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1 and All Healing by Seaintuit
Clairvoyant Psychic healer,distance reader and medical intuitive. Powerful chakra balancing and channeling offering accurate, detailed and specific answers to your questions in any area of your life.

Pure psychic with a natural gift without any "classroom" training of any sort. I trust what these angels and guides tell me because they are accurate and always on the mark and their information is exactly what I relay to you. I work with angels and a vortex of divine energy to heal, harmonize and balance your being on all levels. E-mail me at Nancy@seaintuit.com for more information or see my site www.seaintuit.com.
Rhode Island, United States
United States

A Healing Spa...Beach Bodyworks
We are a life enhancing enrichment center specializing in total mind, body, spirit makeovers! All natural slimming spa treatments, plastic surgery alternatives, longevity therapies and holistic healing methods. Providing spa transformation since 2000 and holistic healing methodologies since 1996.

ABOUT THE HEALER: I am a holistic, esoteric therapist/ counselor/life coach, Esoteric Master/Teacher, Tantric Therapist/Tantra Healer/Educator (see also PROFILE page for credentials).


Shakti/Shiva Therapy:

Tantric therapy / sex coaching(focusing on healing of sexual issues related to abuse, abandonment, relationship, and intimacy).

Tantra/Tantric Education (Learn techniques and skills to enhance your repertoire as well as heal issues regarding intimate relationships and relationships in general).


Life path guidance, enhancing creativity, emotional release work, self empowerment, addressing and releasing issues on any level, emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, counseling / life coaching/ readings / guidance using all clarienpathic methods, conscious channeling and psychometry, holistic psychotherapy, facilitating holistic healing sessions (see esoteric energy healing on website, remote/absentee healing, Chakra clearing, Reiki, multi-dimensional healing therapy, Theta DNA therapy, meditation, hypnotherapy, Angel therapy, manifesting miracles sessions and integrating Angel therapy.


Body treatments for detoxification, body sculpting, cellulite reduction, non-surgical face lift, all natural fat burning / weight loss body treatment, Liposuction alternative, pre-post operative support, lymphatic mobilization therapy, anti-aging / longevity therapies.

Serving the Southbay, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, LA's Westside, Malibu, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Orange County as well as those who travel far and wide to be our guest.


Sensuality and well being are my forte. It is everyone's right to love, be loved, be sensual & sexy, beautiful & dashing, empowered and enlightened. I will be your guide along the journey.

Being Type A by nature, people who are most drawn to me are those who are like minded. CEO/executives, lawyers, entertainment producers, athletes, power players etc are instantly charmed into comfort and mutual respect. Most are surprised by the level of intellectual banter that can be engaged during a session stimulating creative juices to enhance success in all areas of life.

All sessions are facilitated in Redondo Beach. Out call to select locations for select treatments for an additional fee.

Please visit www.ahealingspa.com for more information. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, M-Sat.

All calls are recorded for accuracy and and kept on file in the event of a discrepancy.


Redondo Beach
- Cyn thia-
Holistic Body Spa and Wellness Day Retreat
Redondo Beach, CA
United States
Phone see website for phone #

If you are looking to contact someone who has passed over, Aana helps people connect with loved ones on the other side. Many things can happen in a reading: you could find out how a loved one is doing, get closure, receive forgiveness, or just see what they have to say. Because of the spirit’s unique perspective, they are able to see your situation clearly, and are not fooled by appearances. Therefore they are helpful in decision making, finding unique solutions to problems and tipping you off to things you are not aware of. Your loved ones see the truth. They know the whole story. That is why your spirit guides and loved ones are so helpful when you are seeking guidance.

During a reading, Aana told a client that her heart was very clogged and that she needed to go to the doctor to have it looked at “as soon as possible!” and that it was a very serious condition. But her client “knew for a fact” that her heart was fine because her doctor had checked it recently. After a few minutes the client agreed to make another trip to the doctor, but she never actually did. In two weeks, this client suffered a major heart attack and had to be hospitalized and undergo a triple bypass. This timely advice could have saved a serious operation and a lot of expense.

