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Susan Courtney
I practice as a holistic, healing psychotherapist, counsellor, and personal life coach, and train fellow professionals in Europe and North America in Energy Psychology and Meridian Therapies techniques.

Clients come to me seeking change: changing for the better in heart and mind, body and soul. Sometimes that means addressing symptoms to help people relieve emotional pain and fears, manage difficult emotions such as grief and anger, recover from trauma and abuse, control addictions, cravings and sensitivities, manage pain and stress, resolve inner conflict, improve difficult relationships, release limiting beliefs, increase self-esteem, or enhance performance in work, sports, or the arts. Others seek even deeper levels of change, learning to release mental blocks and emotional barriers to spontaneity, intimacy and emotional freedom, to live life to the full and feel great!

Therapists train with me to reclaim their excitement in the stimulus of all there is to learn about the psyche, about our clients, and about ourselves, to discover new, even more successful and satisfying ways to help people to change themselves and their lives, and to renew their pleasure in sharing friendships with colleagues, in a safe haven where learning can take place in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, in the accepting community of fellow energy healers, supporting each other in growth.

It is my great satisfaction in life to connect with you in a therapeutic or training relationship of acceptance and respect and help you to change yourself, your life, and your work.

Please email me or phone me to hear my voice, get a feel for the person behind these words, and to arrange a meeting in which we can both explore how I can best support you in changing your personal and professional life to live more authentically, successfully and joyfully.
London and Kent
Susan Courtney

London and Kent,
Phone 08700 767015
Fax 08701 380599

Laser Reiki -- Removes the root cause of dis-ease using this advanced form of Reiki.

Reiki Energy Healing causes instant pain elimination in most cases.

Removes energy blockages on the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual bodies. Improves energy flow. Also heals karma from past or future lives. Laser Reikineeds no tools except the hands. Uses Cosmic Energetic Healing to interface with the subconscious mind to find the root cause of any illness and heal it. Laser Reiki classes teach these energy healing techniques to students in 4-days for LR Level 1-4.

Taylore Vance and her partner, Roi Halse, are the founders of the Reiki Ranch, they teach at the energy healing center, give presentations all over the world, Coach Prosperity and Heal Energy Blockages.

Special: FREE Reiki I Certification Workshop! Given all year long at the Reiki Ranch.

I have seen an energy clearing work when nothing else worked... MRI cannot see emotions stuck in the tissue. Doctors cannot cut them out either. You might try releasing emotional energy in that area.

**What is an energy blockage?** It is an unresolved emotion that is not expressed fully and it gets stuck in the body tissue. It creates a blockage -- like a little dam. Energy can't flow through that area. In order to heal a person their body needs a certain flow of energy. Healing the body of pain needs high flow of energy. Sick people do not have this necessary flow of energy available! They have energy blockages and low frequency.

I had a lower back pain and found out that **I was trying to be good enough and work hard enough to be liked by my dad** That was a stuck negative pattern of energy. The emotions of fear of not being good enough stopped my body from healing for years and years -- no matter what I tried or did. Finally with Laser Reiki I removed the blockage called: "not feeling good enough" and my sore back healed and has never hurt since.

In the energy healing school at the Reiki Ranch near Chehalis, WA, See: Reiki Energy Healing Blog

We have have found that energy clearings can help all sickness. Bad energy can be cleared and a new higher-lighter energy can be applied.

The person feels better, and is happier!

You feel like you have energy blockages in your financial life? Want to read articles about success and wellness? Go to: Prosperity and success using the Secret

For Reiki courses see our main website here: Reiki Ranch Energy Healing School and Center
Taylore Vance
1673 S. Market Blvd. #143
Chehalis, WA 98532
United States
Phone 360-748-4426

The Estuary & School of Healing Arts
Susan Austin-Crumpton
1711 19th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212
United States
Phone 615-467-6462
Fax 615-383-4553

The Healing Center
Reiki Certification Weekend Retreats to a wide variety of energeticaly charged location worldwide.
Red Deer
Russ Littau
4734 Ross Street
Red Deer, ALB T4N 2Y2
Phone 403-302-8902

The Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences, Inc.
The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, Inc. (IHAS) offers programs and workshops to support students and participants in understanding the total connection of their being – mind, body, and soul.

IHAS offers a 2-Year Energy Medicine Certificate Program and a 4-Year Energy Medicine Practitioner (EMP) Diploma Program. These programs focus on teaching students the psychologoical and spiritual causes of physical disease in the body and the techniques needed to restore or maintain health the techniques of The W.I.S.E. Method ™ of Energy Medicine. This program supports those with and without a medical background alike.

Our School is approved by the Connecticut Commissioner of Higher Education. We are affiliated with over 35 area hospitals and others nationwide. We have FREE information sessions for those interested in learning more about the programs. Please see our event listings.

For more information contact us at: info@instituteofhealing.com or on the web at www.instituteofhealing.com

The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, Inc.
2 Wintonbury Mall
Bloomfield, CT 06002
United States

Phone: (860) 286-5400

Fax: (860) 286-5402

Dorothy Martin-Neville, Ph.D., LMFT, L
2 Wintonbury Mall
Bloomfield, CT 06002
United States
Phone 860-286-5400
Fax 860-286-5402

U.S. Kinesiology Training Institute
Situated near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the U.S. Kinesiology Training Institute offers a variety of learning programs in Kinesiology: Touch for Health and the Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Training Workshops.
Chapel Hill
Arlene Green
1721 New Light Trail
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
United States
Phone 1-919-933-9299

Windsong School of Healing & Windsong College of Healing Arts
Windsong College of Healing Arts offers Intensive and full-time training in a variety of different therapies for Relaxation, Rejuvenation, and Restoring Health and Vitality. Study online and onsite combined one therapy at a time to complete Modules recognized for certification by Professional Associations or Study our Full Diploma Intensive in 11 months or regular Full Time in 2 years. Oriental Bodywork, Shiatsu, Energy Medicine, and Reflex studies in Iridology, Auriculotherapy, and Reflexology create a platform for a wide variety of therapies offered to clients. Classes are small with the intention of personal learning. Follow your heart's path to Windsong.
Port Alberni
Lori-Ann MacLeod
6199 Smith Road
Port Alberni, BC V9Y 8M1
Phone 250-723-3307
Fax 250-723-3307
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