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Natural Healing Arts
The Natural Healing Arts provides Acupuncture, Nutrition Services, Personal Vision, Reiki, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Therapeutic Massage, and Yoga in a serene atmosphere. Personal sessions and classes are offered. Our information center includes listings of affiliated members in the local community.

Come to our free open house events that are scheduled monthly (see web site for events). We also offer special events for groups.
Kerry Blubaugh
205 N. Monroe Street, 2nd flr.
Media, PA 19063
United States
Phone 610-566-1966

Natural Medicine
What is Natural Medicine?

The practice of Natural Medicine is the promotion of health, the assessment of emotional, mental and physical state and the resultant Natural Medicine therapeutic techniques to improve emotional and adaptive function.

This includes, but is not limited to, nutritional and dietary therapeutics, botanical/herbal remedies, mechanical therapy (Reflexology, massage, etc.), homeopathy and vibrational medicine.

What is the Association of Doctors of Natural Medicine – Alberta (ADNMA)?

ADNMA was first formed as an association for all Alberta Doctors of Natural Medicine registered with EBNMP. Over the last few years, the Association has expanded to include other levels of membership, including all Wholistic Practitioners, Alternative Practitioners, Complementary Health Practitioners, and Manual Therapy Practitioners (body-workers) – as well as students of natural medicine who are working towards attaining the DNM designation.

Additionally we also have membership available to people and businesses, who provide services to our membership - health industry suppliers.

What is the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners (EBNMP)?

The EBNMP is a regulating body for all Doctors of Natural Medicine (DNMs), acting as an “umbrella” to unify practitioners globally within the field of Natural Medicine. However, membership is not limited to DNMs, and EBNMP has categories for different levels of practitioners. Members who are not DNMs have the option of staying within their membership designation or working towards DNM level.

Because the EBNMP has different levels of membership, so too, does the ADNMA.

For more information about the Examining Board, go to:


The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners - Canada

For more information about the Alberta Association, contact the ADNMA directly at:

780 - 443 - 0315.


Suite #550, 9768 - 170 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5T 5L4
Phone 780-443-0315

Natures Things Wellness Center
Quality health products : Natural herbal Tea-bags, capsules, tonic, lotion, also hair, body & skin-care products, weight management tea & Capsules, Naturopathic Remedies with forulation classic tea...etc. We also have variety of Vitamins, Minerals & other health supplement. For Professional Service: We have two location to serve you, Free Nutritional Counsultation & health condition evaluation using microscope blood study monitoring the program processing, Ozonation Hyperthemic Chamber for healing process, hormonal & diet balance to restore a healthier body able to heal itself, another way to heal Diabetic, Arthritis, Vitiligo, even just simple as detoxify program.......Etc.
Thomas Dr. Tong
2100 E William J Bryan Parkway
Bryan, TX 77802
United States
Phone 9797760888
Fax 776-0882

Naturopathic Doctor
The Wellness Institute is a holistic clinic located in Toronto. It is home to variety of holistic practitioners providing the following services:

Naturopathic Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Colon Hydrotherapy, Botanical Medicine, Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology, Registered Massage Therapy,

Aromatherapy, Custom Orthotics, Sensitivity Testing

Clinical Nutrition, Bowen Therapy, Detoxification Wraps, Women's Health, and Diagnostic Blood Work. Dr. Taras Rodak is the Naturopathic doctor and clinic director at the Wellness Institute.

Dr. Taras Rodak
954 Royal York Road
Toronto, ONT M8X 2E5
Phone 416-234-1888
Fax 416-234-0006

Deirdre Rawlings is a board-certified naturopathic doctor and holistic health practitioner whose mission and purpose is to empower you with cutting-edge health and nutrition information with which to help you live a long and healthy life. Deirdre is a certified holistic nutritionist, master herbalist, and a certified health & wellness coach and graduated with a PhD in holistic nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health. She has written hundreds of health and nutrition articles and her recent book Food that Helps Win the Battle against Fibromyalgia, (published by Fairwinds Press, July, 2008), is endorsed by leading health authorities and experts such as Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, Stephen Sinatra, MD, and Jonny Bowden, PhD.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain energy, heal yourself of an unwanted condition, or simply to live your life to your fullest potential, Deirdre will assist you on your healing journey as well as keep you up-to-date with optimal health and wellness information and sound nutritional advice that is valuable and timely and that you won’t want to miss.

