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Gail Axelrod, Reiki Master,Usui Reiki Ryoho
Gail Axelrod Reiki Master.Usui Reiki Ryoho has been student and practitioner of alternative healing for 0ver 30 years. Gail specializes in empowerment on the most personal of levels allowing other to develop while using their own inner healing power to create what they want in life and help them move beyond their limitation into their own true potential allowing them to take back their personal power and move forward.
San Francisco
Gail B Axelrod.
3811 ANZA ST FL 2
San Francisco, CA 94121
United States
Phone 858-212-3203

Gemisphere Therapeutic Gemstones
Gemisphere provides the highest quality therapeutic gemstones in the world. Only those gemstones that meet the highest standards of quality are used allowing our necklaces to radiate life force with great power. In his book Gemisphere Luminary, Michael Katz details his of account of conversations with the Gemstone Guardians, inner-world beings responsible for fulfilling the purpose and maintaining the effects of gemstones everywhere. Gemisphere therapeutic quality gemstones are amazingly effective tools for transformation and healing.

Visit Gemisphere.com or call us to take advantage of our $20 or 10% off your first order coupon (except our monthly sales items that are already 20% off)!
Carol Jarka
2812 NW Thurman Street
Portland, OR 97210
United States
Phone 1-800-727-8877

Graceful Shift Technologies
energy repatterning, hypnobirthing, creating money workshops
life purpose workshops, dna activation, graceful shift into Truth
shifting dimensional perspective,
Also offering rare crystals and healing stones and gemstones, such as ajoite, papagoite, natural citrine, vogel cut healing crystals and more
Danielle England

Aptos, CA 95003
United States
Phone 831-662-0945

I & E Organics Apothecary
Elizabeth Hess, DiHom, Certified Homeopath, Herbalist, Energy Healer, Gurudas Flower Essence Practitioner. Combining vibrational remedies with energy work. Consultations, lectures and workshops. On-line homeopathic pharmacy with Practitioner discounts
Elizabeth Hess, DIHom
I & E Organics Apothecary
Bellevue, WA 98007
United States
Phone 866-577-7574
Fax 425-650-0480

The mind, body and spirit are interrelated in their effect on your health. The intuitive healing work of Isabelle, as guided by Spirit, incorporates theraputic massage, advanced energy work and the power of sound to enhance your health at all levels.
Isabelle Lovell
7 Raymond St.
Hudson, NH 03051
United States
Phone 603-321-0407

Journeystone Distributing Company
Journeystone offers high quality semi-precious gemstones, books on gemstone properties and healing, 14k gold and sterling silver gemstone jewelry, and tools (such as sacred geometry designs, gemstone wands and meditation templates) for Lightworkers, Healers, and those just interested in raising their consciousness.

, USA 36274
United States
Phone 248-210-6981

Judy Braucher, Spiritual~Traditional~Tibetan Reiki Master
Spiritual~Traditional~Tibetan Reiki Master, Practicing in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Working for Divine Wholeness with People and Animals,Energy Work, Cellular Memory Release, Distant Healing,Emotional Release, Spiritual Healing ~ Empowerment, Crystal & Chakra Balancing, Color Vibration, Energy Release ~ Space Clearing Homes and Buildings, and Animal Communication for Balancing. Active over 30 years in this field. Contact me at (513) 779-4114
Judy Braucher
9537 Twin Valley Ct
Cincinnati, OH 45241-1185
United States
Phone (513) 779-4114
Fax (513) 779-0434

Linda Taylor - UWTH Teacher & Healer


Levels 1-2-3 Workshops in Universal White Time Healing

Golden Love & Light to you!! I personally feel a sense of urgency to make myself available to teach ANYWHERE in the United States at this Special and exciting time on Earth. White Time is unconditional Love and Light and even so Much More and there are people out there, all over the country, just needing to hear about this to Know..... I KNOW there is interest in working with such beautiful Energies, Forces and unlimited Possibilities to grow and expand in all areas of your Life!

