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Alexander Technique
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Allen, Rey - Certified Advanced Rolfer ®
Rey Allen, Certified Advanced Rolfer ®


Not to be confused with 'deep-tissue massage', ROLFING is the most effective way of getting to the source of a postural or structural problem.

ROLFING is a hands-on approach to correcting posture. Through subtle reshaping of the soft tissue, ROLFING returns the body to its proper alignment.

There is a growing amount of mainstream scientific research documenting the effectiveness of Rolf therapy. A 1988 study published in the Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association indicated that Rolfing greatly influenced the parasympathetic nervous system, which can help speed the recovery of damaged tissue. Other studies done in the 1980s concerned the effectiveness of Rolfing in treating figure skaters, self confidence and children with cerebral palsy. In 1992 a presentation was made to the National Center of Medical Rehabilitation Research regarding Rolfing in the treatment of degenerative joint disease. A 1997 article in The Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy reported that Rolfing can provide effective and sustained pain relief from lower back problems. The Department of Movement Behavior at UCLA in conjunction with the California Department of Mental Hygiene has shown with Rolfing creates a more efficient use of muscles, allows the body to conserve energy, and creates economical and refined patterns of movement.

Basically, ROLFING provides real and lasting relief for chronic or recent aches and pains, including:

~ Poor posture

~ Muscle tension

~ Injuries


~ Neck pain & Headaches

~ Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

~ Carpal Tunnel

~ Helps with poor digestion (Visceral Manipulation)

~ Low back pain

~ Tight hips

~ Foot pain from breaks, high or low arches

Professional History:

Professional Bodyworker for 14 years. Certified Rolfer for 8 years.

For the last 2 years I have been an assistant teacher to a prominent Rolf Instructor on the subject of BioMechanics assisting in over 20 classes to Rolfers internationally.

Sept 08 to May 09, I’m enrolled in multiple classes abroad to receive my advanced certification with the European Rolfing Association.

In addition to my advanced certification, I am currently enrolled in a 2-year certification in Visceral Manipulation with The Barral Institute.

Specialized skills: BioMechanics, Visceral Manipulation.

Please forward this to anyone you know that might benefit from these services.

New York
Rey Allen
145 East 16th St. (at 3rd ave) Ground FL.
New York, NY 10003
United States
Phone 917.539.1707

Amy Ward Brimmer
I teach the Alexander Technique, a body-mind method of learning to release excess tension in order to regain natural movement, restore health, recover from trauma, or explore the energetic connection between body, mind, and spirit. Using gentle touch and verbal guidance, in an hour-long private lesson, we let go of unconscious habit and reconnect to our authentic selves. I specialize in applying the AT to childbirth and the performing arts, but people from all walks of life can benefit from Alexander lessons. Semi-private lessons and group classes also available.
Amy Ward Brimmer
124 S. Bell Ave.
Yardley, PA 19067
United States
Phone (917) 216-5850

Charles Alexander
The Charles Alexander Revue stayed around for over 15 years, with shows in over 125 cities in the southeast of the USA.
Charles Alexander
Post Office Box 1598
Durham, NC 27704
United States
Phone 919-220-9382

Debbie Killian
The Alexander Technique is a simple, practical method for re-directing tension
into useful energy. Private lessons provide an opportunity to observe how
habitual movement patterns can interfere with our daily lives and create dis-
comfort. The principles of Mr. Alexander's discoveries are applied to a wide
range of activities, from highly specialized performance skills to the everyday
tasks of sitting, standing and walking. Our movements are guided into unhabitual
territory by promoting awareness through the use of gentle hands-on work. We
learn to unleash more of our inherent balance, vitality and grace.
Ellicott City
Deborah Killian
12314 Fawn River Way
Ellicott City, MD 21042
United States
Phone 410.531.0221

Human Design: A Center for Studying Alexander Technique
Human Design is a center for neuromuscular re-education dedicated to exploring the inherent ease of movement found in our unique human structure. Alexander Technique forms the cornerstone of our work. Other modalities supporting the classes and private lessons here include Reiki Energy Work, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, and Authentic Movement.
Toni Poll-Sorensen
N8204 627th St
Colfax, WI 54730
United States
Phone 715-235-3350
Fax 715-235-3350

