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Personal Growth - Healing Arts

Empowerment Group

Call or E-mail: 812-267-7713 dona@spiritualenergysolutions.com

Entered by donadaubitzbarry.byregion.net

Empowerment Classes are a process of you learning how to create and develop a design of empowerment that works for you. This is about learning to feel good about you...no matter what!!! This will consist of creating, developing and learning skills that suits your needs... i.e. build self-confidence, learn assertiveness, learn who you really are and not what someone tells you who you are... suggested skills to practice to help you live life on this planet... Develop and learn how to have inner peace when chaos happens...Find and develop skills to build self-trust are just a few... We will have open discussions of ideas of what works and doesn't work in your day to day living...and much more.
$20.00 for group on the 28th of September
OR Schedule an Individual for $40.00

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