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Energy Healing Schools
REI-KI-GONG I, II, III A Healer In Every Family
Mar 24 to 25, 2018
Rei-Ki-Gong I, II & III - A HEALER IN EVERY FAMILY! Imagine how much harmony and wellbeing we could create in our communities – if stress, pain, anxiety and blockages were prevented or removed AS they occur! SIMPLE & AFFORDABLE! *Rei-Ki-Gong is a blend of QiGong and Reiki techniques. Raise your Chi level - strength, vitality, clarity, retard aging AND receive Reiki I, II, III attuments for healing of self and others. Two day workshop $350 .00 includes lunch, certification, attunements – JoyRae Freeman, Master Healer, QiGong & Reiki Master Instructor

If you have taken the RKG I & II, you may attend the level III on Sunday and receive your Reiki Master III certificate for $200. If you wish to review the entire class - both days $250.

Time 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
10 - 5 Sat & Sun
Ticket 350
Location Helena, Montana - map provided after registration
Helena, MT
URL View WebSite
Contact JoyRae Freeman - 406-422-4346 rkg@joy2u.org


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