Another client called and said he was going to quit his job the following day. Aana told him “do not quit! wait three weeks, something good is going to happen”. This man postponed quitting his job. In three weeks to the day, this client was promoted from Assistant, to Director of the entire organization. He had no idea he was even being considered, nor had he applied or showed any interest in this position. He was thrilled with the promotion as well as the raise in pay!



Phone 1-800-486-9810

Akasha Mystery School
Akasha Mystery School offers the channeled messages of the Ascended Master Angels Akasha and Asun offering Spiritual Guidance in the form of books, workshops and events. The art of Healing and the offering of ancient knowledge of Former Mystery Schools opens the way for the student on to path of Full Self Realization and Mastery as a God Spiritual Being. Healing and clearing of the emotional body is demonstrated.
Craig Russel

Vancouver, BC V6N 3C3
Phone 604-267-0919

Alyse Finlayson
Soul Interconnection, Angel Portraits

Alyse Finlayson views your angels for you and paints the images they present to her. The angels use the paintings to convey their love and support for you as well as mirroring to you your own innate divinity. All of the images and colors have many messages to support through the use of metaphor and symbolism.

An Angel Portrait is a joyful and welcome personal piece of art that you take away with you along with all the messages and support from your angels. You will bring home a touchstone of your angel and a way to connect with your own divinity visually. It gives you a painting you can view along with all the messages of reassurance and confirmation of your value as a humane being living here on earth.

Each Angel Portrait is unique to the person it is being painted for. Please visit the website to view the gallery of Angel Portraits.

The medium used for the portraits is oil pastel and watercolor pencil on acid free, cold press watercolor paper.
Alyse Finlayson
9180 SW Chelan Pl
Beaverton, OR 97008
United States
Phone 503-521-1473

Andrea Allen
Andrea is a internationally recognized intuitive psychic medium, spiritual energy worker and a Angelspeake Facilitator who as delivered healing messages to thousands from their loved ones in spirit for over 20 years. As a medium, Anrea works with the spirits of loved ones to reaffirm that there is life after death by providing the evidence that your loved ones are witness to the lives that we are living since there passing. This brings healing and much closure to those still in the physical world. Many feel that this is a much deeper healing for them as some have refered this as a Spirit Counseling session!

Andrea is avaliable for psychic/medium readings one on one sessions, either in person or over the phone. Skype service is avaliable as well. Others my opt if they are planning an event to have gallery style (John Edward) publice demonstrations in mediumistic/psychic readings.

Visit www.andreaallen.com or media pages, face book or twitter for more information and up dates, events ! Events are periodically throughout the United States. In person sessions currently are in Massachuettes and North Carolina. Andrea is also avaliable for phone readings via skype or conventional phone.
Asheville,North Carolina
Andrea Allen

Asheville,North Carolina, Massachusettes
United States

Angel Animals Network
The Angel Animals Network is an organization dedicated to increasing love and respect for all life one story at a time.
Allen & Linda Anderson
POB 26354
Minneapolis, MN 55426
United States
Phone 952-925-3309
Fax 952-925-4729

Angel Connections by Lori
I am a Lightworker, Intuitive Counselor and a Channel for Spirit, the Angel of Abundance and Elohim Angel Arcturus. I have been selected to be a spiritual healer doing Higher Consciousness Work through psychic angel tarot readings and spiritual counseling. In addition, I have developed Arcturus Violet Flame Reiki as a means of assisting healing of spirit as well as mind and body. My tools of choice for Divination are the Tarot and an amethyst crystal pendulum for dowsing. SPECIAL: CALL OR EMAIL FOR ONE FREE QUESTION! 310-547-9420; lori@angelconnectionsbylori.com
San Pedro
Rev. Lori Healy-Reed
860 W 5th St. #218
San Pedro, CA 90731
United States
Phone 310-547-9420
Fax 310-547-9420

Angel Essence Massage
Angel Card Readings delivered directly to your email address.