Joan Arnold
Muscular tension? Chronic pain? Want to feel more comfortable and physically integrated? I can help. Using the Alexander Technique, I will teach you simple principles to apply to your everday movement that will improve your posture, decrease back pain, lessen repetitive strain, and ease sore neck muscles.
With Alexander's principles, I work to achieve body harmony using a guiding healing touch to help you reduce tension and regain ease in your daily actions.
New York
Joan Arnold

New York, NY
United States
Phone 718/768-2746

Josephine Gray
The Alexander Technique was developed over a hundred years ago and is an educational process taught in most major theater dance and music programs in the world. While remaining an essential part of the Performing Arts, it's application is very valid in the sports arena, as well as computer use and public speaking.

By learning how to recognize and change faulty postural habits, which are often the cause of carpal tunnel, tendonitis, back, neck and knee issues, the Technique is a long term approach to many chronic problems.
San Francisco
Josephine Gray
303 Green St
San Francisco, CA 94133
United States
Phone 415 781 1419

Southern Dharma Retreat Center
Southern Dharma Retreat Center is a 501 C (3) educational facility, welcoming a variety of spiritual paths, whose purpose is to offer meditation retreats.
Hot Springs
Dagmar Nickerson
1661 West Rd
Hot Springs, NC 28743
United States
Phone 828-622-7112
Fax 828-622-7112

Zora Natanblut RPT CST PhD
Physical Therapy: I am a gentle maunal holistic therapist who uses traditional and complementary modalities (CranioSacral and Alexander Technique)to help clients with pain management and wellness.

Alexander Technique: The Alexander Technique is a simple and practical method of improving, breath, posture, balance, coordination, ease and freedom of movement by releasing unnecessary tension.

CranioSacral Therapy: Through a gentle hands on approach bodily trauma is eased from scar tissue and muscles allowing organs and bones to be restored to proper alignment. SomatoEmotional Release is CranioSacral Therapy applied with an open ended dialogue to uncover emotional issues tied to issues of trauma, pain or malalignment.

I teach:

ShareCare - one day class for parents and caretakers.

Overview of CranioSacral Therapy - one day class

Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy - two day class

Monthly CranioSacral Study Groups for CS Therapists wishing to improve thier skills.

Spiritual Eldering: is the process of becoming an elder, of reviewing ones life, of comng to terms with mortality, of effecting intergenerational healing, of transmitting one's wisdom learned through life experience, of creating one's legacy and of being a mentor to others.

Spiritual Eldering is a new paradigm of the life cycle developed by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and described in his book, "From Aging to Sag-ing.

Spiritual Eldering is intergenerational and for people of all faiths and beliefs.
King of Prussia
Zora Natanblut

King of Prussia, PA 19406
United States
Phone 610-989-1777
ABC Water Damage Repair
Website: www.ny-waterdamage.com/newyork-waterdamagerestoration-emergency-service.html At NY Water Damage Restoration we know about the troubles that present themselves with damage and our unmatched water damage restoration care can remove the concerns that can seriously affect you and your home or business. At NY Water Damage Restoration we know that water damage emergencies take place when you don't expect them at all, and that is why we are able to assist you when you need us any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need damage restoration services you must find help quickly, no matter the time, and you'll need an experienced water damage restoration business who are available any time to get the job done for you. Contact us any time for your commercial or residential requirements, from small problems to large emergencies. NY Water Damage Restoration is at the ready and always there for you.

