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Providing solutions for healthier bodies and environments. Janet's life building and energy healing services are offered one-on-one, group, on/off-site and by phone. Janet is a faculty member of the Feng Shui Institute of America (FSIA) and at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) .... As an energy mover of person and place, Janet Hall, owner of OverHall Consulting maintains a multi-disciplinary practice utilizing her studies, background and a pronounced ability to move energy using a variety of modalities, such as Tapping, Energy Testing/Medicine, Energy Moving, Reiki, Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing, Organizing, Productivity, and Feng Shui. Janet's second love is empowering women and small business owners to use computers, develop web sites and market over the internet, which she has been doing since the 70's (http://www.kickstartwebsites.com ). Provides consulting, coaching, training, seminars and energy work.

2007 workshop schedule now posted at http://www.overhall.com/workshops.htm
Port Republic
Janet Hall
Box 263
Port Republic, MD 20676
United States

Reuel Ari and Mariko Yamamoto
Digestive Wellness Center offers Certification Classes in Colon Therapy and Digestive Wellness, Free Articles and Information, Colonics, Supplements of the Highest Quality, Wellness Coaching, Soul Coaching, Personal Blessing Ceremonies, Sacred Space Clearing, Feng Shui Readings, Feng Shui Classes and much, much more.
Reuel Hesterman
450 Jordan Road / Suite 9
Sedona, AZ 86336
United States
Phone 928-203-0653
Fax 928-204-2061

Richard Shiningthunder Francis
Spiritual/mystical/lovebased/practical mindwork. No cost (fees). Lectures, seminars. Printed materials and tapes free. Books--printing costs. Love everyone.
Liberty Township
Richard Francis
5100 Liberty-Fairfield Rd
Liberty Township, OH 45011
United States
Phone 513 737 5683

Sacred Space
Feng Shui is the art of creating harmonious personal space in which to realize our life goals. We can apply its principles to positively affect our finances, career, health, relationships, and creativity. By using design elements and object placement to eliminate blocked energy, we can create a balanced environment in which our life circumstances shift along with the energy, one in which we can realize prosperity, a supportive relationship, or other personal and professional goals.
Gigi Estabrook
P.O. Box 10596
Portland, OR 97210
United States
Phone 503-274-0199

Seattle Feng Shui Environment
Seattle Feng Shui Environment provides traditional form and compass school feng shui services to the Pacific Northwest including Greater Seattle and Portland. Please email me or visit http://dianekern.com or http://realfengshuisolutions.wordpress.com for more information.
Des Moines
Diane Kern

Des Moines, WA 98198
United States
Phone 206 499-8943

House, Soul & Space Clearing, Feng Shui, Shamanic practitioner, Soul Retrieval, Paranormal Investigator and worker, Portland,OR

The ancient arts of Ghost (spirit releasing), Space Clearing, Energy Clearing, Feng Shui, Shamanism & Dowsing are all tools I use to rid your home, self or business of unwanted negative energy.They are tools to help you.Shift The Energy - Change Your Life!

We have all walked into a home or business and felt like we wanted to leave or were immediately uncomfortable. You might even feel flu like symptoms in places, or around people who make you feel uncomfortable. We sometimes decide not to buy or rent a home or apartment because we don't like the way they "feel." Noxious vortexes or earth energies

can make you feel sick, angry and confused. Then we have predecessor energy, if you move into a home where there was divorce or a business that failed it is likely you will take on that energy.

Feng Shui/Space Clearing and soul retrieval can help you get a clean start. It is energetic clutter clearing.

We work with the Paranormal but do more than investigate, we will help release the spirits or ghost that are causing the activity.

We believe in ghosts and do not need to prove them to anyone. Many people have experiences with "Ghosts" , entities or thought forms .

You might feel a coldness in a room. The hair on the back of your neck stands up.There can be unusual smells, sounds or events that take place.My team and I are skilled in knowing the difference between these energies and helping trapped souls to cross in a gentle and kind way.
Happy Valley
Sharon Sinclair
10010 SE Vrandenburg Road
Happy Valley , OR 97086
United States

Soothing Touch Wellness Center
At Soothing Touch we offer several different types of massage, as well as Reiki,Reflexology,Spa Treatments,
Classes in Yoga,Aromatherapy,Reiki,
Herbology,Stress Management and much more.
Robbie Jackson
294 Bay Street
Taunton, MA 02780
United States
Phone 508-880-3324

Soul Wisdom Inc
We provide Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki® classes for all levels, with teachers who have extensive training and teaching backgrounds. With the most comprehensive and up to date information and continued support before, during and after each workshop. We offer contact hours! We are approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

We provide comprehensive Feng Shui consultations for your home or office. As well as space clearing and blessings for home or office space. We have information and supplies on Smudging, Chakras, Jewelry, and see our events page!

We support the community with book study groups, such as Course in Miracles, art workshops and motivational speaking services. We offer a variety of products for practitioners, teachers and others for their enrichment. Such as White Mountain Sage, Denim Shirts, Feng Shui crystals and other gifts. We take enormous pride in creating our products, and hope that you'll find something in our catalog that you like. We also can create custom orders; e-mail and let us know what you want. We look forward to doing business with you.

