial massage, Pregnancy/Prenatal massage,
Deep Tissue massage, Canine massage,
Swedish massage, and
Neurostructural Integration (NST/Bowen Therapy)

Myofascial massage is wonderful for treating old and new injuries, scars, aches, sprains, and pains. It works specifically on the Connectice tissue.

Prenancy/Prenatal massage is a gentle and relieving massage,especially designed for the expectant Mother.
Greatly comforting.

Deep Tissue massage is great for sports injuries.

Canine massage-for our best friends. Gives relief from arthritis and injuries. Great for hyper/under active dogs, behavioral problems, and obesity.

Swedish massage is light, refreshing, and relaxing. Helps blood circulation.

Neurostructural Integration (NST/Bowen Therapy) Aids in everything from Fibromyalgia, stoke recovery, joint pains, asthma, the list goes on.

Alysha Breggin

Kensington, MD
United States
Phone 301 379 4195

Reiki III Master Teacher
Specializing in balancing of chakras by putting the energy system into a state of calm & balance combined with healing with Harp Sounds~ Owner of Celestial Soulutions, Inc. we sell small lap size harps at an affordable price, to be played by anyone due to a special tuning process without any formal instruction necessary~ the harp is small enough to sit on the lap & play ~ through Reiki healing & the harp healing vibrations, the body achieves instant vibrational harmony and ease for healing to occur on all levels!
Crown Point
Deonna Pogorzelski
Ordained Minister Since 1999
Crown Point, IN
United States
Phone 219-663-8756

Chrissy Reseigh
VOM,Animal Communicator, Canine & Equestrian Massage , Reiki Master and Nutritional Options to address Mind, Body, Heart and Soul of our animal friends. Long distance healings available.
Chrissy Reseigh
5325 21st ave sw
Naples, FL 34116
United States
Phone 239-825-0939

Companion Animal Services
Massage - Homeostatic Touch - Energy Work - Communication - for Companion Animals and the People who love them. Insured. Please call or write for an appointment for your beloved companion.

Massage: We offer Hands-On Workshops for animal professionals, massage therapists and pet owners in Swedish Massage, Positional Release, NMR & Homeostatic Touch. Certifications available as well as specialized classes and individual instruction.

Energy Work: Classes and private instruction in Canine & Feline Reiki

Communication: You can communicate with your animal companion. Let us show you how in private session.
Marguerite Chipp-Matthews, RMT

Spring, TX 77388
United States
Phone 281-355-1213

Creature Kneads
Certified Equine/Animal Massage Therapist/Acupressure/Reiki Healing.
Sharon Mccauley-Lucas
16 West Shore Dr.
Southampton, NJ 08088
United States
Phone 609-859-3724

Dr. Christine King
Anima - wholistic health & rehab for horses

The focus of my practice is on restoring and maintaining good health and well-being:

* Manual & movement therapies - hands-on techniques for identifying and resolving areas of tension, soreness, and resistance

* Nutritional therapy - using foods as the building blocks for good health and well-being

* Homeopathic support - using remedies aimed at optimizing the body's natural repair processes

* Exercise therapy - tailored exercise programs to aid recovery, restore balance, rebuild fitness, and avoid reinjury

My goal is to provide you with simple tools you can use to optimize your horse's health and well-being, better manage existing problems, and recognize and resolve minor problems in the future before they result in injury or illness.
Dr. Christine King
Anima - wholistic health & rehab for horses
Bellevue, WA 98004
United States
Phone (425) 876-1179

Ed Lamb - Magnimal Equine Sports Massage
Ed Lamb has become a seasoned practitioner in his field through fifteen years of treating our Equine Athletes.

In his quiet low key way he achieves incredibly effective results. He also educates Owners and stays on the cutting edge of innovations in alternative and traditional equine treatments.

In addition to message work, Ed has designed and developed his own line of magnetic blankets and beds, for both large and small animals.

Ed Lamb
37 Laurel St
marlborough, NH 03455
United States
Phone 603-876-4536

Equinology, INC
Animal Massage: Equine and Canine Body Worker certification courses.

All courses and certification levels are taught by veterinarians and specialists. Massage, advanced massage, anatomy, biomechanics,saddle fitting, myofascial release, acupressure, craniosacral, exercise physiology and more. Take an individual module or an entire certification series. Students welcome from other programs with the desire to continue their education and become leaders in their fields. Since 1994

Now offering online courses in nutrition and nutrition soon to be followed by online anatomy, dentistry and first aid.

Massage for Horse Owners online TBA in late 2009
Debranne Pattillo
PO Box 1192
Gualala, CA 95445
United States
Phone (707) 884 9963

Healing Hands of Light

My name is Vivian Richard and I live in New Britain, CT. About 12 years ago I went to school for 12 weeks learning equine trigger point myotherapy. I have always loved animals, especially horses. I have been working on horses ever since. I also took the course for dogs and I graduated from the canine course in 2001. This led me to alternative therapy and 4 years ago I started taking Reiki classes. I am now an Usui Reiki Master Teacher.

