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We have invented and patented an herbal formulation for control of AIDS /HIV after a research and survey of seven years and it is marketed as ARV CAPSULES ,manufactured by GMP certified company of thity years of existence and excellence at MADRAS ,India and it is microbes free and it can be imported as FOOD SUPPLEMENT for Aids patients and it works well even without any conventional anti virals .web site arvherbals.com can be seen for case details and basic pathology of hiv
palaniappan meenakshisundaram
74 Thiyagigal Road
Devakottai, Tamilnadu 630302
Phone 914561 272336 / 91 9443024596
Fax 91 452 2341596

Perfect Waters, LLC
We provide full body evaluations via electrodermal screening and through radionics testing. We offer energy healing sessions through BioGenesis tools, both in person and remotely. In addition, we carry a line of bio-energetic products for balancing, detoxing and addressing specific healing issues for you, your pets and your home. We have seen people's success with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, lupus, MS, mercury/chemical toxicity, radiation and many other challenges. We also carry beauty and weight loss products.
New Lenox
Sue Mount
P.O. Box 162
New Lenox, IL 60451
United States
Phone 877-890-7709
Fax 877-890-7709
Advanced Plumbing Services LLC
Website : http://advancedplumbingloveland.com
Jim Ladd
6100 Mossycup Ct
Loveland CO 80538
United States
Phone 970-663-5230
CA licensed Naturopathic Doctor
Naturopathic Medicine by Dr. Coleen Murphy, California licensed naturopathic doctor specializing in immune wellness, women's health and detoxification.
San Francisco
Coleen Murphy
207A Sanchez Street
San Francisco CA 94114
United States
Phone 415.513.7271
Deepak Jain
Most convenient way to buy contraceptives online. Best online shop for wide varieties of Condoms at the lowest rates at your door step
Deepak Jain
United States
Phone 9818543888
Delta32 Gene Labs
Delta32 Gene Testing is a genetic testing service which is available for individuals and couples interested in knowing if they have the CCR5 Delta 32 gene. This gene provides resistance to infection by HIV.
Gary Trail

Phone 1300 657 534