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Seven Hills Energetics
Robert Mairose
10050 Montgomery Rd No. 184
Cincinnati, OH 45242
United States

Shambhala Wisdom Reiki Practice
I am an Intuitive Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner,Advanced Level Shambhala Reiki Therapist, Ordained Minister,and Notary Public. I have a private Reiki Practice,Shambhala Wisdom.I am available for private intuitive sessions, by appointment, at the Living Light Center LLC 40 S. River Rd,Bedford Place Park #63 Bedford, NH.Customized sessions can be arranged for those home bound,hospitalized,in nursing homes etc.I also provide Usui/Tibetan Reiki Training, Reiki talks and demonstrations, as well as providing a Reiki Wellness Clinic for the public, by appt., the 3rd Tuesday monthly.

30 minute session...$20.00

I am an Insured Member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals
Beth Johnson-Crawford

Derry, NH 03038
United States
Phone 603-425-6977 or 603-247-4774

Shanti Pincock Ph.D
This work is intended to awaken your own inner healer. I serve as your mirror, committed listener, facilitator, and partner in your healing journey. I use my intuition and guidance and perform a combination of energetic healing techniques, including and not limited to, hands-on work, energy tracking, chakra balancing, aura clearing,and guided meditation.
Santa Barbara
Shanti Pincock

Santa Barbara, CA 93111
United States
Phone 808.895.0304

Sharen Martinson
Sharen specializes in feeling an animal's thoughts, emotions, and essence of being while counseling both pets and their people toward positive changes. Energy work promotes healing of body, mind and spirit long distance telepathically. Your animal does not need to be physically present.
Malibu/Southern Californi
Sharen Martinson
PO Box 6014
Malibu/Southern Californi, CA 90264
United States
Phone 818-880-4216

House, Soul & Space Clearing, Feng Shui, Shamanic practitioner, Soul Retrieval, Paranormal Investigator and worker, Portland,OR

The ancient arts of Ghost (spirit releasing), Space Clearing, Energy Clearing, Feng Shui, Shamanism & Dowsing are all tools I use to rid your home, self or business of unwanted negative energy.They are tools to help you.Shift The Energy - Change Your Life!

We have all walked into a home or business and felt like we wanted to leave or were immediately uncomfortable. You might even feel flu like symptoms in places, or around people who make you feel uncomfortable. We sometimes decide not to buy or rent a home or apartment because we don't like the way they "feel." Noxious vortexes or earth energies

can make you feel sick, angry and confused. Then we have predecessor energy, if you move into a home where there was divorce or a business that failed it is likely you will take on that energy.

Feng Shui/Space Clearing and soul retrieval can help you get a clean start. It is energetic clutter clearing.

We work with the Paranormal but do more than investigate, we will help release the spirits or ghost that are causing the activity.

We believe in ghosts and do not need to prove them to anyone. Many people have experiences with "Ghosts" , entities or thought forms .

You might feel a coldness in a room. The hair on the back of your neck stands up.There can be unusual smells, sounds or events that take place.My team and I are skilled in knowing the difference between these energies and helping trapped souls to cross in a gentle and kind way.
Happy Valley
Sharon Sinclair
10010 SE Vrandenburg Road
Happy Valley , OR 97086
United States

Reiki Master/Violet Flame Healer & Teacher Usui lineage...working in Sheffield & the surrounding areas
(Home visits are available on request)

Soul Release Specialist - Consultation of proceedure
Retrieving spirit and returning them home,Cleansing house & activating positive energy.

Meditation Courses - Developing your awareness to help you to connect to your guides

Crystal healing; Crystal Reiki; Healing; Healing Development; Life Coaching; Meditation; Reiki; Spiritual Healing; Teaching

Julie Ward

Sheffield, South Yorkshire S26
Phone 07843 699221
Fax 01909 774994

Alan's energy work is extremely versatile and powerful. It focuses on what needs to be resolved in a clients system to create positive,dynamic transformation. This work clears unconscious toxicity, emotional energy blocks, and karmic knots that negatively impact a client's life experience and physical well-being. In many cases these blocks have their origin in past life trauma, the repurcussions of which continue to repeat in this life. Alan's energy work raises these traumatic events from their subconscious hiding place and clears them out of his clients' systems. Over the years Alan has worked on thousands of clients creating a wide base of experience which allows him to pull in a wide spectrum of spiritual energies that help his clients heal their lives. Alan's clients come from all over the U.S., Canada, and Europe. All sessions are conducted by phone.
Pacific Palisades
alan mesher
PO Box 1290
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
United States
Fax 310-459-0025

Soft Wind
Reiki Distance Energy Sessions. Energy can be directed to people, pets, plants, and specific events. It is a convenient way to enhance the quality of your life from the comfort of your home. It can be used to reduce stress, revitalize body and soul, help combat addictions, produce clarity, help heal emotional pain, bring harmony to problem situations, and much more. I also offer spiritual counselling and teaching.
Shari L. Johnson