Deirdre specializes in Stress disorders of all kinds and works with people with a variety of health conditions and issues which include: Diabetes, Obesity, Weight Loss, Hormonal Imbalances, Energy enhancement, Fibromyalgia, Attention Deficit, Children's Health & Wellness, Irritable Bowel, Colitis, Crohn's disease, Mal-Absorption problems and more. She enjoys helping her clients achieve increased health, vitality and wellness.

She empowers her clients with education and uses a wide variety of effective, natural healing methods to help people achieve optimum health. They include:

* Dietary Analysis & Customized nutrition therapy

* Thorough Analysis & Health History

* Herbal remedies

* Detoxification

* Hydrotherapy

* Specialized Metabolic Testing

* Hair Mineral Analysis

* Holistic Health Workshop

Wellness Coaching * Complimentary Consultation

This combination of thorough health analysis, effective healing methods, and client education effectively addresses long-term health conditions as well as more recent problems a client may be experiencing.

Deirdre is not a medical doctor and does not diagnose or prescribe medications. Deirdre does not advise clients to work against their medical doctor. She seeks to empower them with information and knowledge that allows them to make healthy lifestyle choices where needed.

In addition, Deirdre is a certified aromatherapist and designs custom blends for clients based on their individual needs. She is a certified Feng Shui consultant and conducts personal consultations for your home, office, and personal space and your entire overall wellbeing.
Peachtree City
Deirdre Rawlings, ND, PhD.
156 Peachtree East Shopping Center, Suite 108
Peachtree City, Georgia 30269
United States
Phone 770-964-1827
Fax 770-964-3842

Pathways To Wellness
Natural Holistic Health Counselor. Providing nutritional guidance, iridology evaluation, kinesiology, herbal and vitamin therapies,body typing, hair analysis, blood typing weight loss programs, homeopathy, energy healing,reflexology, massage therapy, yoga, meditation and workshops and retreats for companies and groups.

Yoga Teachers Training Courses will be starting in the new Corpus Christi, Texas location in early 2002.

Corpus Christi
Evy Coppola
13845 Flintlock Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78418
United States
Phone (361) 949 4790
Fax (361) 949 4790

Providence Wholistic Healthcare
Providence Wholistic Healthcare is a comprehensive natural family medicine and acupuncture clinic offering a full range of holistic health options to promote health and wellness for clients throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Naturopathy and Chinese medicine address pediatric and adult health, acute and chronic illnesses, as well as the prevention of disease. As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Frodermann uses nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, bodywork, and counseling to promote health and wellness. The clinic offers Acupuncture and the Bowen Therapeutic Technique.
Sheila M. Frodermann, ND
144 Waterman Street, Suite #3
Providence,, RI 02906
United States
Phone 401-455-0546

Quantum Wellness Center


Increase Immune Energy and Curb Stress Addiction Dis-Ease Cycle.

1400 bio-chemicals poisoning you an hour: nutrient mal-absorption, indigestion, fatigue, adrenal-thyroid, trauma, weight, virus, toxins, allergy, irritable bowel and 90% dis-eases.

Learn to be Your Own "Know-How" Coach.

Each moment is an opportunity for enhanced success, ease, health, joy, energy, productivity, goodness, peace, flowering virtues, possibilities.

Train to have a Coherent Heart Rhythm. "Dis-ease begins in the heart, in dis- positions and attitudes." - L. Day MD. Gain energy; better health, test-golf scores, clear tranquil thinking, 90% better health, lower blood pressure, higher morale, more resiliency and carefree philosophy.