With all this in mind and my deep love and reverence for UWTH, the possibilities to organize future classes in all parts of the USA are welcomed!

White Time means and IS the world to me, there is nothing like it and it always continues to expand and grow and get richer and More as time goes on, working with such an Energy, a Force from a Well that never empties... the thought of this always gives me shivers.... how about you?

This is a priceless Education in Healing and Spirituality.

If you or anyone you know is interested in hosting a workshop or interested in beginning their White Time Education, please contact me for more information. This will also be a great way to pre-register for classes as they are scheduled and advertise in your area to see if more may be interested in attending!

This UWTH Teacher is traveling as much as needed to teach and the next Level 1-2-3 class could be with you!

Thank you for your support, encouragement and love!

Please see My Events for dates for upcoming UWTH Level One, Level Two and Level Three Workshops!

Golden Sun Blessings,


Linda Taylor

Murrieta, CA 92562
United States
Phone 951-249-5085

Linda Thomas
I was taking a class in crystal healing and suddenly remembered that I have always been a crystal healer. The layouts I do on the body begin to integrate the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. Layouts are done on both the front and back of the body and vary greatly in intensity. I sell a large variety of stones and crystals for healing work and also teach certification classes in crystal healing.
Linda Thomas
894 Lane 11 1/2
Powell, WY 82435-8523
United States
Phone 307-754-4396

Out on a Whimm! Gifts from the Earth, Tools for the Soul.
Welcome to Out on a Whimm!

We offer a large variety of Mosaic Decorator Pieces made with Semi-precious Gemstones, Wirewrap, & Artisan Jewelry from around the World.

The Wirewrap Jewelry is created with Sterling Silver & Copper Wire to make beautiful designs with polished & natural crystals & minerals. The mosaics consist of Votive & Tea-light Candleholders, Decorative Mirrors & Vase all handcrafted with Semi-precious Stones. They make a wonderful gift and adds a sophisticated look to anyones decor. All of the Wirewrap and mosaic pieces are one of a kind Out on a Whimm Original Creations. Patterns vary do to stones. Just like snowflakes and people they are all unique. The Artisan Jewelry include Earrings, Rings, Necklaces and Pendants, all handcrafted from artisans in Brazil, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Peru, and many many more.

Karen Berger
Willingboro, NJ 08046
United States

Personal Paradigm Re-Vision (PPR-V)
Personal Paradigm Re-Vision (PPR-V) is a progressive, visionary website founded and operated by Katiti (yes, that's her real, birth name :-). Katiti provides one-on-one spiritual counseling via the Channel of Christ. However, these sessions also often bring through mediumship information. Sacred Stone Pouches are also available by request. PPR-V is NOT a religion site; it is a Spirit-centered site focused on YOU and YOUR self-growth and self-healing. Katiti also writes (again, via the Christ Channel) a free weekly e-mail newsletter, "Soul Shakings," which provides general counseling to subscribers about important, growth-inducing spiritual life matters.
Aliso Viejo
Katiti Cesana
27068 La Paz Road #207
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656-3041
United States
Phone 949-481-1413
Fax 949-481-1413

Reiki Rays Institute Of Holistic and Metaphysical Healt
Degree programs or individual course options available in Reiki, energy therapies, metaphysics, and tarot. Open enrollment.

We offer the same low price for homestudy or individualized, in person instruction in our Lawrence facility.

Dawn Rothwell
732 Massachusetts Street
Lawrence, KS 66044
United States
Phone 785-331-3929
Fax 785-865-0608

Ronnie Allen, Ph.D
I combine the Energy and Spiritual healing modalities with Holistic Healing and Alternative Therapies to maximize one's personal growth and self-healing. I utilizes the power of crystals in healing and meditations, dreams, goddess spirituality, sound and color therapy, the art and science of the pendulum, meditations, rituals, tarot readings, nutrition and more.

