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Animal Care - Alternative
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4 Animals
4 Animals offers professional therapeutic massage services to dogs and cats for their optimum well-being. Focused on preventative care, animal massage is an integral part of a holistic approach to health care promotion & rehabilitation for our animal companions.

Animal Massage services are offered in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and the surrounding area.

Diane Carruthers
5215 Rue Byron
Montreal, QU H3W 2E8
Phone 514-243-1004

A CT HERB SCHOOL (Certified)
The Connecticut Institute for Herbal Studies has taken the wisdom of 5000 years and translated it into an easy to understand system for teaching this art & science. Since 1992,the school led the way in teaching holistic health modalities to the public. Today, the school offers a variety of certified courses and programs revolving around Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, as well as Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Essences and Western Herbology. CIHS provides concise information taught in a clinical setting to adult learners.

Students may also elect to take an educational program in China that incorporates the study of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Chinese Medical Massage called Tui Na or Herbology) in a Beijing hospital with cultural touring as well.

A nationally accredited Home Study Program in Chinese Herbology is also available for those who would choose an independent, yet fully supported, learning experience.

Laura Mignosa, nationally certified Herbalist, provides appointments for care,is a national lecturer on Chinese Herbs and provides Chinese herbal formulas to treat cancer, arthritis, worms, and urinary tract crystals in pets as well.
United States
Phone 860-666-5064

A Path to Wholeness
Welcome to A Path to Wholeness!

I do hope you will enjoy your time here & find this an enriching experience. In the Gemstones & Crystals section, you'll enter the "Crystal Cove" to find a variety of gemstones & crystals to enhance your healing experience,elegant wire sculpted & beaded creations,as well as some publications. Please click on the photos to enlarge them in order to better appreciate the stone's beauty and detail. Stones vary in size, markings, coloration and availability.

Services includes information about Body-Mind-Spirit focused healing modalities: Reiki, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, and Craniosacral Therapy.

Articles: Just had to include this to gratify the left brain!. Read them & enjoy.

La Grange
Susan Dallmann
905 Hillgrove Ave. #1
La Grange, IL 60525
United States
Phone 630-205-0287

A Self Health Facilitator, LLC
After suffering crippling injuries in a auto accident, I spent 7 years in a wheelchair, my sons became my care providers. Then entered Nikken, I now have my life back and plan on spending the rest of it telling the world about these amazing products. Remember I'm only one of over 40 million satisfied customers in over 33 countries. Over the last four years I have helped people regain a good quality of life by utilizing the products and a spirit of giving. The best gift I've ever received was the tears of joy I shared with many who had lost hope.
Shoshana Rachel Gebelmann

Aloha, OR 97007
United States
Phone 503-848-8614
Fax 848-8614

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs
Sandy Laurel River, M.Ac., provides holistic health care for people. She is a licensed acupuncturist, a Tellington TTouch Practitioner, and is certified in Chinese Herbology. Tellington TTouch is a modality that was first devised for use with animals, and Sandy works with companion animals also. Tellington TTouch can also be used with people, and Sandy offers special Tellington TTouch facials that are rejuvenating, relaxing and fun.

Sandy River
5215 Garland Rd
Winslow, ME 04901
United States
Phone 207-877-0718
Fax 207-872-6367

Angel Animals Network
The Angel Animals Network is an organization dedicated to increasing love and respect for all life one story at a time.
Allen & Linda Anderson
POB 26354
Minneapolis, MN 55426
United States
Phone 952-925-3309
Fax 952-925-4729

Animal Healer / Reiki Master Healer and Teacher
Animal communicator, alternative animal healing practitioner and Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Alternative healing for animals, dog healing, cat healing and healing for horses. Reiki is a form of alternative healing and is not a religion. It does not require a belief system. Reiki for Animals works extremely well as animals live in the moment and have no preconceived notions to get over. We tune into the energy of the animal, as well as physical symptoms to determine the cause of illness. Distance healing is the transmission of Reiki energy to a person or animal without the Reiki practitioners being physically present. Reiki is not limited by time, space or distance, the healing energy channeled is as strong as that experienced during a personal visit.

Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa, CA 95409
United States

Animal Acupressure
Design and teach workshops on Animal Acupressure for animal guardians and bodyworkers. Classes are conducted worldwide. Write and produce books on acupressure for horses, dogs and cats as well as meridian charts for the same.

Nancy Zidonis
4559 W Red Rock Dr
Larkspur, CO 80118
United States
Phone 888-841-7211
Fax 303-681-2999

Animal Communicator, Judie Herman
All animals communicate with pictures, feelings, or words. I provide you with insights and recommendations to help resolve any issues, behavioral problems, nutritional questions or questions you might have about alternative therapies.
I will help you enhance your loving relationship and learn more about your animal companion’s point of view.
Judie Herman
POBOX 381052
United States
Phone 941-456-9331

Animal Communicator, Kristin Thompson
Telepathic communication with animals facilitating connection, balance, compassion and understanding among all species. Consultations conducted to explore your animal companion's feelings, thoughts, life purpose, desires, viewpoints. a simple and beautiful way to better know your beloved animal companion. Workshops in Basic Animal Communication. Lectures for individual groups, animal shelters, training facilities, animal organizations.
Kristin Thompson

Newfane, NY 14108-0172
United States
Phone 716-778-6233

Animal Oracle
As an animal oracle, I listen to the hearts and minds of our furred and feathered friends, speaking for them, telling their stories, and sharing their experiences with their loving companions and caretakers. Often their human companions have questions and concerns about behaviors or about their friend's histories, that can only be answered by the creatures themselves. Without voices of their own, those questions often remain unanswered... and behaviors that distress their human companions go unchanged. Assistance is now available, for both of you...

I have also been very successful in teaching people to hear and share their own hearts with their companion animals.
Jnanama (Jay) Ishaya
217 Paragon Pkwy, #211,
Clyde, NC 28721
United States
Phone 828-926-9834

Animal Teachers Enterprises
“Connecting People and Animals!” (c)

  • Animal Teachers offers a wide array of possibilities for you.

  • Do you want to know what the animals have to say to you? I offer readings and books.

  • Do you want to hold their energy? Receive animal empowerments, Reiki, or wear my jewelry infused with animal energies.

  • For those who want to know more, take the self-paced courses that I offer. (Receive credit for home schooling or adult education.)

  • Are you worried about your dear pet? Pet readings will help you discover how to help them. Animal friends Reiki will lessen their fears.

  • Animal Teachers provides these services and more. Receive the gifts from the animals and thrive!

  • http://www.animalteacherenterprises.com/index.html
    Virginia Carper
    5902G Queenston St
    Springfield, VA 22152
    United States
    Phone 703-569-3270

    Arlene Gillo, L.Ac.
    Arlene Gillo, L.Ac. specializes in facial/ cosmetic acupuncture, infertility for women and men and addiction; acupuncture and herbs for women's health, stress, anxiety, depression, sport injury, and much more. Arlene also provides nutritional and herbal consultation. Most insurance is accepted. Arlene also specializes in animal/veterinary acupuncture working mostly with dogs and cats.

    Arlene's animal acupuncture practice is at Rose City Veterinary Hospital in Pasadena. To make an appointment for your dog or cat, please call 626 796-8387.
    Los Angeles
    Arlene Gillo
    6711 Forest Lawn Drive, Suite 104
    Los Angeles, CA 90068
    United States
    Phone 323 851-7876
    Fax 323 851-7870


    "Where Seeing Your Pets Good Bloom Is What We're All About!
    Kim Bloomer - Natural Pet Care Consultant

    Young Living Essential Oils Available. To order use ID#767865 and CLICK HERE

    Kim Bloomer

    Albuquerque, NM 87109
    United States
    Phone 505-440-2691

    AusAngels - Flower Essences
    We are the Canadian Distributor for the Australian Bush Flower, Findhorn, Alaskan and South African Essences. Products include individual and combination essences, books, stock kits, flower insight cards and glass nail files.
    Lori Newton

    Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0
    Phone 1-866-477-6779
    Fax 1 604 648 8969

    Bison Quest on the Wild Echo Bison Reserve
    Hidden away in a Montana mountain wilderness, the Bison Quest camp of two authentic log cabins, Lakota Sioux tipis, and a native American style sweatlodge is surrounded by the sacred presence of our buffalo herd on Wild Echo Bison Reserve. Available for private retreats, family reunions, unusual weddings, unique family vacations, and more, Wild Echo Bison Reserve is a place to experience the peace and the healing that only the wild world can give us.

    We offer two types of unique vacation experiences on our wind and solar powered bison reserve. For a private vacation, where you are our only guests while here, try our Bison and Wildlife Adventure Vacation. Live in a log cabin, relax in a Lakota Sioux tipi, and experience the ancient rites of the sweatlodge while surrounded by a powerful bison herd in the magnificent Montana wilderness. Learn about the natural history of this awe-inspiring animal and participate in a bison behavioral study with our wildlife biologists. Enjoy the solitude or fill your days with activities like whitewater rafting, horseback riding, hiking, or participating in wildlife studies and eco projects alongside our biologists. We are not a 'dude ranch or typical resort' where you will spend your entire vacation and meals with strangers. Here, you are the private guests of internationally known wildlife biologists on the Wild Echo Bison Reserve shared only with wildlife, blue Montana skies and the Wild Echo bison herd.

    But for those of you (singles or groups) who want something different, who want to actually study wildlife, who wish to make the "wild" world a little better while learning about it, who want to be part of something bigger, then our Bison Quest Wildlife Internship Week is for you. To teach guests about wildlife, only 4-8 individuals are allowed on Wild Echo Bison Reserve for each Wildlife Internship Week. Some of the projects guests can chose from are to improve wildlife habitat on the reserve, others are bird and mammal studies where guests work alongside the professional wildlife biologists. Scheduled weeks are for singles and couples to meet like-minded folks, while private groups of families or friends can schedule their own “internship week”. And, after our 3 day work “week”, we whisk you off for a complimentary overnight trip to Yellowstone National Park.

    So, if you’re the adventurous sort who wants more than a "typical vacation”, if you’re curious and love new experiences and wild things, then come and join us for a Bison Quest Wildlife Vacation and let the wilderness heal you.

    Townsend, Montana
    Pamela Knowles
    PO BOX 890
    Townsend, Montana, MT 59644
    United States
    Phone 406-202-1584

    Bowen Directory
    Bowen Directory - Directory of Bowen Therapy Technique practitioners and instructors

    click here: BowenDirectory.com

    • United States - by state listings

    • Canada - by province listings

    • Germany

    • Netherlands

    • United Kingdom

    • Australia

    Bowen Directory
    938 S. Vine St.
    Denver, CO 80209
    United States
    Phone 303-777-0395

    Brandenburg Equine and Canine Massage
    Enhancing the life of your horse and dog
    Martins Ferry
    Becky Brandenburg
    610 Hickory St.
    Martins Ferry, OH 43935
    United States
    Phone 740-633-6639

    Cape Cod Reiki
    I am currently a Usui Reiki Level II Practitioner.

    I bring Reiki healing to people and their pets in the Upper Cape Cod area.
    Otis ANG Base
    Kristine Najdzion

    Otis ANG Base, MA
    United States

    Cape Cod Reiki
    I bring the Healing Light of Reiki to the people and animals in the Cape Cod area.

    I will do Reiki treatments in my home or yours. Pet visits are done in the owners' home for less stress. I will also do treatments in Vet Clinics or hospitals/nursing homes, etc.. if required. I can also send distance Reiki healing if the person/situation gives permission.
    Bourne(Otis ANG Base)
    Kristine Najdzion
    5392 Mitchell Ave
    Bourne(Otis ANG Base), MA 02542
    United States
    Phone 508-563-6441
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