United States
Phone 1-866-978-3112

Sophie Merle, EFT- CC- ADV
Energy Psychology specialist (EFT, ZensightProcess, EF&H, TAT, BSFF, ZPoint) and Certified Feng Shui practitioner with years of experience. Published writter with over 11 books in print. Extensive website with FREE teachings galore both in French and English. FREE newsletters. E-Books. I am easily reachable (TopRankHealing@aol.com) and will take pleasure in answering your questions about the awesome healing power of Energy Psychology modalities and Feng Shui. Tarot books writer.
Las Vegas
Sophie Merle

Las Vegas, NV 89117
United States
Phone (702) 240 6723

Soul Center for Healing
Kathleen is an accomplished Energy Field Practitioner and has over 10 years experience in her field. She is highly proficient in her assistance of clients in addressing their challenges on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - both in person or via distance healing.
Suttons Bay
Kathleen J Smith
P.O. Box 384
Suttons Bay, MI 49682
United States
Phone 231-218-1828

Soul Directed Energy Work and Psychotherapy
I have been trained in many mind/body/spirit therapies, including Internal Family Systems and several meditation and spiritual practices. I have been counseling individuals, couples, groups, and therapists for over 26 years with a unique and powerful blend of energy and psychotherapy techniques combined with mystical spiritual tradition.
Cindy Libman
6550 York Ave S, Suite 207
Edina, MN 55435
United States
Phone (952) 922-7679
Fax (952) 922-0339

Soul Solutions
Offering private sessions in Spiritual/Shamanic counseling and Body/Energywork, with a foundation of Clinical QiGong. Also trained in Shiatsu, Structural Therapy, CranioSacral and related modalities. Offering workshops on post-tribal shamanism, QiGong and Tai Chi. Taught Medical QiGong on the Faculty of the Academy of Chinese Acupunture at SHI in Lebenon, Ohio. Nationally certified QiGong and Tai Chi teacher. Certified Systemic Constellation Facilitator as of March, 2005.
Kenn Day
Full Spectrum Health Center • 3836 Reading Road
Cincinnati, OH 45229
United States
Phone (513) 481-3080

Spirit Energy Healers
Three professional holistic practitioners offering information and services in the fields of Reiki, Children's Reiki, Shamanism, Archetypes, Spiritual Guidance and Therapy, Alternative Weddings and Women's Soul Groups. Margret Bazany, Lydia Waring Meyer (La Loba Ministries) and Cecelia Perkins all work in the Grand Haven, MI area. Natural Orion Botanica beauty products are available on the site.
Grand Haven
Diane Willbrandt

Grand Haven, MI 49417
United States

Spiritual Progression


Learn through an easy step by step process, how to transmute frequencies that pull you away from your higher self. If you're ready to move on, and your thoughts and emotions hold you back this may leave you with a feeling of "being stuck". With this process of Transmutation, Release and Replacement you feel refreshed and renewed.
Spiriutal Progression

Minneapolis, MN
United States

Susan Bischak
Ordained minister for spiritual consultations and ceremonies. Mediumship, past-life regressions, biosyntonie, thermal body imaging (thermography), intuitive body scanning. Products for EMF protection. Sessions are available at Vista Natural Wellness Center in Oakland, NJ; KG Divine in North Haledon, NJ; The Health Stop in Wyckoff, NJ. I offer products to reduce EMF exposure for all wireless devices, i-H2O for water made into single-file alignment for best absorption and cell health, and all other Gia Wellness products.
Susan Bischak
191 Ramapo Valley Road, Oakland, NJ 07436
Kinnelon, NJ 07405
United States
Phone 973-838-7211

Susan Courtney
I practice as a holistic, healing psychotherapist, counsellor, and personal life coach, and train fellow professionals in Europe and North America in Energy Psychology and Meridian Therapies techniques.

Clients come to me seeking change: changing for the better in heart and mind, body and soul. Sometimes that means addressing symptoms to help people relieve emotional pain and fears, manage difficult emotions such as grief and anger, recover from trauma and abuse, control addictions, cravings and sensitivities, manage pain and stress, resolve inner conflict, improve difficult relationships, release limiting beliefs, increase self-esteem, or enhance performance in work, sports, or the arts. Others seek even deeper levels of change, learning to release mental blocks and emotional barriers to spontaneity, intimacy and emotional freedom, to live life to the full and feel great!

Therapists train with me to reclaim their excitement in the stimulus of all there is to learn about the psyche, about our clients, and about ourselves, to discover new, even more successful and satisfying ways to help people to change themselves and their lives, and to renew their pleasure in sharing friendships with colleagues, in a safe haven where learning can take place in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, in the accepting community of fellow energy healers, supporting each other in growth.

