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Essential Oils
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Gail Axelrod, Reiki Master,Usui Reiki Ryoho
Gail Axelrod Reiki Master.Usui Reiki Ryoho has been student and practitioner of alternative healing for 0ver 30 years. Gail specializes in empowerment on the most personal of levels allowing other to develop while using their own inner healing power to create what they want in life and help them move beyond their limitation into their own true potential allowing them to take back their personal power and move forward.
San Francisco
Gail B Axelrod.
3811 ANZA ST FL 2
San Francisco, CA 94121
United States
Phone 858-212-3203

Ginni Selle, Ph.D. Energy Psychologies
Each person has a unique blend of frequency signature patterns that are unlike anyone else. When these frequency signatures become disrupted, the body seeks to reveal the imbalance by manifesting symptoms unique to the individual. These symptoms are typically interpreted as patterns of dis-ease and stress that have their own disruptive frequency patterns. Because of this, it’s important to embrace the individualism of the dis-ease pattern for it is this pattern, not a particular therapy or a practitioner, that holds the code to healing.
Recognizing that the frequencies contained in the dis-ease provide a holographic representation of the self and therefore, the counterbalancing codes to the body’s integrity is what Conscious Healing is all about. By listening to and matching specific frequencies of dis-ease with their counterbalancing patterns, structural and emotional integrity can be restored.
Conscious Healing provides a broad, eclectic toolbox that includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual applications uniquely applied to the signature of the individual. This supports the desire to understand what the guidance of the dis-ease is trying to say and bring the holographic self back into balance.

Wheaton, Illinois
Ginni Selle, PhD, LPC, CBT, RYT, RA
Integrative & Intuitive Healing Counselor
Wheaton, Illinois,

Phone 630-730-1871

Gloria O. Hammer, Aromatologist
My holistic work is utilizing the Essential oils for

balancing the mind, body and spirit. The essential oils are beneficial

in reduce stress,creating more energy and having more self-esteem.

The essential oils also drain the toxins from your lymphatic system.

Each person needs vary with the use of special blends assisting in the natural

healing of the body. These wonderful gifts of mother nature are utilized through body massage, bath and inhalation.
Gloria O. Hammer

Miami, FL 33181
United States
Phone 305-891-7007
Fax 305-893-8893

Goodfellow Massage
Professional quiet, spa setting. Far Infra-red Dry Sauna and shower facilities. Deep Tissue, Light Touch,Reflexology, Acupressure & Trigger Point Techniques, specialize in working with special needs and physically challenged adults. Corporate Chair Massage (seated acupressure massage). Ear Candling, Raindrop Technique (uses Young Living Essential Oils).

Nancy Goodfellow,NCTMB
305 Indian Lake Rd
Oxford, MI 48371
United States
Phone 248-379-3272

Goy, Psychosomatic Therapist
Practice psychosomatic therapy using acupressure, jin shin jyutsu, cranial sacral therapy, reiki, massage, flower essences and psychosynthesis. Specialized in stress management and emotional balancing. Teach stress management workshops as well as tarot for personal growth, retreats for inner work and purification with fasting. SInce 1988 I conduct a radio show called New Age that supports spiritual awareness and can be heard thru www.radiovision.com.ec
Wrote a book: Reflexiones de un Despertar. Launched a Cd of guided meditations called: Introspecciones Guiadas.
Quito, Ecuador
gloria paz
Carlos Montúfar E13-361 y Monitor
Quito, Ecuador,
Phone 593-2-2447-981
Fax 593-2-2447-981

Graceful Shift Technologies
energy repatterning, hypnobirthing, creating money workshops
life purpose workshops, dna activation, graceful shift into Truth
shifting dimensional perspective,
Also offering rare crystals and healing stones and gemstones, such as ajoite, papagoite, natural citrine, vogel cut healing crystals and more
Danielle England

Aptos, CA 95003
United States
Phone 831-662-0945

Green Pastures Herb Shoppe
a shop that specializes in medicinal herbs and natural alternative products.we carry bulk herbs,capsules,tinctures, essential oils, herbal teas, bath salts, lotions, soaps,books,etc.some of our products include Nature's Sunshine, Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas,Burt's Bees, Starwest Botanicals,etc.
Derek Rikard
117 south 20th st.
middlesboro, ky 40965
United States
Phone (606) 248-1137

Green Valley Aromatherapy
Green Valley Aromatherapy carries a wide range of natural products including: pure essential oils, blends, Spiritual oils and blends, chakra products, hydrosols, massage oils, natural body care products, inhalers, carrier oils and bases, books, diffusers, bottles and containers, start up kits and much more!