I connect with your angels and guides and pass on to you their loving messages

Massage and Bach Flower Consultations appointmentsalso available

Recieve a message from your angels during your massage using a blend of essential oils and Bach® Flower Essences, determined by your unique needs at the time of the session.

Massage Practitioner
Bach®Flower Consultant
Angel Therapy Practitioner®
cherry hill
Karen Bianco
cherry hill, NJ 08034
United States
Phone (856) 207-7282

Angel Healing
I channel information during distance Reiki sessions and relay information from angels, guides and loved ones to the client. Systemic diseases, chronic illnesses and injuries can respond well to Reiki.

Reiki is LOVE.
Elena Christian

Salem, OR 97301
United States
Phone 503-551-3939

Angel Wings Healing Pty Ltd
I provide a caring, personalised, holistic approach to resolving unwanted behaviours and symptoms, allowing you to move towards your highest potential.

HYPNOTHERAPY covering all areas, specialising in stress management, confidence/self-esteem, weight issues, stop smoking, phobias and all spiritual areas, including Past Life Therapy.

ANGEL-GUIDED hands-on healing incorporates aspects of Reiki and other forms of channelled energy.

REIKI I, II & Master Workshops

SPIRITUAL EGYPT TOUR 30 Oct. - 13 Nov. 2006
Box Hill South
Michelle Mayur
20 Grandview Rd
Box Hill South, VIC 3128
Phone 0398880138
Fax 0398083315

Angelic Healing Center
Reiki 1 is usually taught on the First
Friday or Saturday of the Month - $110. Learn self-healing (for others also) - 4 empowerments.
Reiki Second Degree is usually taught
on the Last Friday or Saturday of the month - $210. Learn distance healing, deepen your healing - All workshops include manual & Certificate. Reiki Master classes and Karuna Reiki - call for dates. Reiki Healing circle(since 1996) for Reiki Practitoners only - 1st & 3rd Tuesdays 7:30pm

Private healing sessions - $70 .
Reiki is wonderful - it's self-empowering, stress reducing and pain reducing. Call for
appointments or class sign ups. Please
no dropins. Office off Exit 16/EastAve - Angelic Reiki Blessings, Gigi
Gigi Benanti
7 Morgan Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06851
United States
Phone 203-852-1150

Angelic Reflections

Susan is a very gifted intuitive artist that is able to see into the angelic realms, to draw a portrait of your personal angels. Connect, communicate and heal with your guardian angels. And more angel inspired drawings, greeting cards and the New - Angel Wish Boxes.

Art is a gift from the Creator
It stimulates our imaginations
It awakens the mind and spirit
It heals the heart and soul of all,
who take the opportunity to enjoy it's beauty.

Blue Springs
Susan Prout

Blue Springs, MO 64015
United States
Phone 816.377.3507

Angels by Sharae
Angel Paintings by Internationally recognized intuitive Angel Artist Sharae Taylor, an artist on a Spiritual Journey. God works through her beautiful, ethereal art astonishing most who come into contact with these Angel paintings and their reaction to the Love & Light that projects from these " Living " works of Art. Guardian Angels and Archangels work through Sharae delivering their messages of Light. Her purpose is to deliver artwork that has a " message ". Art your soul responds too.

" Divine energy is at work assisting alternative and spiritual healing through Angel therapy in the form of fine art. "

Personalized Angel paintings ... Guardian Angel, Archangel, Relationhips, Sympathy & Comfort, Family Angel portrait, Indigo Child and the Crystal Child ... each painting is an original created specifically for the individual, individuals or family. Makes an excellent gift ...

