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The Estuary & School of Healing Arts
Susan Austin-Crumpton
1711 19th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212
United States
Phone 615-467-6462
Fax 615-383-4553

The Haven Institute
The Haven Institute is an internationally acclaimed centre offering a wide variety of experientially based seminars devoted to the

understanding and acceptance of the self and others, blending eastern and western ideas.

The Haven is devoted to providing courses that will help people in their personal and professional development. All of them are designed to expand the participants' awareness of

themselves in their everyday personal lives and at work. Those registered in the training program in counselling can earn a Diploma in Counselling. Courses range in length from one

day to several months.

The methods are educational, broad and eclectic, derived from a great variety of sources in the fields of Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, as well as more traditional fields

of Psychology, religious studies, drama, music and art. The techniques used cover a broad spectrum of approaches, including gestalt, Reichian body approaches, acupuncture,

psychodrama, psychosynthesis, role playing, family therapy, fantasy and visualization techniques, video work, music and play therapy, all stressing encounter and communication

skills. Some lectures and discussion groups are involved, but an emphasis is placed upon heuristic education in which the person is invited to experience situations in which (s)he

will be able to learn what (s)he needs to learn. The approaches are educational rather than therapeutic, so no medical or nursing care is available.
Gabriola Island
PD Seminars Resort and Conference Centre
240 Davis Road
Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1X1
Phone 250-247-9211
Fax 250-247-8454

The Healing Connection
Jasarah Essences is a company specializing in the finest organic and wild-crafted flower essences and essential oil blends uniquely created to bridge Heaven and Earth. All handcrafted blends, co-created with the nature spirits kingdom and are designed to assist humanity in manifesting the rebirthing of the higher self.

The Healing Connection specializes in rehabiliation massage and vibrational healing work. Galeeshea (Andrea) and her partner, Raheem work together on a galactic level of healing. They remove implants and clear all fields along with the use of sound healing and tuning forks.

Andrea T. Slesinger, MA51834
312 S. Washington Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34236
United States
Phone 617-257-1615

The Healing Connection
Muxcle Release Technique (R.U.I.T.)
Neuromuscular Therapy
Myofascial Release
Reiki Master & Shambala Reiki Master
Polarity Practitioner
Axiatonal Light Grid Therapy
Molecular Cellular Restructuring Therapy
Flower Essence Practitioner
Andrea T. Slesiner

Reading, MA
United States
Phone 781-942-9579

the healing force
'The Healing Force' will help direct you on your journey to find the peace of mind, body and spirit that you are searching for. I offer many different healing modalities including Usui and Sekhem-Seichem Reiki Energy Therapies, Crystal and Gemstone Healing. I conduct Angel Workshops on Communicating with your Angels; individual Angel Guidance Readings,and Spiritual Counseling. Let us help gently guide you on your new path to find that peace.
clark lake
colleen charles
5890 jefferson rd
clark lake, MI 49234
United States
Phone 517 5928937
Fax 5175928937

The Healing Space
I have been consciously working with the Human Energy Field since 1995. I use my high sense perception; Clairsentience and Clairvoyance (clear feeling and seeing) to sense and perceive blockages in the Human Energy Field. I combine Massage Therapy, Energy Healing, Flower Essences and Reiki as my tools in healing. It is a joy to bring these gifts to clients in assisting them with their personal process of healing. I also offer classes in Energy Healing and Meditation.
April Orem
NE Portland
Portland, OR 97211
United States
Phone 503-239-7733
Fax n/a

The Karma Tree
My soul purpose is to provide balance, healing and self discovery for all those in need.
Chris Blair

Fullerton, CA 92834
United States

Timothy A Mast
What path have you taken on this journey of life? Are you looking for balance? Do you desire get your body back to a healthier place, where it can move better and more freely? Do you desire transformation in your life? Do you desire to live a life that is peace-full? Do you want an open heart? Do you want a life that has more joy? Do you want to release and let go of energies that no longer serve you? Do you want to learn how to clear your body and energy field of unwanted energies? Do you want a healthier body, a healthier mind, and/or a healthier emotional state? Do you need a stronger will to get things done? Do you need to express yourself better? Are you looking for a a therapist that listens to your body and is holistic in his approach.

If you answered, yes to any of these questions, then I can be of service.

One of the things I offer that is challenging to find is that of a male therapist with years of experience. I offer Yang energy to the session. If you are looking to get through things more quickly - cut to the chase, then I can help. If you have never worked with a male therapist, then I am precisely what you need. Balance. It is like Yin Yoga verses Hatha. Do you want to get things moving or do you just want to chill? If you are looking for what I lovingly call "fluff" massage, then I am probably not for you. If you want to shift your body and your life, then get in touch.

