Reflexology: Hands-On Healing At Your Fingertips
A brief overview of the history of reflexology as well as suggestions of simple self care techniques.

July 13th 2017 - Reflexology is an ancient hands-on healing technique known and used around the world to promote health. The practice is based on the principle that there are specific areas on the feet and hands which correspond to the organs, glands, skeletal system and other parts of the body.

The origins of reflexology can be found throughout a variety of indigenous cultures world wide. According to Inge Dougans, founder of the South African Reflexology Society and author of The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology, “a widely held theory is that reflexology originated in China about 5000 years ago.” On page 49 of her book, she goes on to say “Many reputable reflexologists have stated their belief in this theory even though concrete proof is evasive.”

An on-line search will also produce references to the supposed Chinese roots of reflexology dating back as early as 4000 B.C. and involving a physician, Dr. Wang Wei, who used it in combination with acupuncture to relieve symptoms. However, the earliest documented proof of the technique stems from an ancient Egyptian pictograph, dating from around 2300 B.C. Unearthed from a sacred site known as the Physician’s Tomb, the scroll shows practitioners working with the hands and feet of receivers.

In western culture, reflexology was born out of Zone Analgesia which was discovered by Dr. William FitzGerald (1872-1929). In his research on oral pain relief, Dr. FitzGerald found teeth could be desensitized for dental operations by applying clothes pins to the tips of the fingers.

From this research, FitzGerald went on to discover 10 longitudinal reflex zones that traverse the body from head to toes. Zone Theory was later expanded by Dr. Shelby Riley who further specified the concept, discovering additional horizontal zones across the hands and feet.

Dr. Riley’s work with Zone Theory then caught the interest of a physical therapist, Eunice Ingham (1889-1974). Using Zone Theory in her treatment of patients, she documented dynamic relationships between hand and foot reflex areas and specific parts of the entire body.

Ingham also discovered that applying alternating pressure to these reflexes was a key to stimulating a healing response in the corresponding bodily locations. From this research, she created the copyrighted maps upon which all modern reflexology practice is now based.

Though professional reflexology takes training and certification, there are many self-care techniques with which anyone can experiment. Just try taking a few minutes to massage your thumbs or big toes when you have a headache. These aspects of the hands and feet relate specifically to the head.

So relax into some easy self care. You may find unexpected tender spots. If so, stop for a moment and apply a comfortable level of pressure. Then cycle through gently increasing and decreasing the depth of contact for a minute or so. Move on to another spot and repeat the process. Odds are that by simply working with thumbs or big toes in this way, your headache will abate or completely disappear.

This very distinct, energy-based relationship between the head, hands, and feet is not the only one of its kind. These connections abound in reflexology, making it possible to reduce or completely relieve symptoms throughout the body.

From ancient civilizations to modern practice, reflexology has emerged as a time-honored method of preventative health care. Though it may sound complicated, once you know the basics of theory, technique and safety, this therapeutic discipline is both straightforward and profoundly effective. So, if you find this article has sparked your interest, be sure to seek training or treatment from qualified professionals.

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