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Pema Dhechen
Pema Dhechen, founder, teacher and practitioner of the Ananta Reiki Transformational Healing Technique. This natural healing technique for relaxation and stress reduction can help promote healing and wellness on all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. It can be of tremendous benefit for the dying to help them be more comfortable and peaceful. Many Practitioners share these healing energies by actually laying hands while others simply work in the aura (space surrounding) the body.
Cheryl Pema Dhechen Warner

Escondido, CA 92027
United States
Phone 760-214-1360

Philadelphia Chiropractor
Non-force chiropractic, muscle therapy, N.E.T. (Neuroemotional Technique), facials, far infrared sauna, body treatments in any combination.

Onsite ergonomic counseling available; workplace injured and auto accident patients welcome.

See http://www.icdc.com/~drkelly/chiropractorphiladelphia803.htm for information in plain English on causes and alternative care of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, backaches, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, etc.

Dr. Kelly also discusses mind/body healing and other alternative therapies.

Lynn Kelly, DC
Non-Force Chiropractic, Esthetics, Bodywork
Philadelphia, PA 19148
United States

Poems Heal Creative Arts Center
Poems Heal Creative Arts Center is a multidisciplinary therapy practice run by a NYS licensed clinical social worker.

The center offers opportunities for healing through the creative arts. Services are available for individuals, couples / families or groups.

Monthly poetry circles are available. On-going therapy groups using therapeutic journaling and psychodramatic techniques are forming now.

Fees are flexible. Please call for an intake appointment or for a listing of available groups.
Nancy Scherlong
P.O. Box 912
Carmel, NY 10512
United States
Phone 914-572-3167
Fax 845-424-4172

Princeton Center for Yoga & Health
The Center offers a variety of yoga (Kripalu, Power, Hot, Astanga, Vinyasa Krama, Vinyasa Flow,Integral,Hatha), meditation, pilates,Pre/Post-Natal,Mom/Baby,Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga for Rejuvenation, Yoga for Stress Reduction, monthly drumming circles, Yoga for Kids, concerts, kirtan experiences,belly dance, and holistic lifestyle classes and workshops. Yoga Teacher Certification training. The Center also provides community access to various therapeutic and bodywork practitioners, as well as a forum to support those practitioners in their work. Gift certificates and corporate programs available. Office and workshop space available for rental. Ask about our work exchange opportunities.
Deborah Metzger
88 Orchard Road, Skillman
Princeton, NJ 08558
United States
Phone 609-924-7294

Prof. J.H. Levitt
Classes: Conquering Anxiety, Depression,

and Fatigue Without Drugs focusing on panic attacks,

sugar (hypoglycemia & diabetes) , allergy, nutrients, toxins (mercury,

lead, copper), infections(Candida yeast).
Joel Levitt
Brooklyn, NY 11235
United States
Phone 212-479-7805
Fax 509-691-1542

RAPHAEL A Health Choice
RAPHAEL A Health Choice is a Holistic Health Center specializing in Guided Imagery and Animal Communication. We offer consultations in Natural Health and Nutrition. RAPHAEL can also provide guidance with fasting, herbs, homeopthics, essential oils, iridology, color therapy and other healing modalities.

RAPHAEL currently gives lectures and classes in Animal Communication, Guided Imagery, Natural Health and Reiki.

www.raphael4u.com raphael4u@iquest.net
Tricia Loudenback
4823 Mesa Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46241
United States
Phone 928-203-8736
Fax 317-244-2548

Restorative Therapies - Robert Volinsky, BA LMT
RESTORATIVE THERAPIES is dedicated to personal transformation and wellness through energy work, massage and meditation-based technques. Based on your needs, I will craft a unique session that matches your goals, while drawing from my experience and knowledge of the body, mind and spirit.

At different times you have different needs. Sometimes, what you require most is to feel more comfort and ease in your body through Therapeutic Massage. Other times, you may crave the inner peace and reconnection brought by the superior stillness of Reiki.

Or, you may desire to go deeper inside yourself... where personal exploration through past life regression or Inner Space Therapy can unleash your clarity, creativity and fearlessness - allowing you to achieve goals you may have only imagined.

I invite you to schedule a session today, and begin your journey of health, healing and transformation.

New York
Robert Volinsky
80 E. 11th St. #437
New York, NY 10003
United States
Phone 212-501-6290

Rev. Cathy Pfeil
Cathy is a Spiritual Healer, Intuitive, Divine Intervention Facilitator & Instructor, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister and Certified Multidimensional Cellular Healer. She is currently enrolled in the Holos Institute with Dr. Norman Shealy and Carolyn Myss studing Medical Intuition.

Co-Director of the Olympia Center of Spiritual Learning offering firewalks, healing clinics, spiritual playgrounds, sweat house ceremonies and other events.