Courses on crystal healing, Tarot reading, dream interpretation and Goddess spirituality are given year round. Current schedules, details and fees are on my website. I do Tarot readings in person and via phone. Crystal healing body layouts for every level of experience. First time crystal users will benefit as well as those who use crystals on a daily basis. Through the implementation of my Holistic Healing Questionnaire you will receive a written report of at least 28 pages combining healing modalites especially created for your growth and self-healing. Combine modalities in my Spiritual Spa.

Read interviews with practitioners in healing! Subscribe to my free newsletter!

Do you have an exemplary web site in a field in healing? Apply for my Goddess Awards! Your search for healing related products is over. Visit my site for online shopping for yourself, your family and your animal friends! Ebooks, books, essential oils, vitamins and mineral supplements, herbal nutrition, self-help tools and much more!

I am adding a new section on my website for your education and knnowledge in the field of nutrition. It can be accessed on my nav bar in the Healing column. The first series of articles discuss Antioxidants and their beneficial effect on your health. www.thecrystaltarot.com/nutrition.html.

The section on Nutrition is going to include articles and references for you to read and research on your own. This is not meant to prescribe or heal any of your illnesses. Its purpose is to awaken you to the research and the possibilities you can discuss with your primary care physician. I did not originally create the articles that are included. All credits will be given at the end of each piece.

I have articles on Nutrition contributed by a variety of practitioers. If you would like to participate please send me your article with all of the credits at the end and I'll post it on my site.

Ronnie Allen
P.O. Box 290709
Brooklyn, NY 11229
United States
Phone 718 339-9173

Taliloquay Essences & Silks
Over 300 Vibrational Remedies: Flower Essences & Gem Elixirs, Chakra Sprays, combination essences, personal essences dowsed for people and animals.

New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation practitioner and teacher, 13 Dimensional NPMDT activations (including DNA clearings & code activations). Soul Wisdom remote clearing practitioner doing Aura Clearings & Karmic Clearings.

Livinginfreedomandlove.wordpress.com (blog); https://www.facebook.com/Taliloquay/
Phyllis Brooks
P.O.Box 792
Wendell, MA 01379
United States
Phone 978-544-5722

the healing force
'The Healing Force' will help direct you on your journey to find the peace of mind, body and spirit that you are searching for. I offer many different healing modalities including Usui and Sekhem-Seichem Reiki Energy Therapies, Crystal and Gemstone Healing. I conduct Angel Workshops on Communicating with your Angels; individual Angel Guidance Readings,and Spiritual Counseling. Let us help gently guide you on your new path to find that peace.
clark lake
colleen charles
5890 jefferson rd
clark lake, MI 49234
United States
Phone 517 5928937
Fax 5175928937

The Sea Goddess
The Sea Goddess is a Reiki Master, Color Therapist and Crystal Healer in Morro Bay, CA. She also teaches classes on color healing, crystal healing, Reiki, Bach Flowers, and many related topics. She is well-know for her Tarot readings and also teaches classes in Tarot. She heads the Central Coast Healing Alliance, an on-line directory of products and services on the central California coast.
Morro Bay
Penny Harrington

Morro Bay, CA 93442
United States
Phone 805-772-2093

Timothy A Mast
What path have you taken on this journey of life? Are you looking for balance? Do you desire get your body back to a healthier place, where it can move better and more freely? Do you desire transformation in your life? Do you desire to live a life that is peace-full? Do you want an open heart? Do you want a life that has more joy? Do you want to release and let go of energies that no longer serve you? Do you want to learn how to clear your body and energy field of unwanted energies? Do you want a healthier body, a healthier mind, and/or a healthier emotional state? Do you need a stronger will to get things done? Do you need to express yourself better? Are you looking for a a therapist that listens to your body and is holistic in his approach.

If you answered, yes to any of these questions, then I can be of service.

One of the things I offer that is challenging to find is that of a male therapist with years of experience. I offer Yang energy to the session. If you are looking to get through things more quickly - cut to the chase, then I can help. If you have never worked with a male therapist, then I am precisely what you need. Balance. It is like Yin Yoga verses Hatha. Do you want to get things moving or do you just want to chill? If you are looking for what I lovingly call "fluff" massage, then I am probably not for you. If you want to shift your body and your life, then get in touch.