There are many benefits to buying from Green Valley. We have qualified on-staff aromatherapists who understand the healing aspects of each oil and can offer their guidance and support to you. We have a reputation for fast and friendly service that goes above and beyond our customers' expectations. Our products are unsurpassed because we consistently maintain the highest standards in aromatherapy quality and purity.

All our essential oils are tested using standard Gas Chromatography Testing (GCMS). Reports are available online (see 'Detail' page on specific product) or by emailing our product expert. We source and sell nothing but the best!

Our user-friendly site features information that will help you improve your health and eliminate the mystery surrounding aromatherapy. We also provide our clients with up-to-date information regarding the use of aromatherapy in all areas of their lives.
4988 N. Island Hwy
Courtenay, BC V9N 9H9
Phone 250-334-4836
Fax 250-338-4835

As a massage therapist and energy worker, two of my favorite techniques are Reiki and Raindrop Therapy. I became a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2000 and offer Reiki sessions and training in the Usui style. Raindrop therapy involves applying nine organic essential oils on the feet and along the spine and back with a light touch technique. Developed by Dr. Gary Young, ND the technique was influenced by an ancient Lakota energy practice.
Gail Beckley

Absecon, NJ 08201
United States
Phone 609-641-4661

Havana Wellness Studio
Online Coaching & Training

While I continue to offer online coaching and training, I now have a delightful brick & mortar where I see people in-person as well!

I share space with my best friend of 35 years – Mary Jane Brower heads up the Aromatherapy Workspace & Boutique and I join her in my Studio.

I host a lovely place full of vintage florals and aromatherapy accessories, plus essential oils, natural perfumes and attars. We have facial creams and scrubs, lotions and potions, all ready for use or ready to be enhanced with pure essential oils of your choice.

We have green cleaning products and personal care products all in an effort to promote nontoxic living. And there is “us”- a team of two, always happy to engage with you about any questions you might have.

Wellness Consultations, Intuition & Chakra Healing

In the studio I meet with people individually for wellness consultations. My consultations are practical, drawing from years of experience as a psychotherapist. Now turned wellness coach, aromatherapist and energy healer I also offer chakra balancing and intuitive readings. I love to tap into the powerful vibration of essential oils and for those who are willing, adding a bit of experiential writing to the consultation can be extremely curative. Healing can often be found in the written word. The initial 45 minute in-person consultation is always offered at no charge. I offer online intuitive readings as well.

Workshops about Essential Oils, Green Living, Intuition, Coaching & More

We also facilitate workshops at the Studio- free workshops, advanced workshops and professional workshops too! Our workshops represent the practical and the mystical.


The studio is more than the items we sell and the services we provide. Being “in” our space brings sol ace for many, even if briefly as they dip inside on a hot summer’s day. We aren’t fancy or trendy. We ARE mindful and intentional. There is a purposeful energy that flows through and most who enter are drawn in and return.
DeeAnna Nagel
100 8th Avenue West
Havana, FL 32333
United States
Phone 706 506 9151

Healing Energy & Relaxation Therapy
Michelle's mission and passion is helping you relax, relieve stress and improve your health naturally through massage, reflexology, essential oils, other bodywork modalities, and classes/workshops.

She is sincerely dedicated to providing honest, quality services and products to everyone so they have the tools to heal themselves naturally.
Michelle Pash
400 E 17th St
Vancouver, WA 98664
United States
Phone 360-263-1306

Healing Essentials
Frankincense, Myrrh, Peppermint, Lemon, and other essential oils are God's gift to us to keep our bodies healthy. They have been used for thousands of years by many different cultures. Young Living produces the highest quality organic and therapeutic oils in the United States. Thousand of people have discovered that using the oils have improved their health. Continued use can also help to maintain future good health. We are also trained to do Raindrop Technique. This is a procedure whereby oils are applied to the feet and the back using VitaFlex, feathering, gentle massage and other techniques to bring about healing within the body. Call or e-mail us for more information.
Mary Ann Hunter

Burlington, IA
United States
Phone 319-752-8593

Health Beat Natural Foods
Michele L. Moelder owner of Health Beat Natural Foods is a Certified Nutritionist. Opened Health Beat in 1983.
Health Beat offers selection of vitamins, herbs, grocery items, organic produce, wholefood deli.
Michele privately counsels on nutrition and also holds classes teaching vegetarian cooking.
Nutrition tours are also given within the store.
Health Beat is also involved in attending 4 - 6 Wellness Fairs at local businesses each year.