Cathy teaches classes and workshops on intuition and healing.
Cathy Pfeil

Olympia, WA
United States
Phone 360-923-1875

Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman
Jayne HowardFeldman is the author of COMMUNE WITH THE ANGELS (ARE Press, 1992) now in its 12th printing, DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ANGELS (ARE Press, 2002) and ANGELS BY MY SIDE (Author House Books 2004). Jayne is one of the 150 contributors chosen to be in Hugh Downs’ MY AMERICA. Blue Mountain Books’ MAY YOU ALWAYS HAVE AN ANGEL BY YOUR SIDE includes contributions by Jayne as well as does SIMPLE ABUNDANCE. Jayne's quotations appear in Angels All Around Us calendars. Jayne is the founder of BE AN ANGEL DAY – celebrated annually on August 22nd. This is a global event promoting the message of being an angel and doing one small act of service for someone. Additionally she is the founder of INSPIRE YOUR HEART WITH THE ARTS DAY celebrated annually on January 31st. Jayne is an ordained interfaith minister,intuitive consultant/spiritual director/life coach, Reiki Master, public speaker. Jayne maintains a private spiritual counseling and life enhancement practice and serves as a spiritual director and intuitive consultant for clients around the world. She teaches weekly classes in her home and produces a monthly 90-minute inspirational CD for members of a subscription series known as the HA HA’s (Human Angelus). Jayne is available as a lecturer/teacher and intuitive consultant for retreats, conferences, expos, churches and private partiesJayne resides at her home Angel Heights with husband Charles and their three Jack Russell Terriers: Benny, Riot, and Jackie. Website: www.earthangel4peace.com

Jayne Feldman
Angel Heights Healing Arts Center * PO Box 95 * Upperco, MD 21155
Upperco, MD 21155
United States
Phone 1-866-peace2u/1-866-732-2328

Rev. Siesel
It is the mission of the Alohamans Healing Centers to provide healing services for all humanity worldwide. The advancement of online conference technologies has provided the opportunity for us to reach people regardless of their location. The rising cost of medical care and prescriptions, especially for those on fixed incomes has become unmanageable. Through our healing services we expect to reduce the number of people who are dependent on other sources, by teaching the mechanics of healing.

Alohamans Healing Centers
P.O.Box 517
Greenland, NH 03840
United States
Phone 603 373 0616

Santi Thai Yoga
Santi Thai Yoga provides continuing education courses in Thai Yoga Body Therapy, ranging from Introduction to Thai Yoga, Thai Yoga Level 1 & 2, and Thai Yoga for the Table. Certificates of completion are awarded upon completion of courses.

Velvet Durano is a approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBMTB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.
Redondo Beach
Velvet Durano
1840 South Elena, Suite 208
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
United States
Phone 310-378-1571

In each session,we create an energy field of love & safety connecting with Divine Source & your higher Divine Essence. We call in your Angels & Cosmic Team to assist in aligning & balancing your body, emotions & spirit.

I am trained & experienced as:
Reiki Mater/Teacher, Ordained Misister, Hypnotherapist, Soul Energy Retriever, EFT Facilitator, Practioner/Teacher of Points of Power(Emotional Bathing), Spiritual Counseling, as well as a gifted Clairvoyant & Psychic. I am an Angelic Channel & Messenger. I do reflexology & Raindrop Therapy using Young Living Essential Oils.
Classes & sessions are available. Together we will create a new experience & reality for you!
DD Shalinda
PO Box 179
Sedona, AZ 86339
United States
Phone 928-300-2541
Fax 928-282-8499

Soul Gate Mission
Welcome to a New Self, a New World

"The simple truth, Dear One, is that Life Itself wants you to succeed, to be fulfilled, to live in Joy. Life wants to cooperate with you. Life is speaking to you constantly. It is only a matter of knowing how to listen to the language of Life. You will be guided. And you will be free."

The Do'Hai Masters want you to embrace that loving Presence within, to receive Its gifts, and enjoy a fulfilling life. The Path of Oneness taught by the Do'Hai Masters awakens the willing through practical keys of spiritual evolution. This non-dogmatic approach emphasizes a balance of mind and heart, body and soul, and empowerment through spiritual understanding. Enlightenment (Ascension) is a consequence of consistently applying simple, proven principles. The mind (ego) complicates. The Heart (Soul) Liberates. There is a Power within you that knows the way. Do'Hai is a path to that Power.

"There is a Love within you that understands you. And that Love is calling to you each and every moment. With every breath, with very smile, with every bloom of the flower, with every caress of the breeze of upon your face, that grand and magnificent glorious Love that is You is calling your name."

“Spiritual growth from our perspective is just a matter of exercising perspectives conducive to spiritual growth. Proactive perspectives, optimistic perspectives, aiming to seeing the gift, see the positive, the advantage, the benefit … in everything.”

