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Philena Bruce is a Palmist with over 30 years international experience. In the late eighties Philena developed her own method of Shamanic Healing using visualisation and sound. Towards the end of the nineties she developed as a medium and now communicates with lost loved ones and angelic beings. She also practices Ceremonies and Spirit Release/Exorcism for people, land and buildings. Recently a television programme has been made of her work.
Philena Bruce
Suite 740, 28 Old Brompton Road
London, SW7 3SS
Phone +44 (0)20 7602 4724

Psychic Lee
Hi my name is Lee and I’m from Australia. Please allow me to help you on your journey. I am a 4th generation certified psychic, rune caster, astrologer and healer, with a five star rating. I can read past, present and future. Please view my testimonials on my website, they speak for themselves. I can answer all your questions. I am honest, accurate, and I genuinely care about my clients’ well being. My prices are excellent. Love and light to you………

*SPECIAL* Free astrological birth chart analysis with every reading!!!!!!


Brisbane, QL

Rev. Dyanna
Unique weddings designed for soulmate unions and twin flame unions, Hand fastings,Vow Renewals, Naming Day and Life Cycle events.

Intuitive Personal Counseling, Pastoral Counseling, Grief Counseling, Spiritual Counseling and Relationship Counseling for couples soulmates and Twin Flames, accurate counseling and readings both by phone, IM and by e-mail. E-mail me or leave a voice mail 1-612-241-8963 for an appointment.

Scranton, PA 18501
United States
Phone 518-536-9025

Reverend Anne Clock
Full Moon Sweat Lodge Ceremony





Structure Clearings


Dream Analysis

Salt Lake City
Anne Clock
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
United States
Phone 801-272-4372

Reverend Patrice Joy
In her work as a Medical Intuit and Spritiual Advisor, Rev. Joy combines Shamanic practices of ancient cultures with several modalities. These include Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Restructuring, Energy Regeneration, Cellular Memory Clearing, Color/breath Imagery, Vibrational Voice Power, sound, bodywork, asanas, mudras, aromas and stone energetics and affirmations. Improvements in muscular, skeletal, respiratory, digestive, reproduction, nervous systems, all major glands, organs have been experienced as well as improvement in mental health and spiritual growth. By changing the vibrations, the blocked energy is often released naturally, the imbalance disappears and the condition is given the opportunity to be relieved. Vibrational sessions can help with relaxation, habit and anger management, eating disorders, weight control, goal setting, belief restructuring, enhancement of physical health and release of emotional trauma.

The primary purpose for frequency shifting involves creating lifestyle improvement, better relations with others and increased business productivity.

Rev. Patrice Joy
138 S. Main St.
Centerville, OH 45458
United States
Phone (937) 312-9396

Ronni Lynn
Your astrological chart turned into a colorful work of art! 25 designs for different ages (including baby) and styles to choose from. Charts come laminated 8.5'X11", with extensive interpretive report (25-30 pages). There is a "Little Angels Star Report" for children and their parents that comes with charts for children up to age 10, which is over 50 pages long and is decoratively bound in ribbons. We carry larger charts as posters as well. Makes a unique birthday, new age or baby gift! We also have created some gift baskets with a new age theme, astrological birthday cards and beautiful birth announcements.
Ronni Lynn

Pomona, NY 10970
United States
Phone 845 548-9308

Sara Starr
A dedicated teacher and therapist with a fun and unconventional approach. Creator of the biras cubes the new and simple divination tool and designer of inspirational cards and canvases.
Sara Perry
Flat 2, Cedric, 26 Beer Road, Seaton
Devon, EX12 2PD
Phone 01297 23474

Reiki Master/Violet Flame Healer & Teacher Usui lineage...working in Sheffield & the surrounding areas
(Home visits are available on request)

Soul Release Specialist - Consultation of proceedure
Retrieving spirit and returning them home,Cleansing house & activating positive energy.

Meditation Courses - Developing your awareness to help you to connect to your guides

Crystal healing; Crystal Reiki; Healing; Healing Development; Life Coaching; Meditation; Reiki; Spiritual Healing; Teaching

Julie Ward

Sheffield, South Yorkshire S26
Phone 07843 699221
Fax 01909 774994

Sue Snake Woman
Native spiritual workings (snake medicine),
Energy work, Regression, Hypno-Therapy,
Divination (Tarot, Psychometry, and others).
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, accredited.
Animal Communicator, Energy Work - human and animal.
Hot Springs
Sue Mertes

Hot Springs, AR
United States
Phone 501-538-1516

Sue Snake Woman
Native spiritual workings (snake medicine),
Energy work, Regression, Hypno-Therapy,
Divination (Tarot, Psychometry, and others).
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, accredited.
Animal Communicator, Energy Work - human and animal.
Hot Springs
Sue Mertes

Hot Springs, AR
United States
Phone 501-538-1516

The Dawning
Join us in celebrating a world rich in cultural and philosophical diversity. At The Dawning you’ll find high quality products, many locally crafted.

• Crystals

• Altar and ritual supplies

• Feng Shui products

• Books and music

• Journals and stationery

• Organic natural fiber clothing and bags

• Jewelry

• Drums and bells

Sandra Robertson
1153 W. High Street
Ebensburg, PA 15931
United States
Phone 814-419-8014

The Healing Garden
Diana Beuchert utilizes her intuition, personal power and training to help her clients lead healthy and happy lives - be they human or animal. She is a Reiki Master, a Shaman and a professional Animal Communicator. She reads Tarot cards, talks to Spirit Guides, journeys through traditional Native American Shamanic methods and channels loved ones in order to bring wisdom and healing into her clients' lives. Appointments are conducted in Diana's Japanese healing garden (or in the house during inclement weather) on her horse farm in Central Maryland or over the phone.
Mt. Airy
Diana Beuchert
3430 Watersville Rd.
Mt. Airy, MD 21771
United States
Phone 301-829-5048

Voice of Thoth
Voted "Baltimore's Best Psychic" by City Paper.
Priest of Yoruba arch-divinity Obatla.
I combine Tarot, Astrology and Kabalah to provide the best in divination.
I also use the Yoruba Dilogun oracle for people open to an African healing practice.
I am available for divination, healing, and counseling.
Also, I do commissioned artwork, such as illuminated astrological charts, guardian angel paintings, orishas.
Eric K. Lerner
20 South Ellwood Avenue
Balitmore, MD 21224
United States
Phone 410-768-1749

Within Wellness
Providing you with empowering programs and transformative sessions. To learn more about our programs and workshops visit www.within.ca. For sessions see below:

Everyone has different reasons for selecting a service, but each session has something in common, they result in an “informed, empowered and lighter individual”.


- you would like to discover and develop your spiritual gifts.

- you feel stuck, but know there is more to life.

- you are interested in developing your spiritual foundations.

- you are ready to claim your personal power.

- you are seeking your life path or purpose.

- you are looking for extra insight and Divine Guidance.

- you would like to get in touch with your Divine Self.

- you would like to live in wholeness.

now is the time to start living a life you can love.

There are a lot of “maybe’s”, so to ensure your personal needs are met, each service is customized for you and may incorporate Intuitive Guidance, Energetic Release, Guided Imagery, Past Life Therapy, Spiritual Exploration and Spiritual Growth Facilitation.

Too book a private session email: services@within.ca with your fullname, phone number and best time to be reached. Lee-Anne will follow up with you by phone to discuss your personal needs and schedule a time to suite you.

(Services are available by phone and in person. Outside the Vancouver Lowermainland? Email us for our toll free number.)

Lee-Anne Wiseman

Vancouver, BC V6G 1N4
Phone 604-696-9355
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