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Inner Peaceworks
Inner Peaceworks specializes in the mind/body management of chronic pain, fear and stress. Whether you suffer from fibromyalgia, migraines, or pain secondary to other conditions, I can help you reduce your pain and reduce your stress.

If you suffer from stage fright, presentation freeze, test anxiety, or just get nervous in front of clients, your boss, or your golfing buddies, you can get control of your fear, anchor a calm relaxed and alert mind and perform your best.

Managing stress appropriately is critical to our mental, emotional and physical well-being. More and more studies are finding the side effects of stress can be devastating to your long term health. With help from Inner Peaceworks, you can learn to manage your stress and handle the crises that life brings your way.
Paula Popper
20 Office Park Way
Pittsford, NY 14534
United States
Phone 585-286-1842

Inner Serenity Hypnotherapy
Inner Serenity focuses on guiding you to open your subconcious mind to bring change into your life. We use the process's of Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and Reiki to aid your path to wholeness. We specialize in Childbirth Hypnosis, Regression therapy as well as many health related issues issues. Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit together.
Lake Oswego
Tia Rich
18675 SW Pilkington Rd
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
United States
Phone 971-533-6496

Integrative Psychotherapies
I use innovative and effective techniques that assit people to remove negative thoughts and emotions that interfere with peace of mind.

These therapies belong to the emerging new field of Energy Psychology.They are successfully relieving the effects of many conditions including stress and stress related illnesses. They release the harmful effects of fears, phobias, anxiety, grief,loss,depression, chronic pain and other conditions interfering with quality of life. People frequently report an enhanced sense of harmony,balance,and freedom from previoiusly disturbing thoughts and emotions.
Anita Bains
204 E. Joppa Rd.
Towson, MD 21286
United States
Phone 410-558-1021
Fax 4105581057

Island Calm
Island Calm

Health and Well Being in the San Juan Islands, Washington State

Cynthia Elliott Licensed Massage,

Large Animal Massage, EFT, Meridian Therapies

Licensed Massage Practitioner since 1987. Licensed to provide Equine Massage. EFT Practitioner working with both humans and horses.

Available by appointment only. EFT sessions available by phone.

Cynthia offers classes on how to use EFT with horses.


e-mail: islandcalm@rockisland.com

(360) 378-8426

Friday Harbor
Cynthia Elliott
Downtown Friday Harbor
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
United States
Phone (360-)378-8426

Jan and Wal, Personal Transformation
This is the highest method of spiritual enlightenment in the world.

Most sincere seekers of spiritual enlightenment are striving for the next major milestone of human evolution, Spiritual Ascendance, which is evolution beyond the need to reincarnate. Our methods make Spiritual Ascendance quick and easy to attain.

We also offer the major milestones after Spiritual Ascendance which are Divine Ascendance, and then Being One with the Source of Highest Love, and then Highest Decision Making Dominance. We have achieved a level higher than the highest negativity, something only a few others can currently claim. This means not only highest enlightenment, it also means that we are effectively the highest exorcists in the world, ie we can perform exorcism much faster and safer than any priest.
Wal and Jan
1 Jane Court
Blackwood, S A 5051
Phone 61 8 82789098

Janeen E. Weiss, JD, CHt, LCSW
Janeen Weiss is a licensed psychotherapist, Employee Assistance Professional, certified hypnotherapist, NLP master practitioner and a Substance Abuse Professional, certified by the Department of Transportation. She also performs Rapid Healing Technique (RHT) for emotional issues and chronic pain. RHT is a form of Thought Field Therapy and EFT.
Her work consists of EAP, which is assessment, evaluation and short term counseling, Substance abuse evaluations, cognitive behavioral therapy,insight therapy, career and life coaching along with alternative techniques including NLP, Hypnosis, & RHT. This includes past life regression, stop smoking and archetypal therapy.

