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The Centre for Natural Health and Longevity
Founder, Dr. Douglas Willen specializes in all-natural nutritional solutions to chronic health problems. Hormone balancing and pre and post menopause issues, thyroid, bowel and digestive problems, immune system weaknesses, headaches, chronic fatigue and other chronic conditions. People find a hopeful and caring atmosphere and optimal wellness with Dr. Willen's natural methods of analysis and his body balancing nutritional protocols. Dr. Willen is a naturopathic physician, a clinical nutritionist, homeopath and is trained and licenced as an acupuncturist and doctor of chiropractic. Featured on Good Day New York, Fox Network for his expertise in women's health issues.
New York
Douglas Willen
134 West 26th Street, Ste 903
New York, NY 10001
United States
Phone 212-924-8218

The Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine
The Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine near Asheville NC offers classes in the tradition of Roots Herbalism - the kind where your hands get dirty as you develop life-long relationships with plants. Our classroom is the outdoors - garden, forest, field, mountain, and stream. We hold no indoor classes except during inclement weather or insect challenges.

Learning about the plants in person, where they grow, engages the senses as we smell, touch, see, and often taste our green allies. This intimate and holistic approach helps us to integrate all we learn about plants as food and medicine. Blending spirituality and the study of life, we honor the traditions of our elders as well as useful knowledge gained through scientific exploration. Reverence for the sacredness of all life is part of our guiding philosophy and inspiration.

Our model of teaching involves experiential or hands-on learning. Rather than simply talking about a wild plant as food, we spend time together gathering wild edibles and preparing vital, delicious meals. We learn sustainable wildcrafting through the many hours spent on field trips ethically gathering wild medicinals and preparing tinctures, teas, and oils. Students will complete our program with a full natural medicine chest created by their own hands from fresh bioregional or organically grown herbs.

We do not limit our focus to medical herbalism, but instead offer a total plant experience through our study of Botany, Sustainable Wildcrafting, Plant Ecology, Plant Identification, Wild Foods, Organic Gardening, and Permaculture.

Juliet Blankespoor
56 Sluder Branch Road
Leicester, NC 28748
United States
Phone 828 683-5233

The Dolphin's Dance Herbal Harmonies
Herbalist, RN, and Aromatherapist in private practice. Lectures, consultations, workshops and natural products for wholistic health and healing.Special interest in wholistic nutrition and women's health,focusing on aromatherapies, herbal, nutritional and natural remedies.
Donna Walls
2144 E. Whipp Road
Dayton, OH 45440
United States
Phone 937-434-4650

The Four Winds of Paradise Valley
The Four Winds is nestled in the very Heart of Paradise Valley, Montana. A beautiful walk-in metaphysical Gift Shop, customers, spiritual seekers, tourists and locals are greeted with lovely and interesting works of art and crafts from local artist and artisans. Artifcats from all over the world, including religious; one of a kind stautuary, jewelry, gemstones and natural rocks and crystals

Our Health Food Store promotes vibrant health, with authentic and integral information and with organic and elegant beauty products.

"on-site/mail order"

We are opened all year round and we delight in enhancing your Journey whether it be thru Paradise Valley or Yellowstone Park, thru Cyberspace and the E-shop Phenomenon...or simply thru Life!

Everyday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Service Area:
International/Worldwide Mail Order
Brands Carried: top quality,
Organic/Natural products
High-Quality Merchandise. Guaranteed

Credit Cards:
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover/Novelus, Diner's Club

Paradise Valley / Emigran
The Four Winds
P.O.Box 1199
Paradise Valley / Emigran, MT 59027
United States
Phone 406-333-4926
Fax 333-4927

The Green Store
The Green Store is a general store for the 21st century, offering a full range of products and information for an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, including organic cotton, wool, and hemp clothing and bedding, natural health and beauty aids, non-toxic paints and cleaning supplies, recycled and tree-free paper goods, chem-free garden and pet products, garden composters, composting toilets, energy-efficient and full-spectrum lighting, and air, water, and building products for healthy homes.
Ellie Daniels
71 Main St.
Belfast, ME 04915
United States
Phone (207)338-4045
Fax (207)338-5988

The Healing Path
The Healing Path specializes in autoimmune diseases such as alopecia areata; Lupus; arthritis; chronic fatigue;fibromyalgia; Epstein Barr and Crohn’s disease. I make my own herbal tinctures and will create specialized herbal medicines for individual needs. All tinctures are imbued with healing Reiki Energy for added benefit. I have also created a system so that the lay person can have healing energy at their disposal anytime they choose.

Lori Jacobs
PO Box 381
Broadheadsville, PA 18322
United States
Phone 570-236-5502

The Medical Herbalist Apothecary
Internationally Board-qualified Medical Herbalist-Physiologist via England (UK), Post-Graduate Endobiogenic work via Medical Doctors of Paris, France.

Specialty: NeuroEndocrine-Immunology [brain+body hormone/immune management] Also holds BSc in Exercise Physiology with Psychology via New York, USA.

TELEMEDICINE: By-Phone, Video Call, HIPAA-Secure Text, In-Clinic. Custom Compounded Medicines Shipped Direct.