It is my great satisfaction in life to connect with you in a therapeutic or training relationship of acceptance and respect and help you to change yourself, your life, and your work.

Please email me or phone me to hear my voice, get a feel for the person behind these words, and to arrange a meeting in which we can both explore how I can best support you in changing your personal and professional life to live more authentically, successfully and joyfully.
London and Kent
Susan Courtney

London and Kent,
Phone 08700 767015
Fax 08701 380599

Suzanne Jonas, Ed.D.
In my practice I focus on a three pronged approach: finding the root cause of distress through Behavioral counseling and/or Emotional Freedom Technique, relieving symptoms, and addressing the soul.

All problems stem from misbeliefs so it is important to examine your thoughts, daily patterns, and soul's purpose.

The second approach assists in decreasing physical symptoms. BioAcoustics Sound and QXCI Bioenergetic Assessments reveal imbalances in the physical and emotional body, such as nutrients, hormones, organs, toxins, pathogens, etc. Further treatment options may include: herbal and homeopathic supplements, Reconnective Healing, Heartmath biofeedback, EFT, and sound treatments delivered through a specialized Sound table. The third prong is Spiritual counseling; I truly believe that NO true healing can occur unless the Soul is addessed.
Suzanne Jonas
1131 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy
Maryville, TN 37804
United States
Phone 865-980-0137

Suzanne Schevene
EMF Balancing Technique affects an aspect of the human energy anatomy known as the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL), whose purpose is to hold the greater electrical charge available to us as evolving humans.

We clear and balance the UCL and activate latent talents and templates enabling us to hold and work with more of the new energy that we are now experiencing. This opens the door to the untapped, yet innate, wisdom of each individual in a powerful, gentle, nurturing way.

Personal Growth & Practitioner Certification Classes available, as well as individual sessions.

The Dalles
Suzanne Schevene

The Dalles, OR 97058
United States
Phone 541-993-2847

Laser Reiki -- Removes the root cause of dis-ease using this advanced form of Reiki.

Reiki Energy Healing causes instant pain elimination in most cases.

Removes energy blockages on the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual bodies. Improves energy flow. Also heals karma from past or future lives. Laser Reikineeds no tools except the hands. Uses Cosmic Energetic Healing to interface with the subconscious mind to find the root cause of any illness and heal it. Laser Reiki classes teach these energy healing techniques to students in 4-days for LR Level 1-4.

Taylore Vance and her partner, Roi Halse, are the founders of the Reiki Ranch, they teach at the energy healing center, give presentations all over the world, Coach Prosperity and Heal Energy Blockages.

Special: FREE Reiki I Certification Workshop! Given all year long at the Reiki Ranch.

I have seen an energy clearing work when nothing else worked... MRI cannot see emotions stuck in the tissue. Doctors cannot cut them out either. You might try releasing emotional energy in that area.

**What is an energy blockage?** It is an unresolved emotion that is not expressed fully and it gets stuck in the body tissue. It creates a blockage -- like a little dam. Energy can't flow through that area. In order to heal a person their body needs a certain flow of energy. Healing the body of pain needs high flow of energy. Sick people do not have this necessary flow of energy available! They have energy blockages and low frequency.

I had a lower back pain and found out that **I was trying to be good enough and work hard enough to be liked by my dad** That was a stuck negative pattern of energy. The emotions of fear of not being good enough stopped my body from healing for years and years -- no matter what I tried or did. Finally with Laser Reiki I removed the blockage called: "not feeling good enough" and my sore back healed and has never hurt since.

In the energy healing school at the Reiki Ranch near Chehalis, WA, See: Reiki Energy Healing Blog

We have have found that energy clearings can help all sickness. Bad energy can be cleared and a new higher-lighter energy can be applied.

The person feels better, and is happier!

You feel like you have energy blockages in your financial life? Want to read articles about success and wellness? Go to: Prosperity and success using the Secret

For Reiki courses see our main website here: Reiki Ranch Energy Healing School and Center
Taylore Vance
1673 S. Market Blvd. #143
Chehalis, WA 98532
United States
Phone 360-748-4426

The Christopher Center
The Christopher Center offers training in Intuitive Arts and Metaphysics. An authorized teacher of the Masters of Metaphysics courses (www.Maitreya-edu.org), we feature private and group instruction in psychic development, healing, channeling, mediumship, astrology, aura soma, past live, meditation, chakras, and connecting with your guides and teachers.

We offer two core series: Personal Intuition 101, 201 and 301, and The Masters of Metaphysics which by level of intensity includes the Beginners, Advanced and Brotherhood courses.

Jill Christopher
PO Box 821295
Dallas, TX 75382
United States
Phone (972) 504 2650
Fax 214 722 0098
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