Los Angeles
Janeen Weiss
6310 San Vicente; Ste 410
Los Angeles, CA 90048
United States
Phone 866-494-2782

Jean Altenberg, R.N.& Henry Altenberg,MD
Highly experienced Reiki Master/practitioner. Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on, energy work. The technique does not require clothes to be removed, nor does the client need to use any mental technique. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technqiue)is a form of psychological acupressre(no needles), easily learned and useful for reducing or eliminating many kinds of emotional and some phsyical distress. Rebirthing is a simple breathing technique that can reduce or relieve many kinds of emotional and some physical distress.
Jean & Henry Altenberg
23 Whippoorwill Lane, Kittery, Maine 03904
Kittery, ME 03904
United States

John Detillier, Jr., TFTdx, EFT-CC
John is a co-creator of the Tap4Success System for Tapping Into Your Unlimited Potential. John has developed a manual of this exciting work and also meditation CDs for assisting in the alignment to your desires and goals. John utilizes a variety of energetic balancing processes (including TFT/EFT, EMF Balancing Technique, Colorpuncture, SomaEnergetics tuning forks and INNOVATIVE NEW DISCOVERIES) empowering clients to "reprogram" the body, mind, spirit and emotions. These drug-free, non-invasive techniques increase a client's energetic frequencies. Clients experience consciousness shifts and assistance with weight loss, depression, eliminating fears, etc. enabling them to take charge of their own lives.
Private individual consultations are available in person or by phone. John is also a teacher of the EMF Balancing Technique Phases I-VIII and can train upon request.
John Detillier, Jr.
60 Elmwood Drive
Destrehan, LA 70047
United States
Phone (985) 764-0160
Fax (985) 725-1695

Joyful Changes - June Milligan, M.Ed. CHt
June Milligan, M.Ed. CHt

Hypnotist ~ Energy Psychologist

Personal Empowerment Coach

Learn How To Change Habits
Do it now.
  • Smoking
  • Anxiety Issues
  • Procrastination
  • Age Regression
  • Children's Issues
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Weight Loss
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Abundance Attitudes
  • Past Life Regression
  • Personal Performance Issues
  • Unique Stress Relieving Techniques

    What is blocking you from achieving your dreams? You don’t even have to know. Two techniques can remove all unconscious blocks without spending years of therapy discussing them: ACUPRESSURE and HYPNOSIS. I teach every client simple acupressure techniques as well as some Law of Attraction processes. I’ve been practicing and teaching both for years. The movie THE SECRET showed you the first step. But what’s next? CLEARING UNCONSCIOUS BLOCKS. These hidden beliefs can destroy self confidence, cause procrastination and stop you in your tracks! Call me at 775-786-9111 to find out how you can move ahead NOW.

  • Reno
    June Milligan
    100 California Avenue
    Reno, NV 89509
    United States

    Karen McGeeney
    Practicing and teaching Reiki Master, employing Reiki and Light Work, a very powerful, hightly effective "hands off" method of energy healing that remedies all expressions: spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. My 2 partners and I offer a range of services to restore and maintain health. Demonstrations, classes and individual healing. Miraculous benefits.
    Karen McGeeney
    25 Madden Street
    Kingston, NY 12401
    United States
    Phone (845) 331-1304

    Kay Politano, MA, LMHC, NCC
    I am a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in Emotional Freedom Techniques. I combine the use of EFT with Person Centered Therapy and Focusing. These techniques are tools which greatly speed up the resolution of emotional and physical pain and can be used on an immediate basis between and during sessions.
    Kissimmee, FL
    Kay Politano
    1400 W. Oak Street, Suite D
    Kissimmee, FL, FL 34741
    United States
    Phone (407) 846-9299
    Fax (407) 846-8930

    Kay Vogt, Psy.D.
    I am a licensed clinical psychologist and I see individuals and couples who are wanting help with anything from a vague sense of disatisfaction and purpose to serious clinical issues like depression, anxiety, panic, and personality disorders. I prefer an eclectic approach combining the best tools from cognitive therapy, Focusing, EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Enneagram, hypnosis, and relationship therapy. I include techniques from Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle and other contemporary Advaita teachers in my practice. A Course in Miracles has been an important path for me as well. I would welcome a call from you (630 790-1533) to see if my approach is right for you. Phone sessions may be possible as well as in-office sessions.
    Glen Ellyn
    Kay Vogt
    526 Crescent Blvd Suite 324
    Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
    United States
    Phone 630 790-1533

    Lifeturn Institute of Natural Health
    A certification course in Integrative Clinical Hypnotherapy open to all to help others and self.
    • Patient Assessment Protocols
    • How to guide clients into hypnosis
    • Deepening techniques.
    • Creation of Safe Place
    • Clinical Regression Therapy(protocol/application)
    • Ego-Integration/Parts Therapy
    • Time-Line Therapy
    • NLP techniques
    • Solving & releasing phobias & other limiting fears
    • Powerful techniques for smoking, weight, and stress management.
    • Working with children
    • Suggestive Therapies for a variety of client needs
    • Starting & building your hypnotherapy practice.
    • And much, much more!