  • Body Electric-Acu BioFeedback: Normalizer

  • Heart Rhythm Biofeedback & Games, Age 8+

  • Yoga-Meditation-Breath Classes

  • Vision Quest: Study Group

  • Telephone Consultations and Sessions

  • Corporate Retreats: 1/2 hr, 2, 6 hours ($17 ROI for every training dollar)

  • Bolton
    Mary Morrin, LBT, Adv CST, RYT
    Solomon Pond Mall Area, 495N/117 Exit 27, The Salt Box Country Store, 495N/117, 626 Main Street, Bol
    Bolton, MA 01740
    United States

    ROBERT C. ANGUS, N.D., B.Sc.

    BLUFFTON, OH 45817
    United States
    Phone 419.358.4627
    Fax 419.358.1855

    Robin Dix, C.N.C.
    We carry quality whole food and herbal products, Juicers and Dehydrators, and offer Nutrition Consultations for a reasonable fee.
    Robin Dix
    3 Cooper Street
    Wakefield, MA 01880
    United States
    Phone 781-224-0684
    Fax 781-246-6731

    Sally Kravich, M.S. Holistic Nutrition; C.N.H.P.
    Sally Kravich, The Natural Health Expert, holds a MS degree in Holistic Nutrition, Herbalist, Iridologist, Naturopath, Speaker, Author, and is in final stage of completing PhD. Sally provides total health and wellness programs for a variety of clientele, ranging from those who want to be their best, to those with serious issues. She is an expert in working with pregnancy, athletes, pre/post surgery, allergies, digestive issues, etc. Sally has appeared as the health expert for top magazines such as W, Harpers Bazaar and Essence, and is a co-anchor on WOR radio "New Vitality Live" with Rob Martin. Sally has taught a master series entitled "The Integrated Healer" for the PhD program at Barron University as well as a 4 part CEU course for The Open Center in NYC. Sally's book, Vibrant Living, is the ultimate roadmap for those seeking the path to total well-being. Vibrant Living DVD's are now available. Learn the building health basics, cleansing, and meditations for creating vibrant health.
    New York
    Sally Kravich

    New York, NY 10019
    United States
    Phone (212) 946-1623

    Seven Hills Energetics
    Robert Mairose
    10050 Montgomery Rd No. 184
    Cincinnati, OH 45242
    United States

    Sobel Health Advisors LLC
    Sobel Wellness offers holistic health and lifestyle counseling in Manhattan/New York City and over the telephone. The goals of Sobel Wellness services are to introduce positive healthy improvements into a client's life. Byproducts of health counseling can be: weight loss, increased energy, increased balance and time management, reduced stress and healing of some chronic diseases such as polycystic ovaries, IBS, type II diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol as well as reduced dependence on some prescription drugs for cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes management. Sobel Wellness also has experience in alleviating symptoms of behavioral disorders such as anxiety, depression and ADD/ADHD through counseling, lifestyle change recommendations and dietary modification.

    new york
    Meredith Sobel
    PO Box 0000
    new york, NY 10021
    United States

    Terra Angelica Wellness Education Center
    Mind-Body-Spirit ,Nutritional Counseling, Essential Oil Therapy, Magnetic & FarInfared therapy,Detoxing and Spiritual Counseling. Body Talk and Emotional Freedom Technique sessions. Remote Depossessions.
    Mary Miltenberger
    14701 Smouse's Mill Rd. NE
    Cumberland, Md 21502
    United States
    Phone 1-866-724-9110
    Fax 301-724-2647

    Terri Oberto, C.N., C.P.T., B.S.
    Prevent disease before it happens through diet and lifestyle changes. Learn why whole food nutrition will keep you healthy!
    Santa cruz
    Terri Oberto
    120 Curtis St
    Santa cruz, CA 95060
    United States
    Phone 831-429-1850