I am in the 24th year of massage, body work, and energy work. With music, I am in my 39th year with years of training in piano and voice. I have sung in professional vocal ensembles locally. With the Crystal Bowls, I am a Master Crystal Bowl Player. I started playing the crystal bowls in 1999. In 2002, I started to hold regular crystal bowls meditations and continues to this day. I have traveled throughout the states doing crystal bowl meditations, and have traveled to different countries with the crystal bowls, including New Zealand. During my journey, I have produced three Crystal Bowls CDs. Most of those tracks can be heard on his YouTube channel under Timothy Mast. If you want the full CD, contact. That will now need to be in Digital Format.

Whether it is massage or crystal bowls, I very much enjoy the work I do. With my personal sessions, unless a specific modality is requested, I tailor each session to my awareness and understanding of what your body wants/needs, allowing my intuition and your body to guide the session. I tend to lean more toward the therapeutic modalities. With the energy work, I meld crystal healing with crystal bowl playing, although I will also use other forms of energy and sound healing. I do incorporate reflexology in most sessions, as well as work that assists the immune system.

With the body therapy that I do, there are certain modalities that I generally use. Those modalities are advanced lymphatic drainage therapy, craniosacral therapy, craniosacral immune response therapy, advanced brain and neurovascular techniques, visceral manipulation, and myofascial release therapy. Some sessions may incorporate shamanic work, toning and crystal bowls, while another session may use essences, essential oils, and deep tissue massage. I find that using the different modalities in a session is very beneficial in shifting a person's energy on all levels, affecting the mind, body, soul and spirit. And, I want to facilitate positive change for the mind, body, soul, and spirit of each client who comes through my door.

In addition to the above, I teach crystal classes, teach people how to meditate and teach people how to play the crystal bowls. I hold regular crystal bowl meditations, generally once a week and often on Mondays.
Timothy Mast
1406 Falcon Dr
Louisville, KY 40213
United States
Phone (502) 636-1116

Trish Whynot, D.C.Ed.
Your life experiences are magnetized to you. They are telling you a story about yourself. Dr. Trish Whynot can help you decipher the purpose for what you have magnetized with the assistance of meditative techniques and the Mineral Kingdom. Even pets reflect back what you are unable to see in yourself. Learn to view your life from a healing perspective and live the optimal life that is your birthright. In person and phone sessions available.
Patricia Whynot
10 Maple Street, Suite 100
Middleton, MA 01949
Phone 978-314-4545

Wholistic Healing, Counseling, Diagnostic, Therapy
Offering traditional healing arts. We provide guidance and support toward experiencing whole life health in Spirit, mind-emotion and body. Pulse diagnosis of the body organs and meridian systems provides insight to the internal physical, energetic and emotional environment. Herbs, diet and nutrition gently guide the body systems toward balance with remarkable results in reversing distress and dis-ease. We also provide emotional and relationship counseling, trauma recovery, stress management, sexual healing, self healing therapies, self-recognition, tai chi and meditation classes, and gemstone therapy. Assistance in recognizing, being, and becoming the best "you" you can be!
San Diego
Warren & Susan Gold
3151 Kennelworth Lane
San Diego, CA 91902
United States
Phone 619-434-4592

Zodia Pet
I am a certified animal massage therapist. I also do animal communication and Reiki and crystal healings on animals. I have been communicating (giving and receiving messages) with all species of animals for over 30 years. I have been very successful in locating lost pets. I have traveled throughout the United States as a animal massage therapist, animal communicator and healer.

I also have gems and crystals for sale. Also, can give astrology and numerology readings for animals.
Donna Velardi
P.O. Box 5326, Hamden, CT 06518
Hamden, CT 06518
United States
Phone 203-387-9738 (ZPET)
Fax 203-387-8029
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