I do Reiki and Reflexology on people. Reflexology is the practice of stimulating points on the feet. By stimulating the foot with Reflexology it can help unblock the energy and increase the flow of vital energy to various parts of the body and promote healing. It can also release endorphins (natural pain killers) and promote the lymphatic flow or the dissolving of uric acid crystals. We do Reflexology by applying pressure using our thumbs and fingers on "reflex zones" found on the feet, which correspond to different parts of the body.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy, the energy that is all around us and within us. A Reiki Session can help ease tension and stress and help support the body to facilitate healing on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A session is pleasant and relaxing and is often utilized for one's own personal wellness. Reiki is practiced in every country in the world and is used in many hospitals, hospice, private pracitce and self care. If you are feeling stressed, fatigued, back pain, neck pain, headaches, depression, emotional imbalance, disharmony or a desire to feel better then Reiki can help.

I also do Reiki, Trigger Point Myotherapy and Myofascial Release on animals. Included is also massage and stretching of the muscles to help improve blood flow and increase nerve function, reduce tension and pain.
New Britain
Vivian Richard
112 Fulton Street
New Britain, CT 06051
United States
Phone 860-690-0906

Island Calm
Island Calm

Health and Well Being in the San Juan Islands, Washington State

Cynthia Elliott Licensed Massage,

Large Animal Massage, EFT, Meridian Therapies

Licensed Massage Practitioner since 1987. Licensed to provide Equine Massage. EFT Practitioner working with both humans and horses.

Available by appointment only. EFT sessions available by phone.

Cynthia offers classes on how to use EFT with horses.


e-mail: islandcalm@rockisland.com

(360) 378-8426

Friday Harbor
Cynthia Elliott
Downtown Friday Harbor
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
United States
Phone (360-)378-8426

Journey To The Animals
Journey To The Animals offers Animal Communication and Animal Healing (LONG DISTANCE HEALING). I communicate with your animal telepathically about anything, both during individual consultations and throughout my healing work. During communications, you, I, and your animal discuss problems, issues, needs, what is important to you and your animal, and find solutions.

Should healing be an option, I offer shamanic healing, soul retrieval, reiki, energy work, and animal counseling.

I find that soul retrieval, a holistic cornerstone of shamanic healing, can be useful in cases of emotional upset (anxiety, depression, loss, insecurity); physical problems (difficulty walking, back pain, and recovery from illness); and past traumas: abuse, stress, feeling depleted, life changes, and just plain “not feeling good.”

Soul retrieval returns soul parts that left an animal due to trauma, stress, shock, or illness. As part of its process, soul retrieval involves determining what your animal needs for healing (the answer may not be a retrieval), removing “intrusions” (non-self energies that filled the voids left by departing soul pieces), and counseling, which helps your animal integrate the returned soul pieces and change the belief/attitude complex that created soul loss in the first place. Counseling also provides support for you and your animal friend. In addition, ritual work helps clear “old stuff” of the past, releases charged emotions, and celebrates the new change.

Other elements of shamanic healing may also include power animal retrieval, “soul theft” recovery, energy work and other healing techniques guided by spiritual helpers, and psychopomp work (assisting and comforting an animal who has or is transitioning to the “other side”).

I also offer “emergency services,” for times of trauma, death, or disappearances, when you feel your animal needs immediate help. (I am not always home, but will get to you as soon as possible.)

Phebe Mace
P.O. Box 267
Shaftsbury, VT 05262
United States
Phone 802-442-8341

Karen Collins, VMD Holistic Pet Healing
Dr. Collins provides Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Reiki, Healing Touch, Aromatherapy (Essential Oils) and Nutritional Support and Guidance, including dietary suggestions based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. She adds nutritional supplements from Standard Process and Veterinary Botanicals, when indicated, in her healing work with dogs and cats. In addition, Dr. Collins is able to provide Laser Therapy as an additional healing modality.

These complementary, alternative and holistic modalities offer many healing options. They provide a gentle, comprehensive approach to achieving wellness and maintaining health, while honoring an animal's innate healing power.

Please visit Dr. Collins NEW WEBSITE www.HolisticPetHealing.net

Those interested in discussing possible care for their pet can contact Dr. Collins at

215-687-6245. Dr. Collins sees patients in LANGHORNE, PA and DOYLESTOWN,PA.

Karen Collins, VMD, CVA, CVCH
148 East Maple Avenue
Langhorne, PA 19047
United States
Phone 215-687-6245

Karen Elpers, MS, CHT, CMT
I offer Holistic, Heart-Centered Swedish/Esalen and Sensual Massage, Hypnotherapy for Positive Change, Reiki classes and sessions with aromatherapy and crystals, Chakra Balancing, Natural Remedies, Holistic Nutrition, Herbal Therapy, Bach Flower Therapy, Spectro-Chrome Color Therapy, Classical Aromatherapy and Natural Health Counseling. I am also certified in Pet Massage, and offer compassionate healing touch for your dog or cat. Member: American Holistic Health Association; American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists; Dinshah Health Society. I welcome the opportunity to be of service to you. Peaceful healing space in Walnut Creek, California
Walnut Creek
Karen Elpers
Holistic Therapies
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
United States
Phone 925-963-8172

Lisa Jordan, LMP
Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Deep Tissue, Injury/Treatment, Reiki and Equine Massage, Organic massage/body/bath oil products.
Lisa Jordan
2281 - 116th Ave NE #200
Bellevue, WA 98004
United States
Phone 425-467-9377
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