Biodynamic, Organic, Tailored to You.


Tami Bronstein
87 Main Street
Peapack, NJ 07977
United States
Phone 908.432.2990

The Spiral Path
My practice is a combination of several non invasive manual therapies (SOT, Diversified, IMT), acupuncture, allergy elimination (NAET and BioSET), herbal detoxification, nutritional counseling, flower essence support, and emotional clearing (EFT, energetic awareness , etc.)
Kristin Rabai, DC
1748 Brevard Road
Arden, NC 28704
United States
Phone 828 654 9477

The Way UP
Alternative Medicine Physician provides guidance for natural approaches to 137 mental & physical conditions. Online purchase of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, hormones, homeopathics. FREE NEWSLETTER
Palm Springs
Priscilla Slagle MD
946 Avenida Palos Verdes
Palm Springs, CA 92262
United States
Phone 760-3234259
Fax 760-3227608

Trisch Marcino-Hadley, N.D., Ph.D., C.N.C.,C.L.C.,R
Clinical nutrition, homeopathy, hormone replacement therapy, applied kinesiology,bach flower remedies, color therapy,therapeutic counseling.
Hot Springs Village
Trisch Marcino-Hadley
4409 North Hwy 7, Suite A
Hot Springs Village, AR 71910
United States
Phone 501-984-6260
Fax 501-984-6261

Ventura Center for Healing
Colon Hydrotherapist with over 17 years of continued service. Member of our colon association I-ACT. I offer Massage Therapy, Ear Candeling, Herbs and Vitamins for health and detoxification, Natural Herbal Remedies, Nutrition,Foot Reflexology and Reiki. I have been training colon therapists for over 13 years and myself attend continuing education seminars whenever possible.
Linda Grossman
19525 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91356
United States
Phone 818-343-3571

Wellness & Prevention
Over 600 natural products and Chinese and Auyervedic formulas. essential oils. Products for body mind and spirit. From digestive, cardio, joint etc

agreat resource of information

David Mason
501 Eshelman st
McPherson, KS 67460
United States
Phone 1-620-241-5292

Wholistic Healing, Counseling, Diagnostic, Therapy
Offering traditional healing arts. We provide guidance and support toward experiencing whole life health in Spirit, mind-emotion and body. Pulse diagnosis of the body organs and meridian systems provides insight to the internal physical, energetic and emotional environment. Herbs, diet and nutrition gently guide the body systems toward balance with remarkable results in reversing distress and dis-ease. We also provide emotional and relationship counseling, trauma recovery, stress management, sexual healing, self healing therapies, self-recognition, tai chi and meditation classes, and gemstone therapy. Assistance in recognizing, being, and becoming the best "you" you can be!
San Diego
Warren & Susan Gold
3151 Kennelworth Lane
San Diego, CA 91902
United States
Phone 619-434-4592

Wild Weeds
Wild Weeds offers the finest in organic fresh-dried herbs, herbal body products, herbalist supplies, essential oils, teas, containers, beeswax, carrier oils, herb books, and much more.
Blue Lake
Cathy Coffman
P.O. Box 1016
Blue Lake, CA 95525
United States
Phone 707-839-4101

Wise Essentials Natural Progesterone for Midlife Change
Women want natural options for mid-life changes. Melinda Bonk, discovered a safe answer for her own serious issues with natural progesterone when she was unable to find anything in stores. Wise Women Essentials was created to help women make the Right Choice = Right Formula- Right Ingredients- Right Results!
Wild Yam & Progesterone+ and Ultra Harmony is the Right Choice. Products are doctor recommended. Comes is 2 sizes 2 oz. jar and 3 oz pump. View web site for more information. www.wiseessentials.com or contact us at info@wiseessentials.com

St. Paul
Wise Essentials, Wise Women Essentials Natural

St. Paul, MN 55116
United States

Wise Woman Herbal Studies -
Study herbal healing with Wise Woman Susun Weed – focus is on personal empowerment and spiritual healing for women worldwide (herbal healing workshops by request taught in New York, California, Texas, Florida, Oregon, and elsewhere). Study with herbalist Susun Weed at the Wise Woman Center in Woodstock NY... Learn about herbal medicine and women's health during one-day classes, intensives, as a correspondence course student or via an apprenticeship. Susun Weed is also founder of Ash Tree Publishing, publishing women's health and herbal studies books - empowering women with knowledge - topics include menopause, childbearing, breast health, cancer prevention, herbal health, spirit healing, mental and physical well-being
Susun S. Weed
PO Box 64
Woodstock, NY 12498
United States
Phone 845-246-8081

Xango Independent Distributor
Exotic Fruit Holds Keys To Health. The people of Southeast Asia value this exceptional fruit for its heavenly flavor and its beneficial effects on the body. Modern science reveals that the mangosteen is the single greatest supply of xanthones, nature's super-antioxidant. Now you can experience the benefits of this heavenly fruit with XanGo, the original whole fruit puree of the mangosteen.
Susan Rydza

Middleport, NY 14105
United States
Phone 716-735-9878
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