    The Dolphin's Dance Herbal Harmonies
    Herbalist, RN, and Aromatherapist in private practice. Lectures, consultations, workshops and natural products for wholistic health and healing.Special interest in wholistic nutrition and women's health,focusing on aromatherapies, herbal, nutritional and natural remedies.
    Donna Walls
    2144 E. Whipp Road
    Dayton, OH 45440
    United States
    Phone 937-434-4650

    The Natural Path
    Co-owner of The Natural Path in Bay View, John Miksa is a Naturopathic Doctor as well as a Certified Natural Health Professional. The Natural Path is a quaint herb shop on Milwaukee's Southeast side that offers all natural herbal and vitamin supplements, essential oils, massage therapy, ear candling, and private health consultations. Consultations include dietary analysis, iridology, and REAMS analysis,which deals with getting your body's pH in balance and kenesiology. We now offer metoblic typing with proper blood work.
    John Miksa
    2910 S. Delaware
    Milwaukee, WI 53207
    United States
    Phone 414-483-9402
    Fax 414-483-9402

    The Six O'Clock Scramble
    Named "Fastest and Freshest" by Real Simple Magazine! Rave reviews in "O" The Oprah Magazine, Working Mother and the Washington Post!

    The Six O’Clock Scramble® is an online dinner planning service.

  • A Weekly menu plan with five family-tested, healthy, delicious and quick DINNER RECIPES THAT TAKE 30 MINUTES OR LESS TO PREPARE

  • An ORGANIZED GROCERY LIST so you can grocery shop just once per week

  • A SEARCHABLE DATABASE where you can customize your weekly dinner plan

  • Your own personal RECIPE BOX where you can save your family's favorites 30 minute meals

  • A newsletter with USEFUL TIPS for easier mealtimes, snacks and lunches

  • NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION for each family dinner recipe to help you take charge of your health
  • ELIMINATE THE STRESS OF FAMIILY MEAL PLANNING. Each week you will receive a weekly menu planner with recipes and simple instructions for balanced dinners complete with easy side dishes.

  • YOUR FAMILY WILL EAT MORE HEALTHY, FRESH AND SEASONAL FOODS. The Scramble emphasizes whole grains, lean proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables, so your family will enjoy a variety of flavors and cuisines while still enjoying 30 minute meals.

  • QUICK, EASY MEALS WITHOUT PROCESSED FOODS OR EXPENSIVE TAKE-OUT. Other convenience meals cut prep time by relying on processed ingredients. Scramble recipes simplify cooking by using fewer than ten nutritious ingredients and easy-to-follow directions.

  • THE SCRAMBLE IS FAMILY TESTED. All recipes go through a careful process to be Scramble certified as healthy, delicious and family friendly dinners.

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEEKLY PLAN FOR YOUR FAMILY’S TASTES AND NEEDS. Picky eaters? Vegetarian? Dietary restrictions? Need Kosher recipes? Swap out any meal with a selection from our large Scramble recipe database. The grocery list is automatically updated with your choices!

  • SHOP ONLY ONCE A WEEK. The grocery list is organized by store section. You’ll also waste less food and save money by buying only what you need.

  • http://www.thescramble.com
    Washington, DC
    Aviva Goldfarb

    Washington, DC,
    United States

    The Way UP
    Alternative Medicine Physician provides guidance for natural approaches to 137 mental & physical conditions. Online purchase of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, hormones, homeopathics. FREE NEWSLETTER
    Palm Springs
    Priscilla Slagle MD
    946 Avenida Palos Verdes
    Palm Springs, CA 92262
    United States
    Phone 760-3234259
    Fax 760-3227608

    Ventura Center for Healing
    Colon Hydrotherapist with over 17 years of continued service. Member of our colon association I-ACT. I offer Massage Therapy, Ear Candeling, Herbs and Vitamins for health and detoxification, Natural Herbal Remedies, Nutrition,Foot Reflexology and Reiki. I have been training colon therapists for over 13 years and myself attend continuing education seminars whenever possible.
    Linda Grossman
    19525 Ventura Blvd.
    Tarzana, CA 91356
    United States
    Phone 818-343-3571
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