E-mail: info@soulwisdom3.com
Jan Kendall
P.O. Box 239
Brighton, MI 48116
United States
Phone 810-923-4240
Fax 248-852-2292

Studio Ocho Plus Ltd
Feng Shui Practioner - the health of your space, commercial or residential, the shape of your space controls your health , wealth and prosperity. Puting the earth's energy in alignment with your personal energy will heal the sick and keep the well enjoying good health. The use of the BaGua, astrology, and the cures of the Black Sect Trantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui your space is aligned to produce health, wealth and growth in your life or the life of your business. Realignment of your space will bring order out of clutter and movement out of stagnation. Astrology - consultations, forecasts, predictions, birthday charts, location charts. Call for free information or if you have questions about this service. Private classes in both Feng Shui and Astrology.
Coconut Creek
Nadine Gross

Coconut Creek, FL
United States
Phone 954-974-9911

synergy design studio
We are devoted to help our clients to enhance their lives by designing healthier, beutiful, high performance environments that increase their happiness and quelity of life
Alicia Silva
725 N 75th st
Seattle, WA 98103
United States
Phone 2069312675
Fax 206 7845048

Ted J. Cibik, N.D., D.M.Q., H.F.I.
Inner Strength Health and Wellness Center specializes in Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Stress Management programs and feng shui consulting.

We also offer certification level course work in Medical QiGong, Asthma and Mediation Life Coaching and Feng Shui.
Ted Cibik
Inner Strength Health and Wellness Center
Leechburg, PA 15656
United States
Phone 724-845-1041

Teresa Hwang Feng Shui & Design
Master Joseph Yu's Feng Shui Research Centre Teacher/Lecturer. Certified Feng Shui Master and Certified Interior Designer, specializes in Authentic Traditional Chinese Feng Shui School of principles. Chinese astrology & divination.

Available for Commercial & Residential Consultations, Courses & Seminars, Public speaking engagements for groups & organizations.

Motto: Have Lo Pan, Will Travel!
Teresa Min Yee Hwang

, V1H 1J9
Phone 250-549-1356

the comfort lady
Greetings from The Comfort Lady.

My name is Theresa Woodsong, but my clients and friends call me The Comfort Lady. I wear this title with pride and delight because it tells me I am doing my job well.

The mission and focus I hold for all my clients is to facilitate the creation of comfort, joy, and ease in their lives. The form and direction this process takes depends upon your needs and desires. I have quite a varied and eclectic range of training and experience we can draw upon.

This past summer I rolled all my skills and gifts together and began creating Living Light. This started as a new approach to weight loss, but grew into being very much more than that. With roots that drink deeply from Denise Linn's 28 Day Soul Coaching program, Living light is a nine week system that transforms your relationship with food, your Self, and life.

Living Light focuses on the restoration of balance and recognizes the truth that small, subtle shifts create sustainable and powerful change—with comfort, joy, and ease.

Click here to contact me and make a date for a complimentary get acquainted session. I look forward to speaking with you!

Theresa Woodsong
8400 Spring Valley Drive
Austin, TX 78736
United States

The Everyday Feng Shui Company
Donna Collins and the 15 members of The Everyday Feng Shui Company integrate a unique combination of Classical Feng Shui Analysis, Chinese Medicine, Architecture, Interior Design,Landscape Architecture,and the science of the Institute of HeartMath to create healthy, stress free, abundant, harmonious


Primary clients:

Merrill Lynch, Neiman Marcus, Southwest Airlines, The Great Indoors, Escada, Toto Inc, Sanijet Corp, Stanley Korshak and the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.
Donna Collins
9126 Valley Chapel Lane
Dallas, TX 75220
United States
Phone 2143525005

The Feng Shui Cure
Certified Feng Shui Consultant/Practitioner focusing on residential homes and business sites. Preparing for sale or improving the energy. I offer 4 different services for clients:

1) Home consultation

2) Business consultation

3) Space clearing

4) Preparation of home for sale.

All homes and businesses can have their energy improved greatly. The following areas of your home can be enhanced: your Career, Travel, Health, Family, Creativity, Knowledge, Partnerships, Fame, and Wealth.
Steve Kodad

Charlotte, NC 28210
United States
Phone 803-802-2255
Fax 803-802-2255

The Feng Shui Cure
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner focusing on the residential home and business offices. Improvement and manipulation of positive energy, and also helping a home appeal to potential home buyers.
Fort Mill
Steve Kodad
3217 Colonel Springs Way
Fort Mill, SC 29708
United States
Phone 803-802-2255

The New England School of Feng Shui ~ Feng Shui Connecticut

Upcoming Workshop Offerings:




Feng Shui Fundamentals I • July 11-12

Feng Shui Fundamentals II • August 8-9

Feng Shui in Practice • September 12-13

Residential Case Study & Fieldwork • November 7-8

Commercial Case Study & Fieldwork • December 5-6


Amy Mims

Woodbury, CT 06798
United States
Phone 203-266-4211

The Phoenix Institute of Feng Shui
The Phoenix Institute of Feng Shui is dedicated to the following goals:

First of all, to educate the residents of Arizona and the Southwest in:

(1) Classical Feng Shui

(2) Four Pillars Astrology

(3) the I Ching

(4) Bau-Biology (Healthy Homes) and Ecology

Secondly, we are interested in the development of Feng Shui instructors and Feng Shui consultants who, through proper study and training, are qualified to teach and complete consultations in the science and art of Feng Shui.

Mark Singer
4747 E. Elliot Road, #29-446
Phoenix, AZ 85044
United States
Phone 888 804 6888
Fax 480 496 5936

Tom Cobian
Massage therapy, therapist with 15 years experience treating injuries, pain, trauma, and stress. Work with fibromyalgia in water as an aquatic therapist. Treatment of pain from back and heart surgury from personal experience. Trauma work and stress relief treated both on a massage table and in a therapy pool. Offering individual sessions and classes in aquatic bodywork and massage therapy.
Tom Cobian
10138 NE 187TH ST
Bothell, WA 98011
United States
Phone 206-528-8496
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