I am in the 24th year of massage, body work, and energy work. With music, I am in my 39th year with years of training in piano and voice. I have sung in professional vocal ensembles locally. With the Crystal Bowls, I am a Master Crystal Bowl Player. I started playing the crystal bowls in 1999. In 2002, I started to hold regular crystal bowls meditations and continues to this day. I have traveled throughout the states doing crystal bowl meditations, and have traveled to different countries with the crystal bowls, including New Zealand. During my journey, I have produced three Crystal Bowls CDs. Most of those tracks can be heard on his YouTube channel under Timothy Mast. If you want the full CD, contact. That will now need to be in Digital Format.

Whether it is massage or crystal bowls, I very much enjoy the work I do. With my personal sessions, unless a specific modality is requested, I tailor each session to my awareness and understanding of what your body wants/needs, allowing my intuition and your body to guide the session. I tend to lean more toward the therapeutic modalities. With the energy work, I meld crystal healing with crystal bowl playing, although I will also use other forms of energy and sound healing. I do incorporate reflexology in most sessions, as well as work that assists the immune system.

With the body therapy that I do, there are certain modalities that I generally use. Those modalities are advanced lymphatic drainage therapy, craniosacral therapy, craniosacral immune response therapy, advanced brain and neurovascular techniques, visceral manipulation, and myofascial release therapy. Some sessions may incorporate shamanic work, toning and crystal bowls, while another session may use essences, essential oils, and deep tissue massage. I find that using the different modalities in a session is very beneficial in shifting a person's energy on all levels, affecting the mind, body, soul and spirit. And, I want to facilitate positive change for the mind, body, soul, and spirit of each client who comes through my door.

In addition to the above, I teach crystal classes, teach people how to meditate and teach people how to play the crystal bowls. I hold regular crystal bowl meditations, generally once a week and often on Mondays.
Timothy Mast
1406 Falcon Dr
Louisville, KY 40213
United States
Phone (502) 636-1116

Tom Startzman RN
Allergy Elimination Through Energetic Release

The incidence of allergies in the United States is on the rise. Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and other environmental illnesses, are increasing as well. Our body's ability to handle exposure to toxic chemicals and allergens, decreases inversely to the amount of exposure and leaves our immune system unable to process them. This rain barrel effect has been clinically documented showing that the body can only tolerate so much exposure before it begins to react. We continue to inhale and ingest toxins that our bodies were never designed to accommodate. Trauma may also account for some allergic reactions or sensitivities. Exposure to certain substances while being stressed or traumatized can produce symptoms to that substance.

There is a broad range of symptoms associated with allergies, food sensitivities and environmental toxins. These can run the gamut from headache, respiratory problems, sore throats, chronic cough, frequent colds, eye irritation, fatigue, dizziness, memory lapses, depression, anxiety, mental fogginess, muscle aches and pains, arthritis, digestive problems, learning disabilities, weight gain, and hyperactivity. Diffuse and unexplained symptoms may also be allergy related.

After a brief intake and history, and once the allergens, toxins, or sensitivities are identified through muscle testing, a variety of energy psychology treatments can be applied to help the body release the adverse immune response.

If you or a loved one are suffering from the misery of chronic allergies, relief may be at hand with AllergyAntidotes™. Frequently, there is complete resolution of the response, or at least the identification of the offending substances you can then avoid. These treatments may also help with improved conventional treatment provided by medical doctors and pharmacological interventions.

Thomas Startzman
516 SE Morrison St. Ste. 305
Portland, OR 97202
United States
Phone 971-221-7845

Ula Moleda
Reiki is a Japanese technique that provides optimum relaxation to help heal, balance and revitalize the mind, body and spirit. It stimulates the immune system, releases emotional blockages, accelerates natural healing, relives stress and pain. In my healing art together with Reiki I apply

*Karuna Reiki,

*Theta Healing,

*Sufi healing called Sat Nam Rasayan - which is healing through awareness,

*Guided meditation/visualization,

*Crystals, music and color therapy,

*Counseling skills, meditation, yoga, Qi Gong knowledge,

*Core Transformation Healing

Ula Moleda
15817 NE 90th Street
Redmond, WA 98052
United States
Phone (425) 605 3565

Vella & Associates
I am a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and Meridian Energy Therapies is another area in which I am fully qualified. I also use Hypnosis and Time Based Techniques. I use all of these tools along with my 30 years of experience in the corporate world to enable individuals and companies to communicate with each other, attain their goals and most importantly communicate with themselves.
Helen Vella

Kissimmee, FL 34758
United States
Fax 407 931 3891

Vicki L. Marks, LMT, CD (DONA)
Nurturing Nature provides Birth Doula Services and Massage Therapy Services for expectant mothers and individuals seeking a therapist with a focus of medical massage and self-care.
Saint Louis
Vicki Marks
7217 Gayola Place
Saint Louis, MO 63143
United States
Phone 314-324-5548

Warner Wellness
LABOR AND BIRTH DOULA SERVICES: My style is very holistic and nurturing. To me, birth is a sacred experience and as your doula I will support you and your family with all my heart and soul: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually every step of the way. I bring energy to ground each mother and to create a safe, sacred and loving environment for the newborn to enter into the world.
MASSAGE: My style of massage is very relaxing and healing. I incorporate Swedish massage tecniques and my own intuitive energy to send you into a deep state of peace in your body, heart, and soul. I am a Certified Massage Therapist and offer home visits in the Boston area. I also specialize in prenatal massage for pregnant mothers. Treat yourself to a massage in the comfort of your own home.