Newly added "Ask Your Angel a Question"

Sharae Taylor

Aberdeen, NC 28315
United States

Angels' Corner Reiki Center
S. Gail Verbos, C.Ht., RMT, has been practicing Reiki since the early 1980's. I have found myself truly blessed to pass on these teachings to some of the most incredible healers of our time. I am available for Personal Reiki Therapy & Reiki Instruction, Meditation Groups & Instruction, Spiritual Counseling...as well as facilitator of The Melchizedek Method of ascension training & healing. (Classes can be facilitated in your hometown as well. Please ask for details). Reiki Tables & Supplies by Living Earth Crafts & The Oval, Music & Books for relaxation, meditation and healing.

We are available by appointment only, Telephone: 661/254-5120
E-mail: AngelsCorner@socal.rr.com

Santa Clarita
S Gail Verbos

Santa Clarita, CA 91321-1497
United States
Phone 661/254-5120

Avalon's Enchanted Journeys


Smudge sticks, crystal balls and crystals

Red Wing
Nan Vaught
Riverfront Center
Red Wing, MN 55066
United States
Phone 888-472-7662

Barbara Rose Royal
The purpose of my work is to assist you in awakening to your Inner Creator so you may achieve health, happiness and the limitless supply of everything you need in your life. I use the following tools, some which can be learned and adapted to a new or existing spiritual practice:

  • Feeling-Based, Affirmative Prayer

  • Angel Therapy

  • BioSpiritual Healing

  • Surrogation

  • Angel Card Readings

  • Spiritual Mentoring

    Serving humankind, globally, from the Colorado Springs area
  • Woodland Park
    Barbara Royal
    111 Pike View Avenue
    Woodland Park, CO 80863
    United States
    Phone 719-687-1191

    Beth Budesheim*Painted Journeys
    Beth Budesheim~

    Intuitive Guide * Angel Therapy Practitioner© * Artist * Energy Practitioner * LMT * RN

    Through energy medicine, intuitive readings, art, and bodywork, I assist others to expand the presence of their well-being, inner Light & possibilities, to open the pathways to flow & their own rhythm, and access greater peace, clarity, creativity, well-being & inspiration. Feel better ~Live better.

    I love observing, gazing upon and painting the Light and Great Mystery within everything (including YOU!) and by doing so turning up it's volume, supporting it's potential and fuller expression.

    I currently live in New Mexico and works with clients both in-person and by email and phone.

    Beth Budesheim

    Tesuque, NM 87574
    United States
    Phone 505-796-4033

    Calico Tales Wellness Centre
    Relax, Rejuvenate, Revitalize!!! Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive form of relaxation therapy which can stimulate your body's own, natural self-healing abilities. It can help to reduce stress and pain. It can aid in grief management. Reiki increases creativity and helps you restore balance to your mind, body and spirit. In-house or outcall sessions offered. Reiki workshops and classes offered in levels I-III. Please call or email for details.
    Maureen Blakeley
    Suite 7, Loyalist Plaza, Amherstview
    Amherstview, ONT K7N 1S3
    Phone 613-888-2892 or 613-888-7354

    Carole Seaver, MA, NCC, D.CEP
    Holistic Spiritual Counseling and Energy Psychology for living authentically by aligning your thoughts, words, and actions with your soul's intent for optimal health/healing. Meridians and Chakras are seen as Maps of Consciousness and interpreted with a specific symptom and/or issue in the Field. This aids us in making the 'unconscious' conscious and allows clearing and healing of imbalances and disruptions that may be manifested physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Every emotion is seen as a signal that life is going well or that it's not! Every symptom is a message from the body and is understood as an attempt to regain or maintain balance and harmony in a certain area of one's life. The body is the subconcious mind and works for us to keep us on track or get us back on track for healthy, joyful living.
    Toms River
    Carole Seaver
    555 West Earl Ct.
    Toms River, NJ 08753
    United States
    Phone 908-278-2729
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