"Source knows what It's doing. And as you attune to that wisdom, you know what Source is doing, and things just naturally unfold from that point."

"Most people on a spiritual path try way too hard to make things happen. Eh? If you can be present enough with your Self, things happen all by themselves."

"A miracle is Love allowed to manifest."
Asheville Area
Jaraan Onai

Asheville Area, NC 28715
United States
Phone 828-348-0283

Sound Counsel
I provide spiritual and life coaching services as well as sound healing services with the intention of empowering YOU in the following areas:

**spiritual path - life direction

**Law of Attraction work

New York
Sandra Winter

New York, NY 10033
United States
Phone 212.781.3886

Spiripathy Doctor
Dr. Oludare Sam Olomoshua, is a man who believes that there is no problem under the sun without solution, especially on human problems: health and social affairs.
In My Word: - “ Mankind leave below expectation, if they find it difficult to research and find perfect solution to heal any disease or problems that confronts them within a reasonable period, and save life.
Above all "there is no limit set for man to reach or attain, only the inability to get there.”

Oludare Olomoshua
P. O. BOX 90752
Nashville, TN 37209
United States
Phone 615-485-4355
Fax 615-292-2349

As a holisitc practitioner, I am educated and proficient in Reiki, Shamballa, and Magnified Healing for both treatment and instruction. I am also a certified, registered hypnotist so you may reach your spiritual, emotional, and physical goals. I am also an Interfaith Minister available to create ceremony with you for whatever you'd like to celebrate. Healing and Wellness is important to live a happy and well-rounded life. I am honored to facilitate wellness for those who ask. Namaste.
Mary D'Alba

Stoneham, MA 02180
United States
Phone 7814351203

St. Louis Aquatic Healing Center
Please see our web site at Watsu1.com.
We are a not-for-profit corporation
dedicated to helping people in their
healing process through the use of aquatic
and land-based therapies. Watsu (warm
water shiatsu massage), Wassertanzen (more
advanced and underwater aquatic techniques)
plus, AiChi classes (T'ai Chi in the water)
are the foundation of our aquatic therapies.
Massage, acupuncture, ear candling,
herbal occulsion bodywraps and herbal
supplements are some of our land-based

Creve Coeur/St. Louis
Kathleen Christ
11970 Rocky Drive
Creve Coeur/St. Louis, MO 63141-6807
United States
Phone 314-432-5228
Fax 314-432-5228

Suzi Tucker - Family Constellations Workshops, Seminars & Sessions
We are shaped by two often conflicting drives: to stay with what we know and to move forward.

In accord with our drive to stay safe, we adopt in childhood whatever responses are at hand, telling certain stories about how we act and acting in line with those stories. When care is lacking, we cling to what we have and stay connected to the past through anger, sadness, anxiety, loyalty to whoever's nearest. But when we look at the world missing a sense of love, we misjudge it, make desperate decisions, and find ourselves impatient, or stuck, or both.

The family of origin is the essential place to remember, develop, and protect love, since knots and hardships in the family of origin present the largest obstacles to knowing love in the first place. But one who knows love looking back is one who can recognize love moving forward.

Through Family Constellations, we focus on bringing the various facts of our lives into harmony and order with a new narrative -- the literal course of life over generations -- learning the roles of gratitude, reciprocity, and responsibility. We find that it is empowering, and in our power, to know love where we had not before -- to be in accord with the forward movement of life -- and that this peace allows us, in day-to-day living, to be engaged, patient, and endlessly creative.

Family Constellations are an embodied, group approach, as much a space to come together in mutual service as a space to directly and personally experience new resources. A workshop is a pause in business -- room to breathe, to connect, to see and be seen whole. Because we already, instinctively, "map" essential relationships, events, and forces in predictable ways, we can give form as representatives to spontaneous, responsive pictures of our family systems. Much of the learning and sense of well being in Family Constellations happens when we contribute as representatives, heightening our own awareness of the ways events and beliefs are held and passed among us through body language, empathy, and metaphor.

Monthly workshops, seminars, and immersions take place in New York City year-round, drawing participants from the tristate area. Offerings in the Midwest (Chicago and regularly Louisville, Kentucky), Portland (Oregon), and Florida can be found at suzitucker.com.

Redding Ridge
Suzi Tucker

Redding Ridge, CT 06876
United States

Ted J. Cibik, N.D., D.M.Q., H.F.I.
Inner Strength Health and Wellness Center specializes in Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Stress Management programs and feng shui consulting.

We also offer certification level course work in Medical QiGong, Asthma and Mediation Life Coaching and Feng Shui.
Ted Cibik
Inner Strength Health and Wellness Center
Leechburg, PA 15656
United States
Phone 724-845-1041
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