157 W 123rd St, suite 335
Manhattan NY 10027
United States
Phone 212-547-8998
Adam Bailey
I am a teacher of the Alexander Technique with a private practice in Cambridge, MA. I also have a master's degree in Counseling Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. With some clients, I do counseling-oriented bodywork.
Adam Bailey
6 Bigelow Street
Cambridge MA 02139
United States
Phone 978 461 0946
Adam Bailey
I am a teacher of the Alexander Technique with a private practice in the Boston area. I have a second office:
Bigelow Street Healing Arts
6 Bigelow Street
Cambridge, MA. 02139
Adam Bailey
4-3 Oak Ridge Drive
Maynard MA 01754
United States
Phone (978)461-0946
Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Queens
Website: atlanticventscleaning.com Atlantic Vents Cleaning is a family business. We love our work, we do it professionally and cherish our customers. We are here to provide high quality cleaning services such as: Professional Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Dryer Vent Installation, Dryer Vent Inspection, Chimney / Fireplace Cleaning as well as Video Inspection. We do Commercial and Residential cleaning. With over 5 years of experience, impeccable reputation, and great references, we provide only quality services. Centralized Air duct Hvac Cleaning. We will clean a heating/air conditioner unit at your house using powerful vacuums and specialized tools. Our trained technician will remove accumulated dirt and debris to improve the air quality at your house. The benefits of a freshly cleaned air duct system include: Cleaner, fresher & healthier air inside your house/building/office, Mechanical units will perform more efficiently when coils and blowers are cleaned which means energy and money savings for you, Full service of air system cleaning includes cleaning out all the vents including the return ones as well as the furnace/air handler. This is the heart of the air system and it should be cleaned as well. When we clean your air ducts, we remove all the vent covers to wash them and brush inside the ducts to the air conditioning unit.
Long Island City

45-18 11th St
Long Island City NY 11101
United States
Phone 929-394-5044
Albany Dental
Welcome to Albany Dental, where our doctors and friendly, compassionate team are dedicated to giving patients in and around Queens, NY a uniquely personal dental experience. You’re never just a patient or a number when you come to us – you’re a distinct individual with your own needs and goals. Whether you just want a more confident smile or you’re looking for more advanced care, you’ll find the help you need. Albany Dental is a neighborhood family dental center located in Albany, New York. It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality of dental care and service in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere while working within your budget and schedule. Whether it's a simple cleaning, single crown, a dental implant, or a full mouth restoration, we provide a service that is unsurpassed. Our goal is to achieve a natural result with gentle, pain free, affordable dentistry. Albany Dental has earned a reputation for providing dental excellence in a caring environment and we are committed to maintaining that reputation. We closely work with all specialists including Endodontist (root canal specialist), Periodontist (gum surgery specialist) an Oral Surgeon and when required, an Anesthesiologist. Each treatment room is furnished with the very latest equipment to maximize patient comfort. By using only the latest technology available, we allow our dentists and technicians to produce consistently high results for our patients. All our equipment and materials are selected from the best, most highly reputable brands and suppliers.
Albany Dental

Delmar NY 12054
United States
Phone 518-261-4800
A Psycho-physical Technique, that teaches you how to achieve more by doing less !
Alex Maunder
79 brookland Rise
London London NW11
Phone 0208 455 1878
Alexander Technique
This powerful psycho-physical re-education promotes an easier life with more freedom in muscles and joints, making fundamental change to individuals.
Jann McMichael

Phone 0064 9 6344155
Alexander Technique Nebraska
Robert Rickover, Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique offering individual lessons and classes in Lincoln, 475-4433.
Robert Rickover
2434 Ryons St.
Lincoln NE
United States
Phone 68502
Alexander Technique PHL
Offering skills for increased well-being. I'm happy to answer questions via phone or email.
Kathryn Worley
East Falls, Center City, Northern Liberties
Philadelphia PA
United States
Phone 267.414.4334
Alexander Technique Yew Street Studio
Lene Kroll is a teaching member of STAT and CANSTAT. Her studio is in the Kerrisdale area of Vancouver.
Lene Kroll
#213 2170 W. 44th Ave
Vancouver BC V6M 2G3
Phone 778-370-1322
Alexander Technique Yew Street Studio
Lene Kroll gives private lessons out of her studio in the Kerrisdale area of Vancouver B.C.
Lene Kroll
#213 2170 W. 44th Ave
Vancouver BC V6M 2G3
Phone 778-370-1322
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