    John R. Harris, C.H., HBCE

    Raleigh, NC 27609
    United States
    Phone 919-876-7240

    Linda J. Wells
    Feeling stuck? Can't break through? Don't know what's
    holding you back? Experience joy, freedom and a sense of
    empowerment in every area of your life. It really can be yours!

    Meridian therapies (EFT, BSFF) are like acupuncture for your emotions, without needles! Healing is fast and effective.
    Release emotional or physical issues, get relief from allergic-like symptoms (food and environmental sensitivities), improve personal performance, or increase
    prosperity. Have it all!

    Call and make an appointment today. Learn techniques to heal
    yourself! RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED; all major credit cards accepted.
    San Francisco
    Linda Wells
    Create Change (tm)
    San Francisco, CA
    United States
    Phone 415.431.5621
    Fax 415.354.3288

    Living in Balance
    You can have the life you really want! Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique that effectively and rapidly creates profound changes in attitude and behavior and helps you gain control over your life. Hypnosis can help you manage stress, eliminate anxiety and phobias,quit smoking, lose weight, manage pain, enjoy childbirth, increase self-confidence, sleep better, improve sports, work, school performance and so much more!
    Nathalie Kelly

    Shelburne, VT 05482
    United States
    Phone (802)233-8064

    Lynda Wells, Ph.D(c)
    I am a Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Regression. I have a private practice in NYC and travel extensively consulting major business clients in the effective use of NLP techniques.

    I am giving NLP Certification Accelerated Intensive Workshops from time to time in NYC. You are welcome to contact me regarding specific courses, search for a course on ByRegion, or check out special lectures that I am giving for The Learning Annex in New York City.
    New York City
    Lynda Wells
    72nd Street & 2nd Ave.
    New York City, NY 10021
    United States
    Phone 212-734-6665

    Lynne Donnelly
    Health isn't just a lack of illness. Health is the optimum functioning of the body, mind and spirit to permit us to fulfill our dreams, wishes and goals.

    I offer whole-body, light-touch CranioSacral therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Acupressure, EFT, Zero Balancing and qi therapy for a wide range of problems. I also teach T'ai chi, qigong and meditation in weekly classes, private lessons and occasional weekend retreats.
    Lynne Donnelly

    Durham, NH 03824
    United States
    Phone 603-659-4400

    Maggie Pashley
    I offer hypnotherapy,EFT and life coaching sessions as well as Metamorphic Technique, Quantum Touch, Shamballa Healing, Reiki/Seichem, shiatsu and reflexology. So whatever your problem is I'm happy to talk about an approach that would suit you. Please call me on 01274 617030 for an informal chat.

    I also teach workshops in EFT, Metamorphic Technique, Quantum Touch and Shamballa.
    Maggie Pashley
    153 Town Lane, Thackley
    Bradford, West Yorks
    Phone 01274 617030

    I am an outsider for outsiders, providing spiritual care and healing, especially for those who are outside organized religious institutions
    Mark Neville
    3304 Vicki Street
    Morristown, TN 37814
    United States
    Phone 423-231-8053

    Marilyn M. Michaels, C.H.T.
    I am a Certified Master Hypnotist trained in Alchemical Hypnotherapy by David Quigley,C.C.H.T., and a Certified Hypnotherapist trained by Marilyn Gordon,C.C.H.T. I am a Member of A.C.H.E. and The National Guild of Hypnotists. I am also a Master Practitioner of Usui Reiki. I was taught Reiki by Mary Goslen, who was taught by three Master Teachers of the original ten Masters trained by Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki from Japan to the West.

    I invite you to share your experiences of Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Transformational Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Quantum Touch, E.F.T., Reconnection Healing, PSYCH-K, Somatic Healing, and Energy Work with me.

    My goals are to alleviate pain in the physical body and relieve distress of the mind and spirit. I wish to bring peace and joy to those individuals who are drawn to me and my way of healing.

    Marilyn M. Michaels, C.H.T.
    3030 Ashby Avenue, Suite 111-B
    Berkeley,, CA 94705
    United States
    Phone (510) 484-7742
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