Shopping at Health Beat is also available through our website.
Johnson City
Michele Moelder

Johnson City, NY
United States
Phone 607-797-1001

Healthy Focus
Healthy Focus concerns just that. You cannot have a healthy focus and a sick focus at the same time. Optimal health addresses all of who you are: spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, socially, and physically. This is wholism. Healthy Focus provides: colonic therapy, whole-food nutritional counsel, essential oil treatments, iridology, and lifestyle coaching -- modalities that address all of you. We honor your "biological individuality" -- your uniqueness. Health IS a Law and also a way of life.
Newton E Bunce 3rd.
810 W. Gurley St.
Prescott, AZ 86305
United States
Phone 9284456859
Fax 7780218

Heart Song Healing
  • Aromatherapy Massage

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Foot Mapping Your Dreams

  • Phoenix
    Collette Taaffe

    Phoenix, AZ 85024
    United States
    Phone 602-881-7898

    HeartLink Natural Healing Services
    HeartLink Natural Healing Services provides classes and private sessions in Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and Medical Intuitive Healing (13-month program). Practitioners of Hanna Kroeger's healing technques and Hanna's products. We provide additional services in dowsing, channeling, labyrinth making and access to akashic records. Distributors of massage lotions and oils and Melaleuca products. Jim is an instructor at Hanna Kroeger's Peaceful Meadow Retreat in Boulder, CO.
    Jim and Colleen Helbert
    2410 Briar Ridge Way
    Cumming, GA 30041
    United States
    Phone 770-653-3337

    High Sierra Botanicals
    For those who want natural, effective alternatives to chemically-based products and synthesized medications, High Sierra Botanicals offers safe, healthy options.

    The products are made with the finest quality natural, wild-crafted, and organic ingredients to create exceptionally synergistic formulations for beauty, balance, spiritual and emotional well-being, and transformation.

    The variety of plant materials used (flower essences, herbs, essential oils, nutritional oils & butters) offers an uncommon alchemy for healing potential. Flower essences are used in all of our personal care and healing products to enhance, harmonize, and potentiate the other botanical ingredients.

    From our award-winning balms & salves to the High Octave Flower Essence Formulas, to our new line of natural Artisan Perfumes, High Sierra Botanicals is committed to excellence.
    Holly Beatie
    P.O. Box 4275
    Truckee, CA 96160
    United States
    Phone 530/550-0885
    Fax 530-550-7537

    Holistic Nurse Therapist
    Certified as a "Holistic Nurse"I'm self employed practicing the healing arts as, an Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist, Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Energy Therapist and Nutrition Councellor.I also teach Yoga classes, Sell Herbal & Aromatherapy Blends
    Martina Smith
    128 W. Main St. Colquitt, GA. 39837
    Colquitt, GA 31737
    United States
    Phone (229) 758-5300
    Fax (229) 758-5356

    Holistic Therapy Services
    Holistic Therapy Services uses several modalities to promote wellness in our clients. Master Herbalist Julie Montgomery prepares custom herbal formulas for our clients.

    We provide food supplements and personal care products that contain no harmful chemicals and contain essential oils to enhance their function. Our products are safe for your home, family and animals.

    Seminars and courses in using essential oils synergysticly with other alternative therapies including herbal formulas, homeopathic remedies, color, bioscan, kinesiology, energy balancing and nutritional support.
    Greg Montgomery
    PO Box 1006
    Fayetteville, TN 37334
    United States
    Phone (931) 425 0047
    Fax 931 425 0399

    Hummingbird Therapeutics
    Hummingbird Therapeutics is home to Mother Anita's vibrational healing spritzs and fine body balms.

    Mother Anita’s® Fine Body Balms & Vibrational Healing Spritzs

    Each balm and spritz connects you with nature & yourself, your breath, your beauty. Enjoy our joyful, intentional, loving, Aromatherapy products!


    Balance ... Center yourself with this fine body balm rich in lanolin & vitamin E. Therapeutic essential oils of lavender, rose geranium, vetiver and lemongrass do the work.Uplift, balance hormonal shifts,moods

    Comfort... Offer aches, pains, owies, scars, bug bites, burns, sunburns and peeling cracked hands & feet to the Gods of the past... Comfort for relief of musculo-skeletal on-going concerns , burns, sunburns, over stimulus/stress, chronic and acute pain.


    Essential Rose: receive clarity, purity, universal love

    Essential Chamomile: experience more peacefulness, less worry, fear, anger, anxiety

    Smokeless Sage® Smudge: clear, center, & reconnect with your intuition. Positive and negative energy shifted to allow you to connect universally.

    Ancient Beings®: lighten, find your mission, live it – great for meditation. Spray gently over your head, breathe deeply, & welcome nature’s gifts.

    NEW! Balance: all the benefits of our fine body balm in the convenience of a spritz. Uplift moods, lessen PMS, Menopausal symptoms,enjoy tonic properties of stabilizing blood pressures, blood sugars, high stress levels.

    Our motto is "Joyful Products for a Whole Life". We use only Vintage Therapeutics Grade Essential Oils and Natural Ingredients in our products.
    MERRIMACK, NH 03054
    United States
    Phone 603-424-2030
    Fax 603-424-9135
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