CHAKRA & ENERGY BALANCING COACH: Are old wounds limiting your experience of pure joy? Give your Spirit a chance to heal itself and get its power back. Re-learn to trust your intuition by healing your chakras. By healing & balancing your chakras, you will learn how to protect your emotional, physical & spiritual bodies. Chakra Coaching is a healing & intuitive feedback session done by phone or in person. During the session, together, we will balance your chakras & energy. Initial Coaching Session is FREE!!

LIFESTYLE & ACHIEVEMENT COACH: As time passes, are you taking the time to evaluate what is most important to you? Are you living with true purpose in life? Lifestyle Coaching will get you back on track. Over the past ten years I have become an expert in professional & personal development & coaching. I have a unique way of empowering & inspiring individuals & teams to discpver & reach their highest potential. My direct communication & powerful ability to see the big picture creates groundbreaking results. Initial Consultation Session is FREE!!

Meghan Warner
P.O. Box 130055
Boston, MA 02113
United States
Phone 781-639-6002

Weave Your Life LLC
Weave Your Life LLC is based on the belief that learning to identify personal, environmental and other imbalances in your life is the first step toward achieving wholeness and makes up the core of personal healing.

I offer a wide array of holistic services as well as workshops and special events.
Audrey Bennett
3 Barnard Lane Top floor
Bloomfield, CT 06002
United States
Fax 860-276-8654

Wholistic Healing, Counseling, Diagnostic, Therapy
Offering traditional healing arts. We provide guidance and support toward experiencing whole life health in Spirit, mind-emotion and body. Pulse diagnosis of the body organs and meridian systems provides insight to the internal physical, energetic and emotional environment. Herbs, diet and nutrition gently guide the body systems toward balance with remarkable results in reversing distress and dis-ease. We also provide emotional and relationship counseling, trauma recovery, stress management, sexual healing, self healing therapies, self-recognition, tai chi and meditation classes, and gemstone therapy. Assistance in recognizing, being, and becoming the best "you" you can be!
San Diego
Warren & Susan Gold
3151 Kennelworth Lane
San Diego, CA 91902
United States
Phone 619-434-4592

Yumnah El
Reiki Master teaching Reiki First Degree; Second Degree and Aprenticeship Course for Reiki Mastersl. Reiki is a hands on healing art-- "A Gift of Love To Yourself"!
Yumnah El
8523 NW 58th Place
Tamarac, FL 33321
United States
Phone 954-722-1941

Zensight Energy Healing
What if?...

What if you could heal your personal concerns gently and easily, while simultaneously improving your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health? What if these healing effects took place on a very deep and permanent level?

Holistic Psychotherapy puts these things within your reach.

Carol Ann Rowland, MSW, RSW – psychotherapist, creator of Zensight, and author of Discover Zensight: Easy Energy Healing & Personal Transformation – can help you to rapidly yet gently heal your personal concerns.

Zensight is an energy healing technique that is designed to be gentle, easy to use and of benefit to anyone.

Zensight combines aspects of a variety of other energy work techniques such as Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), EFT, Energy Medicine and Universal Healing Energy, together with elements of EMDR, Imaginal Nurturing, NLP, and "parts work", also known as Ego State Therapy.

Emphasizing the use of “healing statements” together with visualization and focused intent, Zensight activates and engages the energy system and both hemispheres of the brain. Many people experience signs of increased brain activity, such as vivid dreams and imagery, and enhanced visual and auditory acuity, during or after Zensight sessions.

Zensight can be used with a wide range of concerns, including many physical issues. Carol Ann specializes in the treatment of anxiety, trauma, and dissociative disorders, and provides individual and couples counselling.

Positive effects extend well beyond time spent with Carol Ann, as you will learn how to further heal your concerns in between sessions, for the maximum benefit and most rapid results.

Sessions are available by phone for $90 US/hour or for a single session, or $225 when three sessions are paid for at once.

Counselling sessions done in person in Milton, ON are $100 Cdn for one hour.

Carol Ann Rowland, MSW, RSW
350 Main Street East, 2nd Floor
Milton, ON L9T 1P6
Phone (905)691-0330
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